JustFab’s Amazing New Summer Look

As a fashion enthusiast I’m always looking for new styles and images to look my best. These styles can range from what to wear for winter or what I would love to see myself in for summer. As I am always searching, I stumbled upon JustFab. Being that summer is coming up, I started to look for their summer wear. So far I love what I see.

Upon entering into the site I instantly filled out a quick profile in which they got a feel for my style with 8 questions. After those questions they paired me up with the perfect styles.

I fell in love!

The first thing I noticed as a new buyer is that JustFab offer you a promotional discount, $9.99 for your first buy! They were all summer outfits and shoes! They found me a pair of darker colored flats that are perfect for a night out. It went perfectly with a lighter blue top and bottom piece. It was totally me!! I was actually so excited to see these outfits I started to tell all my friends.

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JustFab Summer Shop

JustFab also had the perfect day to night outfits. Perfect, light wearing outfits for the summer daytime, with a beautiful change to a perfect night out style! You don’t have to change if you don’t want to.

Warning! JustFab is addicting and with their stunning summertime deals, you will be buying articles of clothing before you know it. Everything is at such a great price but don’t just take my word for it. Log onto the site yourself and create your free profile and look at the perfect offers they have! Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JustFab

If you are a true lover of fashion and love great deals there is no reason you won’t find yourself absolutely OBSESSED with JustFab. I mean they are just fabulous! Okay fellow fashion bloggers, until next time! I’ll be back with more of the best fashion cloths and styles!

Gold Coins Are A Better Option With The US Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve has made gold coin ownership the best option for investing, and they have made it very easy for people to get the results they want just by buying a few gold coins.

Philip Diehl runs the US Money Reserve, and he wants to make sure that people understand how the gold coin market works. Gold coins should be easy, and that is why Philip Diehl talked to EPNS Radio about it. He wanted everyone listening to know that it would be much easier to own gold coins. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.youtube.com/user/usmrwebvideos and https://about.me/usmoneyreserveinc

Gold coins are a really stable investment because of how they have been designed. Gold coins are very basic, and they have a price that anyone can figure out at any time. They can look up the price per ounce, and they can easily figure out how much their coins are worth.

Philip Diehl has a lot of great designs coming out of the US Money Reserve, and he wants to make sure that all the people who come to the US Money Reserve can find something they like. The design of the coin has a lot of value inherent in it, and that also means that these people can trade these coins or collect them for the design.

Someone who is trying to invest their money the best need to make sure that they are using gold coins on their timeline. Some people will buy and sell all the time, but other people will just keep the coins until a time long in the future when they will sell them to retire. Read more: US Money Reserve | CrunchBase and US Money Reserve TV Commercials – iSpot.tv

The choice is up to the owner of the coins, and there are so many options with gold coins that it makes investing easy. The US Money Reserve is the best place to buy gold coins, and it will help anyone who is ready to invest their money simply.

Wet Dog Food By Beneful

When we feed our dog, we want to make sure she has the best food possible. Beneful has several varieties of wet dog food that come in resealable containers. These are convenient as she doesn’t always eat an entire meal at one time, so I can just put the lid back on the food before storing it in the refrigerator for a later time. Beneful is a product of the Nestle Purinastore Petcare.

Product link: https://www.beneful.com/products/wet-dog-food/

These are small bites of wet dog food that are ideal for my puppy as she is small in size. When I open the container, I can see the pieces of carrots in the beef and wild rice meal. It has the protein that she needs for growing muscles and energy. Real beef is used along with tomatoes that are chopped into small pieces.

Beef Chopped Blends
This is another variety of wet dog food that has small pieces of real food instead of processed meat that other brands contain. The beef and barley meal has peas, slices of carrots and barley. The aroma is enticing for my dog, and I know that she is getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that she needs for her growing body. There is a small bit of sauce in the food so that the meal is moist.

Romana Style Medley
I haven’t seen a wet dog food with these flavors before. There is a hint of Italy in this brand that includes chicken, pasta and spinach. It’s a filling meal in a small container. Small pieces of meat and vegetables are used along with a thicker sauce.

Turkey Chopped Blends
I enjoy this meal for my dog as a special treat. Not only does it have turkey that is high in protein, but it also has sweet potatoes for a nice treat. Brown rice and spinach are also used in the meal. The potatoes are bright orange and can easily be seen in the container.

All these varieties are available through the Beneful Amazon website.


Qnet & Sharp


I ran across this very curious article the other day. It spoke of yet another deal between two giant corporations. Though this deal looks to be like something that can actually benefit people, not just the back pockets of the shareholders.

If any of you are familiar with India, than you already about SHARP. SHARP is one of the top technologies in India. Well, they just got a brand new partner. This week SHARP just partnered up with QNET for what is being labeled as “one of the biggest deals of the century”.

I am not kidding here guys. So why are they partnering up? It’s because of this brand new air purifier that SHARP is trying to promote. The company feels that by joining forces with QNET, the e-commerce options will be out of this world.


I personally don;t know anything about QNET. I have never found a reason to use them while doing my online shopping. There are others who have used this E-Commerce site before. It’s mainly focused on health and beauty products, products which can help people become a lot healthier inside and out. So it kind of makes sense if you think about it.

If I was in the shoes of SHARP, I’d want someone from QNET’s background to help me out too. Plus, QNET can help deliver customer loyalty and service that SHARP has been lacking for many years.

This air purifier is perfect for the audience that SHARP is trying to reach. When questioned about the alliance in Mumbai, one of the head CEO’s had nothing but good things to say about this alliance.

“I’m quite pleased with what we are looking to achieve here. This is only beginning. If you combine our strengths and QNET’s, you have got quite an unbeatable team. It’s not just about the money, though this alliance is going to increase sales in a big way. It’s about reaching out to customers who need what we have to offer. We have the chance to reach out to people we have reached out to before. We never would have had this chance had it not be for QNET”.

So is this going to be a good thing or bad thing? Only time will tell, at least from my own experience. It sounds good. It sounds as though they really do have the customer’s interests at heart.

Want to read the full article for all the details? Click on the link down below. I hope you guys find it as interesting as I did.

QNET Inernet Access – Reliable and Professional Internet