Dick DeVos’ Wife Succeeds In American Politics And Philanthropic Activities

Dick DeVos’ wife, Betsy DeVos continues to make a name for herself both in the American political landscape and philanthropic activities. The current Education Secretary has a long career in politics that stretches back to her days at Calvin College. She was actively involved in campus politics. I am amazed that since her graduation some thirty years ago, Mrs. DeVos has not slowed down. She has served the Republican Party in various positions, including being the chair of the party’s Michigan branch. She served in the position for over six years. In business, Mrs. DeVos remains one of leading businesswomen in America. She is the chair of the Windquest Group. Through the privately held multi-company operating group, she strategically invests in various sectors, including clean energy, manufacturing, and technology. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos founded the group in 1989. Betsy is also known for her philanthropic works. The chair of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family foundation has been involved in various philanthropic initiatives. She has been funding the education of thousands of students across the United States, providing medical services to the sick and donating food to individuals from disadvantages families. Mrs. DeVos sits of the boards of Mars Hill Bible Church, DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, and Kids Hope USA. This information was originally reported on Philanthropy Roundtable as explained in this link http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/excellence_in_philanthropy/interview_with_betsy_devos

About ‘Dick’ Devos Jr.

Dick Devos is Richard DeVos Sr.’s eldest son. DeVos Sr. is the co-founder of Amway Corporation. He co-founded the network sales company with Jay Van Andel. Dick DeVos began his career at the Amway in 1974. In the next two years, he had worked in various positions at the company. In 1984, his father appointed him to serve as the company’s vice president. The visionary leader was responsible for the company’s international operations. Notably, he managed Amway’s operations in 18 countries. He used this position to make a name for himself by increasing the company’s revenues from the international market. Five years later, he left the company to found Windquest Group.

In 1991, his father appointed him to manage Orlando Magic Basketball, a National Basket Association franchise. This new position earned him a seat at the NBA board of governors. However, in 1993, he returned to Amway to render his services as the president. This followed his father’s retirement from the business. Dick DeVos is also an active philanthropist. Over the years, he has supported many initiatives. Mr. Devos founded Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation with his wife Betsy. This information was originally published on New Netherland Institute as outlined in the following link https://www.newnetherlandinstitute.org/history-and-heritage/dutch_americans/richard-dick-devos-jr/

David McDonald credits OSI Group’s growth in China to local partners

David McDonald is president and COO of OSI Group, a food distribution company based in Aurora, Illinois. As a leader in global food distribution, OSI has been a pioneer in China, partnering with brands such as McDonalds and Starbucks.

OSI Group’s success on the global market is because of their local management and local personnel. While large, multinational corporations can bring years of experience and economies of scale in ways that smaller local companies cannot, it is still important to have people who are familiar with the culture and local talent pool. Local personnel are also important in dealing with government regulations. In the food business, it is also extremely important to have someone in place that understands the local consumer’s tastes and wants. As McDonald told Food & Drink International Magazine, “We have a global operation which means we have scale in size but we have local management teams that are very sensitive and very understanding of the local cultures and tastes. It’s the power of global scale and efficiency along with local solutions.”

OSI Group operates in 17 countries with over 50 different facilities. The company provides value-added protein items, sandwiches and pizzas to foodservice and retail brands. OSI has over 20 years of experience in the Chinese market, and has the economy in China has grown, so has OSI’s operations in the country. OSI is one of the largest poultry producers in the country, and provides products to a variety of international brands in China, including McDonald’s, Yum Brands, Papa John’s, Subway, Burger King, Saizeriya, and Starbucks. In regards to the Chinese market, McDonald said, “t continues to be the largest growing consumer market in the world and so it has the power of population, but that population is growing more affluent, as well. We have some great customers in China who are experiencing tremendous growth and we want to keep up with them.”

David McDonald has worked for OSI Group since 1987 after graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science. He has previously served as the chairman of the North American Meat Institute and currently is a member of its Board of Directors.

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Details About SahmAdrangi

Early in March Seeking Alpha gave a detailed account of a former Wall Street trader now a manager of hedge fund credit portfolio, who had reached out after reading a previous piece dubbed An Ode To Those Who Wander. The hedge fund credit portfolio manager was interested in discussing GNC Holdings. He is an alumnus of Penn State University. Through his hardwork coupled with impressive networking abilities, he got an internship at one of the renowned institutions Merrill Lynch. During the three years he was at the company, he managed to move from the credit desk to the bond desk before joining Longacre, a $3 billion hedge fund. His time at the company overlapped with that of Kerrisdale Capital Management’s founder, SahmAdrangi. In regards to GNC , retired Wall Street trader cited that he shared Seeking Alpha’s core thesis 100%. According to him , he has also visited stores while carrying out his own channel checks. Aside from spotting decent traffic trends in his area, he acknowledges the existence of a significant detachment between his experience visiting stores and the bears’ thesis, which is a dead brand.

Adrangi in Brief

Sahm is not only the brains behind the establishment of Kerrisdale Capital Management but also the company’s chief investment officer. The New York-based firm functions as an investment management that makes value-oriented investments, particularly in public securities. Sahm rise to prominence in the financial world through exposing and shorting several Chinese companies such as Lihua International, China-Biotics and China Marine Food Group among many others between 2010 and 2011. In fact, several of his target companies like ChinaCast Education Corp were subjected to enforcement actions from the SEC.

Over the years Adrangi has created a name for himself not only in publishing research but also in short selling . He is best known for sharing Kerrisdale’s views on various matters such as stocks including overhyped shorts that are mostly misinterpreted by the market. The company shares its valuable research with the public through its website, on its Twitter account and third-party investing related websites. Additionally , Sahm has served as a speaker in various conferences including the Distressed Debt Investing Conference , the Value Investing Conference and the Sohn Conference.

Traveling Vineyard: Earn that Extra Cash While Enjoying the Company of Friends and a Good Wine

Are you a stay at home mom looking for ways to make that quick cash without abandoning the care of your kids? If you are, then the good news is here with Traveling Vineyard. Traveling Vineyard is a direct wine selling business targeting stay-at-home-moms with a passion for hosting parties and drinking wine. Through the Traveling Vineyard wine guides, you get to earn your cash through selling different varieties of wines at the comfort of your home without necessarily having any idea about the wine business.

If you are interested in joining this business, Traveling Vineyard the world’s number one wine selling business has made it quite easy for you. With their direct- sales business model, Traveling Vineyard can link you up with some wine guides, different wines samples, and a few wine glasses at a small fee. With these supplies, you should be able to set up your event and invite your friends for some wine tasting. This model is quite cost effective as you are not required to keep any inventories of the wine in your store since the company makes all deliveries to your customers as per their orders.

The second way of earning money through Traveling Vineyard is by mentoring other wine sellers. Through this, you will be able to build a team of wine sellers thus creating a good network under you. With the enormous commissions from the revenues collected by this team, you will be able to supplement your wines revenues. When it comes to this revenue-earning scheme, the good news is that you will not spend even a single dime since all the learning resource comes from the company.

In many ways, the Traveling Vineyard business model is quite rewarding. Forget about the money you will earn from the sales of these wines, this model helps you network and build a wealth network of friends and associates while enjoying your glass of wine. Nothing beats this experience and hence the reason why you need to enroll in this program as soon as possible.

About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a direct wine selling business started in November 2001 that brings together people with a great taste for wine and help them make a living from it. Currently, the company is known for its prowess when it comes to selling different top brands of wine in the market. In addition to wine selling Traveling Vineyard is quite resourceful when it comes to offering advice on how to match different wine varieties with food menus and events.

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Elysium Health Prompts Further Research in Long Term Wellness

Elysium Health is new to the scene of the biotech industry. The company has been hard at work on their first product which is already available, but only on the official website of the company s very strict with their distribution.

The sharp regulations also applu=y to the production of the supplement. The company monitors closely how much of each compound goes into each capsule in order to ensure that the distribution is as even as possible. The business of Elysium Health has made their supplement Basis a lot different from other supplements that are currently available on the market.

For one, supplements are pills that do not have to go through the FDA for approval. That means that the production and levels of each compound are not even and so the tablets differ in content. One can be stuffed with the active ingredient while another can be almost void of it. That is not the case for Basis. The compounds that it consists of are monitored at the company labs continually.

But what is Basis for exactly? The company Elysium Health explains that he Basis supplement is used to enhance the overall health of the person by taking care of the health of the cells as well as improving the metabolic functions of the body. That means that Basis enhances metabolism and helps detoxify the cells. Healthier and cleaner cells indicate more vigorous organism which also improves our ability to age gracefully.

Some people speculated that Basis might not be a mere supplement but the most probably fountain of youth. The company of Elysium Health diced against such a mindset as the Basis supplement was created to improve metabolic functions. The company acknowledges that the supplement;s functions also enhances the way people age due to one of the compounds.

Basis contains levels of NAD which occurs naturally in the cells. According to research, delivering NAD to mice and worms has increased their lifespan as well as overall health. There have been human trials of the compound but such kinds of studies are very difficult to gauge as the lifespan of a person is far longer than that of mice or a worm.

Nevertheless, the scientific community is excited about the new research on NAD and Basis will be the next step towards human trials. The company is looking for its first participants in the trials, specifically people over the age of 65. Gerontologists and geneticists, as well as large enterprises such as Google, for example, are diving in the land of research of NAD and other compounds as well. They are all hopeful that slowing down the process of aging considerably might be a lot closer than we think.http://www.businessinsider.com/elysium-health-supplements-2016-3


How Chris Burch Has Made Himself The Fashion King

The Fashion Guru

Chris Burch has made a name for himself as one of the most prominent examples of a billionaire who made his wealth almost entirely through fashion. Since his college years, he has had an incredible passion for fashion and made this into a career he was able to successful launch. There aren’t many people out there who can claim similar status, but there are so many who want to continue. He’s managed to take that fortune and expand beyond his stomping grounds as well.

Making A Profit

Chris Burch has managed to make billions off the fashion industry because makes trendsetting such an important part of his life. There isn’t a single day where he isn’t thinking about the next biggest trend or trying to find out who’s going to create it. When you have an understanding of where things are headed, you understand how you need to approach. This is exactly how he’s planning to change the world around him. He understands the trends before him and he tries to do everything he can to help those around him succeed.  Additional article on bjtonline.com.

What He Sees Ahead

The success of his business isn’t enough for Chris Burch. He wants to create a world where technology and fashion are merged. This is where the trend of wearable tech is going to take us according to Burch. He envisions a world where our devices are regarded as statements with as much beauty as function. The trends are starting to show up, but it’s clear there’s so much more work to be done. Given his record of success, it’s pretty clear this is going the right direction. Wearable tech will eventually be thought of in a light no different than we think of any other fashion scene.  Read more of his shared insights on things in his area of focus, hit this.

His Success Record

Chris Burch has proven himself outside of the world of fashion. He’s also made it in the world of finance and has made a name for himself as a movie producer. With the works he has done, his ability to prosper aren’t in dispute. More to read on architecturaldigest.com.

Today’s up and coming entrepreneurs have so much to learn from him and so much to imitate. He’s left a legacy already but he isn’t finished. Billionaires like him set the trends that will define our future. It’s time they get the credit they deserve for their contributions to it all.  Related article on forbes.com.

Have a short trip to his famous resort hotel on http://www.businessinsider.com/chris-burchs-nihiwatu-resort-is-the-best-hotel-in-the-world-2017-3/#nicknamed-the-edge-of-wilderness-nihiwatu-is-on-the-west-coast-of-sumba-a-remote-indonesian-island-1

Jason Hope’s Plan For The Future Of Tech

His Vision For Ahead

Jason Hope has a knack for predicting the future of technology. Based in Arizona. he has tried his best to make Arizona the center of a new Silicon Valley. With his understanding of technolgoy, it seems as if this might actually come true. Jason Hope‘s currently trying to spearhead a variety of technological movements that might just give the state a chance to show the world what’s next. Given that his predictions are spot on, this bodes well for the state.

What He Thinks Is Next

Hope believes that the next big trend in technology is going to be the internet of things. IoT is currently a major buzzword that few seem to truly understand. Just about everywhere you go, you’ll find people claiming to understand exactly what it is and expounding reasons it will change our lives as we know it. These claims have quite a bit of truth to them, but Hope believes they are only scratching the surface. He sees a future where people will be able to use IoT for everything from driving to cooking. The options ahead of us will be limitless.

What Will This Mean?

The impact that IoT will have on our lives is going to be staggering. We will have many services automated by IoT and we will have to adjust the way we think of them. Our homes will behave as if they are in fact intelligent beings of their own, but this won’t be the end of it. There’s so much more out there for it to create, but there’s a need to bring about that change whenever possible. Somebody has to take the steps necessary to IoT the step forward that it needs to be.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a tech entrepreneur and writer who has made himself one of the most important tech leaders in Arizona. His work as made amazing advancements in the tech industry of Arizona while also keeping a connection to the tech cultures of other states. Hope is currently making himself known as one of the most prominent predictors of changes in the way that the tech industry will affect our lives. He wants to help people better understand how technology is changing and what they can do to integrate it better into their lives. Currently, he runs his own company.

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Todd Lubar Brings New Life To Baltimore

Baltimore has always been a fantastic city to live and for tourist to visit. People enjoyed the crab legs, a delicacy for which Baltimore is famous. The population of the city has declined in recent years, but real estate developers are setting a new trend of attracting young professionals to the downtown area. They have renovated and refurbished old houses and apartments and made new apartments and condominiums. Young professionals are finding this trend most accommodating. It gives the aura of living in Washington, D. C., without the higher cost of living. The developers and the city are making plans to improve the transit system to allow easier access to the downtown community, shopping, the best restaurants, and entertainment.

One of the leading real estate developers on the Charm City redevelopment is Todd Lubar. Todd is the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He has been involved in the real estate market in Maryland for more than twenty years. With an extensive background in finance and credit, he has the ability to see things with an impartial point of view. Todd is highly focused on taking his company to new levels. Todd Lubar is a 1995 graduate of Syracuse University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication.

With Lubar and the real estate development, Baltimore has become the city of choice for recent graduates, and young professionals who seek to buy their first home, or to jump start their career. The city is considered to have a most friendly environment for new start up companies. The community is very supportive of the many entrepreneurs who start, and advance in the city. The Harbor East still offers quality shopping and the best in fine dining. Businesses in the Inner Harbor area are continuing to expand east as current construction is underway building new condos that will be home to thousands. With real estate developers such as Todd Lubar and other developers in and out of the city, Baltimore is fast becoming an innovative city that is home to young professionals as well as the middle class longtime residents. Check out his page toddlubar.com and follow his Facebook page.

Christopher Burch: The Rise of Nihi Resort

Christopher Burch: The Rise of Nihi Resort

In 2012, Christopher Burch, a billionaire stakeholder bought a surf resort on an isolated Indonesian island of Sumba. He spent three years and $30 million in the renovation of the property. The five-star resort is known as Nihi Resort. Later on, it was reopened under the management of a renowned hotelier and creative marketer, James McBride. In one year, the establishment was listed among one of the best hotels worldwide in the Travel and Leisure’s prestigious list. In 2016 and 2017, Nihi Resort was voted number one by the publication’s readers.  To read more about the resort, check forbes.com.

More to read here.

Chris Burch is the founder of C. Wonder, which sells home décor items and apparel directly to consumers on QVC. He has invested in Little Ducks Organics and other technology brands including Jawbone, NextJump, and Powermat.  Additional article on bjtonline.com

Burch had financed the Faena Hotel and Universe in Buenos Aires ten years ago. Industrial designer Philippe Starck and Alan Faena directed the investment. The investors turned a grain miller into a five-star hotel.

Previously, the resort was an isolated paradise where surfers came to seek surfing waves in the Indian Ocean. Claude and Petra Graves who arrived on the island in 1988 owned the resort. Unfortunately, the business could not prosper due to the health, social welfare, and financial crisis among the islanders. To overcome these challenges, tribal elders worked together with the Graves and a technology entrepreneur. As a result, Sumba Foundation was initiated. The foundation depends on charity to fund humanitarians’ hard work. Later on, Burch bought the resort from the Graves. He collaborated with McBride, and they developed the resort and marketed it internationally.

Christopher Burch began his journey to success in 1979 while he was a student at Ithaca College. Together with his brother, Bob, they invested $2000 to start a company called Eagle’s Eye apparel. The business grew to $165 million, and later they sold it to Swire Group. Mr. Burch has financed several real estate ventures both locally and internationally. Some of these investments include luxury homes in Florida, Palm Beach. Related article on architecturaldigest.com.

Chris is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is also the co-founder of Tory Burch, a luxury fashion brand. Christopher Burch is always enthusiastic about the power of calling. He has the intelligence of sales and marketing to business welfares spanning apparel, technology, financial services, consumer products, and hospitality.  For an overview of his diverse investments, hop over to crunchbase.com.

Learn from his views and insights on things around his area of focus, visit https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/222766

Meet an Expert in Technology Jason Hope

Internet of Things has come to make operations and life simple. Jason Hope is one of the technologists who believe technology is advancing fast. Companies and businesses must invest in technology to remain competitive and relevant. Jason is a successful entrepreneur who specializes in predicting the future technology and its impacts on the society. He has a passion for technology and his business talks much about his knowledge. Jason Hope Founded Jawa which is a mobile communication company which offers many technological solutions.

Jason Hope believes that predicting about technology is essential to business and companies. With the Internet of Things, many devices are connected with the aim of simplifying tasks. Therefore, manufacturing companies must be alert and move with the ever-changing trend in technology. Many companies are developing software which enhances control of machines and devices. This means with perfect software and tech manufacturing enterprises will always remain relevant in business.

Jason Hope predicts that Internet of things will completely modernize operations. Its Impact will ultimately help the health facilities in monitoring and operate many devices in hospitals. Doctors and patient will have a comfortable life as many treatments will be technology-based which is more accurate and reliable. Biotechnology also will also undergo a revolution and Jason is confident the industry will embrace technology.

The smart technology aims at making life safer and more straightforward. Therefore, futurist Jason believes with better monitoring devices; the transport sector will be revolutionized. Many buses currently are fit with tracking devices, and they are monitored even by a mobile phone. This makes sure that they avoid routes with much traffic. This saves time. Real-time mapping for the buses also helps them avoid terrible conditions on the roads. With these improvements on public buses, many people will opt to use public means and leave their cars at home. This will effectively reduce traffic on major roads and cities.

Internet of Things will encourage businesses to embrace data processing in decision making. Software have been developed to process data and give a sound decision to business owners on specific tasks and operations. Some applications process data for a plan and provide a conclusion whether that idea is viable or not. Therefore, Jason Hope predicts that for businesses to thrive they must embrace data with vigor. Jason Hope experience in technology is unmatched, and he has invested heavily. He owns companies that provide marketing services (Search Engine Optimization), interactive software, and computer information systems. Jason knows technology is here to stay, and we must be focused on where it is heading. Therefore, his insights on technology are of great value to investors and industrial players.