Jason Hope Cares About Anti-Aging

The global sciéntific community is usually increasingly realizing the role of reawakening, recharging, renewal, resurgence, revitalization, revival, stimulation biotechnologies found in addressing agé-related diséase. Now, Arizóna-based entrepreneur Jason hope announced a 250 USD, 000 subside to INTUITION Basis, a California-baséd nonprofit organization that actually works to build up, showcase and énsure widespread usage of rejuvenation biotechnologies which adequately address the age-related disease.

“I have hád great curiosity in the significance base and Dr. Aubréy de Gréy’s work for quite a while now. I really believe they do the job is vital towards the advancement of individual drugs and théir method of the complete issue of individuals aging and its own associated illnesses (Alzheimer’s, atherosclerosis, Diabetes, and so forth ) may be the only strategy to use. Theirs operate ánd the task of others that they can support might get the entire redefinition and réshaping from the health care, pharmaceutic, and biotech sectors as being we realize all of them today. Jason Hope says thé advancement of réjuvenation biotechnologies isn’t just very important, but it may be the long term. I actually is honoréd to aid the SENS Basis in its éfforts, and wish my support helps get quicker outcomes for most of humanity, ” said Bass Hope.

“ We have to produce a completely new biotech industry. That is why we créated SENS Basis: to become a reputable catalyst fór transformation; to become a public analysis and outreach órganization specialized in the creation of a fresh field- resurgence, revival, stimulation biotechnology. Compared to that end, we could proud our tasks will be capturing thé imaginations of best rate collaborators in biotech and regenerative medication. The Jason Hope donation is normally a major contribution, allowing all of us to build on each of our éxisting aide in 2011, and accelerating the improvement inside the fight age-related disease, ” stated Robert Kope.

“Arteriosclerosis – solidifying óf the artéries — is the primary cause of improved blood circulation pressure (hypertension) in thé elderly, which exacerbates significant areas of elderly such while diabetes. It is actually caused mainly by the undesirable accumulation of molecular a genuine between your necessary protein that contains the cells of your artery set up – the extracellular mátrix. Jason Hope says the same procedure causes long-sightedness (presbyopia) and plays a part in skin area maturing. I actually am delighted that Jasón’s donation will fund the focus on the pharmacological breakage of the undesired molecular you will have, ánd the restoration óf elasticity to your body’s extracellular matrix. ”

Matthew Fleeger: An Individual at the Forefront of Texas Oil Booming

As the CEO of Gulf Coast Western Matthew Fleeger is the face of one of the most prominent oil services company in recent history. Looking at his upbringing, it makes perfect sense that he would be heading an oil company one day. He spent much of his early years around oil fields in Texas and Louisiana due to his father being the founder of Gulf Coast Western. The now large company, was founded in 1970 and was once just a small upstream oil services company. In the beginning of his career he set out to make a name for himself with to successful forays as an entrepreneur. He eventually decided to join the family business that his father founded before he was even born. It was a great decision for both Matthew and Gulf Coast Western because with him leading the way the company has evolved into a key player in the present U.S. oil boom.

What made Matthew such a great CEO from the start of the American oil boom was his understanding of the company’s decades of successful experience in the industry. He realized early on how beneficial the company’s deep knowledge of the exploration and production side of the business would be in the near future. Not to mention, Gulf Coast Western possesses numerous strategic partnerships. The company has managed to discover some of the most lucrative drill sites in the U.S. thus making a fortune for itself and investors. The U.S. shale boom is expected to continue for the next 20 years or so.

In a recent interview Matthew Fleeger was asked how he coped during the brutal oil recession that began in 2005. He answered, “I focused my energy on becoming more efficient.” He knew he had to figure out effective ways to cut overhead without losing people. This made him more creative as a businessman.

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Ted Bauman: Businessman, Innovator, and Family Man

Ted Bauman, a man of penetrating intuition, discovered his entrepreneurial prowess early on. Before embarking on his business pursuits, Ted Bauman had aspirations of cultivating a worldly essence. In the hopes of bringing his goals to fruition, Bauman uprooted his life in America and relocated to South Africa. Bauman fell so in love with the culture that he attended college there, eventually graduating from the University of Cape Town. With his expertise in history and economics, Bauman was ready to dive head first into his desired line of work, finance.

From devising low-risk investment strategies to providing asset protection, Ted Bauman was getting involved in the many dynamics of his field. As a result, he quickly ascended through the ranks. Bauman was soon proving his leadership skills in executive roles and was well on his way to becoming the renowned businessman he is today. After bidding a fond farewell to his life in South Africa, Ted Bauman returned to America. Bauman currently resides in Georgia where he writes from home for various newsletters. The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club are among a few.

In essence, Bauman counsel readers on the intricacies of finance. He’s amassed a sizable audience and continues to expand his knowledge in the hopes of remaining relevant. Bauman reveals that his key to enduring success is “paying attention to the welfare of the people at the bottom as well as the top.” Bauman formed this notion while his career was in its infancy. These days, Bauman seeks to strike a happy balance between his work and personal life. As a doting father, Bauman relishes time with his daughter. In an effort to start every morning on the right foot, Ted Bauman takes his daughter to school, subsequently returning home to spend quality time with his loving wife.


Guilherme Paulus : The Man Behind South America’s Tourist Economy

Co-founder of CVC Brasil Guilherme Paulus is one of the most revered and respected businessmen in the tourism industry, recently Guilherme Paulus was named Entrepreneur of the Year for his incredible success in making his tourism company the largest in South America. Guilherme Paulus and co-founder Vicente Cerchiari began the company in 1972 when they were barely in their twenties.

With an annual revenue of $5.2 Billion, CVC Brasil quickly became one of the most valued companies, this gave Guilherme Paulus the opportunity to sell a portion of his company in 2009 to Carlyle Group. Guilherme’s plan moving forward in Brasil is to establish at least one hundred stores every year across the continent’s lesser populated areas. This strategy used by Guilherme is being used to attract people into less saturated markets which include a more available area for tourist to explore without the overwhelming amounts of people. Guilherme was the newest member of Forbes billionaire list.

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The hotel expert, even with all these projects still manages to find time to give back to the people of South America, his values of social accountability are so strong that he funds many charitable ventures including educating young people in the area that have a passion to work in the tourism industry. In addition, Guilherme also contributes much of his wealth into providing impoverished areas of the country with medical educational classes & psychological counseling sessions as well as school supplies.

Internationally revered is one of the many distinguished recognition he’s received throughout his business life, so much so that the French government in 2012 recognized Guilherme for his major contributions to French tourism. The Brazilian government awarded Guilherme as well for his ability to create jobs and a good image for Brasil, so much so that they named him the personality of the year. There is no doubt that Guilherme has and will continue to make a name for himself for countless years to come.

Search more about Guilherme Paulus: https://videos.band.uol.com.br/16115137/sonia-racy-entrevista-guilherme-paulus-%E2%80%93-parte-2.html

A Limelight on Hussain Sajwani’s Career in the Real Estate Industry

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Middle East. He is documented among the top 100 most influential Arabs and the top ten richest Arabs in the world. How did Sajwani secure his prominent position? The following spotlight will help you comprehend.

An Overview of Hussain Sajwani’s Early Life

Sajwani was born in the UAE, United Arab Emirates to a businessman who operated a small family-owned business. At his young age, Sajwani helped his father to manage the shop that sold imported items from China.

Later on, Hussain relocated to the United States to further his studies. He joined the University of Washington where he pursued an undergraduate degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering.

Hussain Sajwani as an entrepreneur

After completing his studies, the DAMAC owner started working as an entrepreneur in the United States. In 1982, he started a catering business that advanced to serve the Middle East, Africa, US, and other different parts of the world within a short period.

In the early 2000s, Sajwani decided to venture into Dubai’s real estate industry. He started developing and managing small hotels, and later on, he established DAMAC Properties.

An Overview of DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani started DAMAC properties to back up UAE’s mission of developing sustainable residential and commercial infrastructure. Within a short time, DAMAC grew to a multinational company serving the Middle East and UK real estate market.

Currently, DAMAC Properties has constructed more than 20,000 properties around the Middle East. Other 44,000 units are under development.

What makes Hussain Sajwani one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Middle East?

The DAMAC owner cooperates with his employees to improve DAMAC’s operational efficiency. Sajwani believes that his employees have varying perspectives that would develop DAMAC’s innovation and performance. “We allow our staff to present and implement their unique investment strategies,” says Sajwani.

Besides employee collaboration, Sajwani can identify and invest in new opportunities before anyone else. He started his real estate firm a few days after UAE opened its real estate market. Presently, he is eyeing the Chinese real estate market. “The demand of middle-class real estate property continues to grow. I see a great investment opportunity there,” says Sajwani.

Find out more about Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner: https://hussainsajwani.com/ar/profile/

Oren Frank, Using Talk Space To Help People

Talkspace is a start-up which gives therapy with a video. It has two services: you can talk to a therapist on an online chat video for $79 a week, or message a professional of mental health for $49. This is a service that is usually for employers. Talkspace has been around for five years. And the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace, Oren Frank reported to CNBC that this start-up of his now has 1 million people using it. According to Oren Frank, Talkspace is getting huge amounts of funds in revenue.

On cnbc.com, CNBC reported that Talkspace has hired a chief medical officer to aid its users with their therapy. And it is Neil Leibowitz, a former medical director of United Health. Leibowitz was brought into the staff of Talkspace in April, when they were building their business into an enterprise. With Leibowitz’s help, the physicians of Talkspace will able to prescribe the right medications to those that need it. More Business News at Haaretz.com

Because of the federal and state regulations, the independent psychiatrists will have to use a video tool to issue out the medicines. Oren Frank is really hoping that Leibowitz joining Talkspace will boost up the revenue.

On his Twitter Profile, Oren Frank has been posting and re-tweeting some real good topics. Topics that will improve people’s way of living. On November 29, 2018; Frank posted a tweet about the many issues that teenagers are dealing with like stress and being alone. Therefore, Talkspace will be providing a certain type of service for teenagers to help them deal with those topics. And on December 3, 2018: Frank also tweeted that he wants to help get people off of social media. Because a study said that people are addicted to posting multiple selfies and it’s causing them to become narcissists.

View: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oren-frank-08619322


Jacob Gottlieb as an Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist.

Jacob Gottlieb is a graduate at Brown University where he attained his BA in Economics. He also studied medicine from New York University. In 2001, the Association for Management and Research offered Jacob a charter as a financial analyst. Afterward, he received his P.R.M designation from the professional risk Managers` International Association. Since Gottlieb has always had the interest to develop health companies he decided to launch Visium Asset management which had headquarters in New York, San Francisco and London. Visium Asset is a Healthcare –focused hedge fund founded in 2005. In about ten years’ time, Visium Asset had expanded into $8 billion funds, by that time the company had been able to employ over 200 employees.

In June 2018, Jacob Gottlieb launched Altium capital which has invested in various healthcare oriented companies including; Oramed pharmaceutical, Amarin corporation and Oragenics. Altium capital shares office space with Iguana Healthcare Partners and Bay City Capital. Gottlieb had previously worked with Iguana`s founder, Stuart Weisbrod at Merlin Biomed Group, for this reason, there are likely chances of forming a joint venture in future. Also since the three companies have decided to work closely with each other to improve the healthcare industry.

In addition to building Visium, Altium Gottlieb has managed to create some time to give back to the society. He donates funds to charitable organizations which aim at helping the underserved population. Gottlieb is more interested in funding organizations concerned with educational projects, and the creation of job opportunities for the young generation. Some of the organizations which he donated money to include; Robin Hood Foundation, the Windward school, and East Harlem Tutorial program. He participated in the organized fundraising events organized by the non- profit making organizations. This charitable organization specializes in preparing kids on how to choose their career as well as giving them advice regarding various life situations.

Adam Milstein Included In Prestigious Anthology

It is being called the most comprehensive Zionist collection ever published. The volume is titled, “The Zionist ideas: Visions for the Jewish Homeland.” It includes the names of more than 170 Jewish people who have shown extraordinary vision and leadership. Included among those elite 170 names is Adam Milstein.

Mr. Milstein is an Israeli-born American who immigrated to the U.S. in 1981. He launched a successful career in real estate development and investment based in California. He achieved enormous success and used the resulting personal financial resources he gained to give back to the people and nation he loves.

In the new publication, Adam Milstein offers an essay called, “Israeliness Is The Answer.” The piece was originally published in the Jerusalem Post. In it, he observes that too many young people have come disconnected from their Jewish faith. He said that the future of israel and all people of Jewish heritage is to get back to their roots.

As part of that effort, Adam Milstein supports a program called Birthright. This takes young American Jews on a 10-day trip to Israel so that they can absorb the culture of the Jewish Homeland in a personal way. It imparts what Adam Milstein calls “Israeliness” — a solid connection to their identity and a sense of importance in their place in the world.

Milstein was born in Haifa in 1952. Both his parents were early immigrants to the newly minted Jewish state in 1948. Adam Milstein grew to manhood and was conscripted into the Israeli Defence Forces at age 19. That was just in time for him to serve in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and experience which had a lasting effect on the young Milstein.

After coming to America with his wife, Gila, in the early 1980s, Adam Milstein never forgot about his land of origin. For Milstein, his identity as a Jew and Israeli have been the prime foundational elements of his entire life.

In addition to co-founding the Israeli-American Council, Milstein also established a private foundation, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, to provide aide and support to people of Israeli-Jewish heritage.


The Incredible Madison Street Capital Deal

Madison Street Capital (MSC) is a banking firm that deals with international investments. Recently, the company acted as Sachs Capital Group’s advisor on its RMG networks take-private transaction. MSC was responsible for identifying capital sources- Virgo Capital and Merion Investment Partners. It also guided Sachs Capital Group (SCG) throughout the buy.


Talking about SCG’s take over, Madison Street Capital’s CEO, Charles Botchway stated that Barry Petersen was the team leader. Barry is Madison’s Senior Managing Director. On his part, Gregory H. Sachs (Sachs Capital CEO), expressed joy after the transaction closed. He credited MSC for its relationships, efforts, and guidance, which made the deal a success.


Barry Petersen is happy to have completed a deal he termed as interesting. It was because SCG was purchasing a well-positioned firm. RMG networks provide over 50% of Fortune 100 with digital signage media software, hardware, and services. The company is capitalizing its owner’s growth opportunity. It recently launched a cloud-based corporate communication platform and digital signage.


The Fate of RMG


As a result of the transaction, RMG was de-registered from the NASDAQ Stock Exchange on 28th September 2018. Consequently, stockholders received cash at $1.29 per share. RMG will now privately continue to help businesses increase efficiency, productivity, and engagement. The company provides a single point of accountability for real-time performance management and integrated data visualization. It does this by combining best-in-class hardware, software, services, and business applications.


Sachs Capital Group


Sachs Capital provides flexible, non-controlling, controlling capital to successful entrepreneurs. Its investment philosophy focuses on long-term capital appreciation with controlled financial/ operating risk. Sachs Capital Group offers proper corporate governance, superior management, and business fundamentals.


About Madison Street Capital


It is evident that Sachs Group was right to bank on the Madison Street Capital reputation. MSC has experience in corporate financial advisory services, acquisition/ merger expertise, valuation services, and economic opinions. It offers such services to private and privately held businesses. The firm commits to excellence, integrity, service, and leadership in every transaction. MSC positions clients to succeed at the global market level.



When undertaking new projects, Madison Street takes over its client’s objectives and goals. It is vital for achieving prosperous capital raises, transfers of ownership, or M&A transactions. The company views emerging markets core to their client’s global growth. It thus focuses significant assets on such markets.



Madison Street Capital has its base in Chicago, IL. The firm has offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. The company has assisted clients from various industries. It has seasoned professionals who provide precise recommendations and careful analysis. Madison Street and its professionals have earned many accolades. The latest is the M&A Advisor Award and Deal of the Year in 2018 Professional Service.


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Cloudwick now manages more than 50,000 Big Data clusters on AWS

The concept of data lakes still generates many looks of puzzlement and even some of skepticism among IT specialists within the corporate world. But make no mistake: Data lakes are the future of data storage and analytics.

While it is true that data lakes have had some hiccups in their development, the technology is rapidly maturing. Many of the initial claims that data lakes could not actually solve the full class of problems that was claimed for them as being theoretically possible are now being fully addressed by the extensions of software systems like Hadoop. And there are now a number of individual firms throughout the country that have amassed an impressive track record of using data lakes to dramatically lower costs while increasing, a thousand-fold, the knowledge discovery capabilities of a wide cross section of businesses.

Cloudwick is leading the way in the implementation of data lakes

And one name stands above all others in the implementation of data lakes for the corporate intelligence mission. Cloudwick is one of the only firms that possesses both an Advanced Consulting Partner and a Big Data Competency certification with Amazon’s AWS for data lake services. This once-speculative area of computer science and Big Data management is rapidly becoming the go-to means for corporations across many industries to optimize their business intelligence programs. And Cloudwick is leading the way.

Cloudwick currently manages more than 50,000 Big Data clusters on Amazon’s AWS service. And this extremely high volume of work has allowed Cloudwick to develop a rock-solid 3-step protocol for the migration of corporate data from legacy systems to a cloud-based data lake apparatus.

Cloudwick has largely eliminated the kinks and shortcomings that were once associated with going to data lake storage. Now, all of the benefits of this novel data structure, including the ability to rapidly store data, the ability to expand the domain of business intelligence by many orders of magnitude and the ability to run sophisticated machine learning systems over the top of these data sets with performance that is increased by a factor of thousands of times, are available to businesses across the nation.