With Handy, Every Small Business Can be Clean

Many small business owners make the mistake of using their regular hourly staff for their cleaning needs. This is typically true in small offices, convenience type stores and small neighborhood shops, carry-outs and restaurants. However, though mom and pop shops really do have to budget effectively to stay afloat; not using a professional cleaning service to maintain their establishment is likely costing them more money in the long run.

Anyone who’s ever lived in or visited a major city has experienced this.

You walk into a local carry-out or pizza restaurant to grab a quick bite. You step in and the floor is disgusting, which you could possibly dismiss since the restaurant could have been very busy all day with foot traffic. However, all the counters are sticky, the floor is disgusting and they could have swept or mopped a little. The walls are thick with grease, dirt and grime. You can only imagine how many health violations the kitchen has.

You walk into a neighborhood corner store. You just need to grab an umbrella, a notepad or some cold medicine, something like that. The door handle is disgusting. Your shoes stick to the floor. There’s dust everywhere. Every surface is questionable and so is some of the stock you see for sale. You wonder if this is really a store or a cover for some sort of illegal business. The owners have paid so little attention to the care of their store.

In both situations, we’ve all made the same decision.

Instead of buying some food or that little incidental item we needed. We sprint for the door. If we’ve accidentally made eye contact with a worker there, we find ourselves communicating without words that we must have forgot something or be late for something. The place is so gross, the memory of the smell stays with us long after we’ve left and we wonder if it’s permeated our clothes.

It’s a horrible experience, yet your potential customers experience this all too often. Merchants that want to cut corners when it comes to cleaning should really consider how many $5 to $15 sales run out of their place of business every year because it simply isn’t clean.

With Handy, Small Business Owners Can Rejoice.

According to realestatetechnews, there’s a mobile app called Handy that you can use to find local cleaning help. You’re not locked into a contract and you pay your cleaner by the hour through the app. Nothing could be simpler.




Questions Rise With DEVCO over Payments on CRDA Loan

A recent article on the Press of Atlantic City website, pointed out that the long acclaimed and respected DEVCO may be embroiled in a mire of controversy the likes of which the area has never seen. The whole thing started in 2005 when the Middlesex County Improvement Authority undertook a loan of $20 million to build The Heldrich, a much anticipate New Brunswick upscale hotel & state of the art conference center, which was developed by the nonprofit New Brunswick Development Corp (DEVCO). The project was at that time cheered by all and was thought to be yet another feather in the hat of the successful efforts of Devco to re-develop the urban sector of the greater New Brunswick area. The loan was issued by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

The project was completed, but Devco’s Atty. Chris Paladino says with the worst possible timing. The 235 room luxury hotel and business conference center which opened in 2007 was stricken with misfortune right from the start. As it began operation right when the worst of the economic downturn was starting to affect Americans everywhere. The loan was paid on time for the first few years with a bit of difficulty, but starting in 2011, payments began to be missed culminating in the most recent controversy associated with the CDRA loan and the project as a whole, a missed $1 million dollar payment of principal and interest for 2016. This is on top of the fact that the Middlesex County Improvement Authority has been in arrears for more than five years in total racking up a bill of missed payments totaling over nearly $7 million.

This isn’t the only economic disparage that the project has seen. The subordinate holders of public bonds that were used in part to find the remainder of the construction beyond the $20 million have not seen a payment of principal or any interest in years. This is due to the fact that at its best the hotel has seen a peak occupancy of no more than 63.5 percent and the largest holder of contracts for services was held by Johnson & Johnson. All of this has brought to bear the question as to the health and continued viability of DEVCO as a development partner in the area.

DEVCO is a nationally recognized model for modern urban renewal and development. The organization claims, to administer is programs based on sound public policy. DEVCO was founded in the mid-1970’s as a private non-profit intended to serve the needs of the greater New Brunswick community to assist in urban redevelopment and renewal. The concept that drives the organization is that a city never finished. DEVCO has been regarded as a powerful engine for economic growth by the New York Times, and indeed has been a very significant factor in the assistance of the city of New Brunswick to enjoying a renaissance of development and growth in the past 20 years.

With over 1.6 Billion dollars worth of investment in the greater New Brunswick area since its founding the organization has been a leader in the real estate and financial growth sectors of the city, without a doubt. With projects such as the Rockoff Hall University Apartments, Skyline Tower, Old Bridge Long-Term Care Facility and others, DEVCO is diversified in its efforts to make greater New Brunswick a better place. Most recently DEVCO has undertaken a new project in the College Avenue Redevelopment Project.

The question remains as to whether DEVCO as a partner in the real estate redevelopment efforts of New Brunswick. Senior management at the organization admit that there have been stumbling blocks and that efforts are being made to right the ship. But with the realities of economic responsibility becoming more and more important in the minds of everyday people, is it possible to make the project, and subsequently the organization healthy again, or is a repeat showing of lack of performance coming in the form of the Gateway project issuance of bonds to build the Stockton University satellite campus? Only time will tell.

FreedomPop Wants Their Customers To Get Online For Less Money

FreedomPop has turned itself into a full service and Internet company by making sure that their customers can get online with their phones and wifi boxes. The FreedomPop review that people read is something that they have to take into consideration because it is so much easier than any other company. There are a lot of people who are going to find out that they can get online for less money, and they might even want to go with a free cell phone.

The free cell phone plans that were created by FreedomPop are very good for people who are trying to get work done every day, and they help people save money. It is very easy for someone who wants to save money to get a FreedomPop plan that works for them, and they also have to make sure that they have used the wifi hotspot plan because it is so much cheaper.

Everyone who wants to be able to get the Internet on a hotspot box will order the plan from FreedomPop, and they will use the box wherever they go. It is so much easier for people to get the help they need when they have something that will turn on their wifi for them, and it gives them unlimited wifi when they need it. It is the simplest and cheapest way to get online.

Changing to a FreedomPop lifestyle is the best choice for people because it helps them save money on all the things that they know they need. They have to have a way to get online, and they have to have a phone that works for them. Both of these things will be a lot less expensive, and they can use them anywhere. Traveling with the wifi hotspot is simple, and the cheap FreedomPop phone can come along for the ride.