Shervin Pishevar says competition for Amazon HQ illustrates toxic levels of power for tech giants

Shervin Pishevar is one of the most respected figures in the world of tech finance. He has also emerged over the last few years as one of the most outspoken critics of tech monopolies in the United States. Shervin Pishevar has repeatedly warned that the U.S. tech monopolies are rapidly approaching the point where they are eclipsing the power of any monopolies that have come before them. Pishevar says that when companies such as Standard Oil, U.S. Steel and Ma Bell threatened the stability of the nation’s economy through their iron grip over critical infrastructure, they were broken up by the government. Now, Shervin Pishevar warns that the government itself may be so thoroughly captured by the monopolies that it may be losing its power to act. This, he says, could ultimately lead to economic disaster.

Amazon: private profits and public costs

Shervin Pishevar points out that anyone who still harbors doubts as to the extreme power that some of the tech monopolies currently wield over the nation should turn to the example of Amazon. As its recent competition to see where it would locate its second headquarters has roundly illustrated, local and state governments from coast to coast are willing to write into law deep and special exemptions just for the opportunity to have the tech giant grace their landscapes.

But it isn’t just the company’s ability to effectively dodge taxes by simply telling states that they have to pay to play with the firm. Amazon’s entire business model, says Shervin Pishevar, has been built around its ability to use the highly subsidized U.S postal system. Pishevar says that the U.S. Post Office, from a business perspective, is an intractable disaster. The Post Office loses billions upon billions of dollars each year. That is how it’s able to deliver packages and letters so cheaply. But without that ability to have taxpayer-subsidized cheap and effective delivery methods, Amazon probably wouldn’t even exist.

Shervin Pishevar says that Amazon not only doesn’t have to reimburse the post office, it is now dodging the majority of its taxes through antics like its corporate HQ bidding competition.


Peter Briger, also known as Peter Lionel Briger Jr. Or Peter Lionel Briger is the current president of Fortress Investment Group. He is also a board member of caliber school, an organization that encourages upcoming young business entrepreneurs. Peter Briger and two other University alumni contributed key funding ‘The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund’ (AEF) that will help the graduates of the University of Princeton. The three came up with the idea after realizing the current revolution in the world and wanted to help their fellow Princeton comrades to be ready for it by funding their ideas. The Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee sees the AEF as one of the ways that their business grandaunts’ will use to attain maximum heights in the business field hence joining the fellow Princeton alumni’s. They call it “Entrepreneurship the Princeton Way.”

The other strategies that the University has put in place involve numerous introductory steps to empower them to realize their visions. The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund will help the alumni’s and current business students to bring their ideas to life as they look up to Peter Briger, who has been a role model for them. The fund offers up to a hundred thousand dollars. The first teams have already been enrolled in this project and have been able to come up with various apps for different purposes. Peter Bridger saw this fund as a way to prepare the students for the ‘new world’ in business.

According to Bridger the industry is changing, and only radical and innovative businesspeople will live past the era. He also looks forward to the time when this first batch of the program will influence others behind them. Peter Bridger is also a board advisory member of the Centre for a New American Security (CNAS), which is a non-profitable organization that innovates policies that have to do with defense and also the CNBC, which is a trending global leader in business news. That aside Peter Briger is a selfless leader who also takes his time to invest in other people. He is a board member of Tipping Point, which is a non-profitable organization that aims to promote the well being of the families of the lower class who present potential. Briger has also sponsored Bran Grenfell a student studying Ecology and Evolution Biology at Princeton University.

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Guilherme Paulus: Massive Success Lies In The Power Within

If you ever attended a conference where entrepreneurs from countries like Brazil were giving people entrepreneurial strategies, you were in the right place. Brazil is among the countries with the best minds on entrepreneurial matters. Some of the famous and greatest entrepreneurs like Guilherme Paulus come from this country. Every time you interact with such great entrepreneurs, your mind on business affairs changes.

Paulus has for several years now received the Entrepreneur of the Year award. He had been invited to share his knowledge and experience on entrepreneurship on this event to make the young entrepreneurs know they can still make it.

They say you can learn something from what you see or hear. If you don’t manage to go to the entrepreneurs’ businesses to see what they do, you can attend their business seminars and conferences and hear what they have to say. Paulus wasn’t mean with information in the Top seller event since he shared a lot about every step of his business journey. Most of the startups who heard his story got encouraged and motivated to move on with their business plans. Guilherme Paulus was to go to college when he was 19 years old, but he lacked money for his academic journey. While his peers joined college and universities to strengthen their academic base, Paulus went to IBM for an internship.

He later got an opportunity to work at Casa Faro where he was an airfare salesman. Although he didn’t earn much money, this position helped him to discover the many opportunities the tourism sector had. Guilherme Paulus left Casa Faro in 1972 feeling convinced that looking for employment wasn’t the way to go. He realized he had the potential to stick to his entrepreneurial ambitions and actualize them.

Paulus is so passionate about believing in oneself. Although he didn’t have any money to make the first move toward his ambitions, he still held on to his vision in the tourism venture. At 24 years, Paulus had decided to start a tourism company with his little financial strength. He involved a partner while starting, although he knew he would get his 30 percent share if he committed his time and skills to the venture. Through his persistence and positive attitude, Guilherme Paulus is today among the top Brazilian billionaires Forbes has listed.

David Zalik Leveraged His Family’s Property To Found GreenSky Credit

How much do you believe in your ideas? Do you believe in your innovations so much that you would take out $10 million in loans using all of your family’s property as collateral? That’s exactly what a young David Zalik did after finding success in college. The reclusive founder of GreenSky Credit has a crazy story of gambling his entire family’s real estate fortune on a simple idea.

Where It All Began

I stumbled into David’s story on Wikipedia. I then found more information on Forbes. The native Georgian likes to stay out of the limelight and even wears tattered hats and clothing. He keeps his billion-dollar company rather secret in a hard-to-find Atlanta office where they do some of the most amazing and simple work you could imagine.

David, like his father, was a math prodigy. His high school sent him to Auburn University at the age of 14 where he began to refurbish computers. He sold these computers to other students and his company quickly took off. He even started producing software.

Rise To Financial Fame

The founder of GreenSky Credit dropped out of college because he found so much success early on. Oddly enough, he did not graduate from high school or college before amassing his fortune. He started GreenSky Credit with $10 million in loans that he procured using his family’s Atlanta properties.

GreenSky Credit essentially makes a smartphone app. The app is designed for homeowners who want home improvements. The homeowner simply uploads a picture of their driver’s license to the app in order to automatically fill out the application for a loan. After providing a Social Security number and consent for a credit check, the homeowner clicks “Apply” to get a decision in seconds.

All Profit, No Risk

GreenSky Credit takes the loan to the bank which assumes the risk. The company then gets kickbacks from the contractors and the bank. Everyone is happy while GreenSky Credit profits with no further responsibility. And founder David Zalik has stayed away from outside investors as he’s accumulated over $2.5 billion in wealth.

Rick Shinto: Setting Health Standards High at InnovaCare Health

What consumers need from the medical industry are medical facilities that care about their plight. Healthcare management needs to be taken seriously as it forms one of the basic needs of human beings. There must be a commitment from the service providers to take care of the well-being of their clients. There is nothing better than offering life-saving services to the people. The culture of offering good health care services starts from the top to the bottom. The leadership must set the standards high, and the effect will trickle down to the lower positions. Corporate leadership in this industry, therefore, deserves to be impeccable.


One of the prominent medical, corporate organizations in the world today is Innovacare health Solutions. The company is built on a strong foundation of high-quality services delivery combined with great leadership. There are two personalities in the leadership of the company who are making it simple for the company to achieve its targets. The CEO of the Innovacare Health Rick Shinto is one of the brilliant corporate leaders in the medical industry. The other person in the company is the Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides. Under the leadership of these two leaders, Innovacare has been recording new and better results. The operations of the company are expanding every day, and the quality of services is getting better by the day. So far they have offered services to countless individuals who have all been impressed by the services coming from this health company.

Rick Shinto is a titan in health management. He has been in the industry for the past two decades where he has served as a practitioner and an executive in various facilities. He joined Innovacare with the experience he had acquired from the other firms. One of the companies where he left a great legacy is Aveta Inc. he was the CEO of the company and was recognized for the work he did while there. He was won the Ernest & Young Entrepreneurs of the Year Award. The award goes to show the kind of leader he is. It is not an award that is won by people who have no experience in the industry. You can visit


Rick Shinto is leading over leadership that values quality of quantity, it is not how many people you can serve but how you can serve them in the right way. In Puerto Rico, Innovacare is redefining the payment systems by coming up with LAN systems instead of the HHS. The change is intended to create efficiency in payment as well as improve services delivery. Check out



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Chris Burch’s Ideas for Success in Business:

For more than 40 years, Chris Burch has been an entrepreneur and investor, contributing to the rise of numerous brands and businesses. After a successful career in the apparel industry, Chris Burch took his experience, and his money, and founded Burch Creative Capital. This company uses sound financial practices to support and grow businesses.

One of Chris Burch’s philosophies for a successful business is to employ good, passionate people. He added that it is also essential to get to truly know people and learn what motivates them in order to form a good working relationship with them. Listening is another critical component for an entrepreneur, source (

Anyone who goes into business wants to succeed. In order to do so, Chris Burch said one must be willing to take risks. Sometimes those risks will pay off, other times they will not. But Burch said that everyone must be prepared to experience failure, according to “I’ve had thousands of failures,” he said. While Burch admitted he does go through a mourning period after each failure, he learns from them, and takes full ownership of them before moving on to the next endeavor.

Burch explained that a good entrepreneur is always looking for trends that can become popular. The most recent of these that has caught his interest is the tiny house industry. This is what led to the creation of Cocoon9, which produces these homes, visit

Burch Creative Capital has aided numerous brands and businesses. These include Jawbone, Next Jump, Powermat, and Poppin. Burch also bought the Nihiwatu resort in Indonesia and turned it into a world renown hotel. He has also worked with Ellen DeGeneres’s lifestyle brand, ED.

News Watch TV is Your Solution to Brand/Product Awareness

Saygus is a smartphone company that was launching a new line of phones. Introducing a new product in the market requires intensive marketing and product awareness. This objective can only be achieved by working with a competent marketing company. Saygus Smartphone chose News Watch for the job. This is one of the best decisions Saygus has ever made.

News Watch delivered beyond expectations. The task was to produce reviews and put them on national television and online platforms. Besides advertising, News Watch went out of its way to attend a congress for mobile phones in Barcelona. This event was in preparation for the Saygus smartphone campaign. The results of this campaign were tremendous. The campaign raised more than 1.3 million dollars which surpassed their goal by more than three hundred thousand dollars. According to the vice president of Saygus, News Watch delivered what the company wanted to say and at the same time, it said what the audiences needed to hear. This strategy drove sales to high levels. The vice president recommended News Watch to any company requiring practical marketing strategies.

News Watch is a marketing company assisting other organizations in product or service promotion. News Watch is excellent in what it does, despite the organization. All customers are valuable and News Watch takes time to cultivate a lasting relationship with them. Since its inception, News Watch has worked with fortune 500 companies, multi-national corporations and medium-sized companies. Every client achieved the success they were searching by working with News Watch.

Marketing is an integral part of every organization. Without this division, business and companies would be performing poorly while others fail completely. News Watch has the interest of every client at heart. The company understands that all business and companies want to excel, which makes it the top agenda for News Watch.

Organo Gold Provides Great Coffee

When Organo Gold started, they knew they had a lot of goals to help their customers. They wanted them to have the best coffee and the best tea possible. The company did what they could to source the food they needed to make sure they had the best coffee. They also spent a lot of time learning about what people wanted instead of showing them things that would be different for them. Since Organo Gold started doing things in a way that allowed them to give back to their most loyal customers, they believed they were doing a great job. The company continues succeeding with all the options they have and that’s something that helps them keep offering new options for everyone. The business is thriving and Organo Gold knows they have to keep working hard to make sure people can get positive experiences. Visit to know more.

Based on the hard work they put into practice, Organo Gold felt confident they could give their customers more. They wanted them to become a part of their company. They started making their best customers distributors and let them create their own business out of the coffee. It was something they felt good about doing and something they knew they wanted to keep showing people. For the company to do this, they had to restructure some of the options they had and they knew what they wanted to do. It made sense for them to continue showing people these things. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

The coffee and tea have special mushroom blends in them. They are made to provide people with a drink they can enjoy. They are also made for people who want to make the most out of everything they have so they can continue helping them feel good about the options they’ve got. It’s important to the company to keep showing people what will help them and what will make things better for them. Now that Organo Gold is growing, they plan on creating other blends for all their customers. They have a lot of good ideas that will help them with these options in the future.


Sculpting Out Your Dreams: Ann Scango

Ann Scango is an artist from Austin, Texas. Her specialties are fuse molding, sculptures as well as collage techniques. She uses a wide array of industrial material in her art pieces. Ann Scango also works hard to encourage women empowerment. Her work has been displayed throughout numerous magazines and publications. The art professional’s Twitter page gives an abundance of art tips and gallery recommendations, amongst other things.

Image result for contemporary art momaShe has made it known that her love for art stems from experiences as a youth. Ann Scango states that she never doubted her dreams of opening art galleries would come true. Her success has pushed her to sharpen marketing strategies for generating new business. Social media is a great platform to do so she says. She loves the ease of access for curators and gallery owners to contact her and see her work through these social media sites. As her business grows, she has had to carve out time for her personal creation as well but she enjoys the balance.

Ann Scango has a great eye for thoughtful pieces when it comes to art. She expresses this as the main difference between her and other galleries.

Her expertise makes her a viable source for up and coming artists. In a blog post she talked about getting into the art world. The most important thing she says is knowing your personal taste and where to find artwork that appeals to your signature. The preface to this is knowing what type of pieces you like. She also mentions that to educate yourself on art in general is crucial. The recommendations Ann Scango includes are: visiting local art galleries and reviewing things online. You must explore and be openminded in order to attain knowledge of various arts.

Ann Scango on Motherhood and Art

Ann Scango is a visual artist and sculptor based out of Austin, TX. She uses polyurethane foam and found objects in molding and collage techniques to create 3D pieces. Her aim is to capture the link between human and nature. These pieces are reflected in her business venture the Scango Collection. Scango is the founder and curator of the Scango Collection which focuses on empowering female artists by supporting their work. She buys from both established female artists as well as relatively unknown artists. In this collection Scango is able to combine her many passions and help support the people and causes that matter to her.

In her article Motherhood and Art Scango explores one of the things that drives her creativity, motherhood. Scango points out that motherhood has been an important motif in art throughout history. From classical depictions of the Virgin Mary with her baby Jesus to modern new born photography, motherhood has been depicted in art through time. In her article Scango explores the different facets of motherhood through art.

Ann Scango begins by looking at the pain that motherhood can bring in her exploration of the similarities between Käthe Kollwitz’s sketch, Frau mit Totem Kind and Michelangelo Buonarroti’s Pieta. She then looks at the excitement and vigor that motherhood can bring to a woman in her breakdown of Alice Neel’s Nancy and Olivia. Finally, she explores the physical changes that motherhood brings with her critique of Senga Nengudi’s R.S.V.P. Her article brings to light the different ways that motherhood is portrayed in art throughout time. She sums it all up in the conclusion of her article, “the female portrayal of motherhood in art is something so vivid, emotional and at times surreal that the only way to appreciate such pieces are by understanding what it takes to be a mother in the first place.”

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