OSI Industries: One of America’s Most Successful Privately Owned Companies

OSI Industries is one of the largest privately-owned companies in the United States. It was ranked number 136 by Forbes in 2011. By 2016 the company had risen to number 58. OSI Industries also received the Globe of Honor award that year. The honor is given to recognize those organizations that put safety as a forefront policy in their operations. OSI enforces a specific standard that in every aspect of company operation.

OSI Industries continues to expand. It has made several purchases which diversifies its influence within the food manufacturing industry. Tyson Food Group was a local acquisition bought for 7.4 million dollars. Tyson was facing the dilemma of closing its doors and letting go of hundreds of employees. OSI Industries was able to make the purchase and save those jobs. An estimated 400 or more kept their jobs. Many Tyson Food Group employees or offered positions at OSI Industries.

Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group are two European acquisitions made by OSI Industries. Both of these companies bring a unique skill set to food manufacturing. They will help OSI expand its influence throughout the European region. Baho Foods has subsidiary companies that operate throughout Europe and provide a variety of services. Flagship Food Group has made acquisitions of its own to expand its influence within food manufacturing. Managers at Baho Foods will continue to lead their company and work closely with OSI Industries leadership to promote growth.

OSI has grown tremendously over the decades. The company began as a family-owned organization in the 1900s. It was known as Otto and Sons at the time. Otto and Sons developed a relationship with McDonald’s Organization CEO Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc presented Otto and Sons with the opportunity to be McDonald’s number one meat supplier. OSI Industries needed to build a new meat plant for this operation. Sheldon Lavin was brought in to oversee the process. He became the visionary of what Otto and Sons would eventually become.

Soon after Lavin’s involvement Otto and Sons became known as OSI Industries and began to expand to an international level. There are factories throughout the United States, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. Lavin is committed to expansion. OSI Industries has the capability of providing a variety of products including meatballs, ground beef, hot dogs, baking and vegetable products.

Hiring practices focus on bringing in the type of innovative thinking that matches OSI’s mission. There are recruiting bases in Hungary, Germany, the United Kingdom, Asia-Pacific and the United States.

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A Winning Combination: IDLife and Garmin

IDLife is a company that specializes in individual health plans and products that give a better quality of life when it comes to their health. Products from this company are made from the highest quality ingredients and they use scientific studies to back up health research. Now IDLife has partnered with the company Garmin to better enhance health for every customer.

Garmin is a leading company when it comes to GPS (Global Positioning System) devices. For this venture, Gamin will use a new machine called an Index Smart Scale. THe scale can measure many things like BMI (Body Mass Index), bone muscle mass, body fat percentage, and water percentage. Other Garmin devices can measure walking pace, pulse, and any physical activity one wants to do.

Garmin may be known for it GPS navigational devices but in the last few years Garmin has really stepped up to the plate when it comes to health and healthcare. Garmin has made some of the finest healthcare equipment on the market. IDLife customers can now use a VIVO in order to track their progress. A VIVO machine can send vital information to the IDLife app and help the consumer keep an eye on various things related to their health. THe device can help track whether a person is getting enough nutrition in their diet or if the person is getting enough sleep at night. With the most up to date information, a consumer can quickly adjust their routine accordingly to help live the best life possible.

IDLife is a leader when it comes to serving customers with the highest level of healthy vitamins and supplements for their customers. The company offers a variety of products no matter what. The company has all sorts of products for beginners as well as seasoned veterans. The company offers things like energy bars, health shakes, water and sleep strips. Together with the help of Garmin, a person can stay fit and healthy no matter what their fitness level may be. It isn’t a life of quality that matters, it the quality of life. That’s the heart of IDLife.

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Trabuco And The First Long Range War

Long range warfare is a fairly recent development in human history. Before things like the catapult or the Trabuco came into being, wars were fought with infantry (soldiers on foot), cavalry (soldiers on horseback), and chariots. Any long distance fighting which occurred still had to be done within the distance of a spear throw or an arched arrow path. As effective as these two methods were, it still did not allow for very long range warfare and both spears and arrows could be blocked with a thick enough blockade or with large enough shields.

What was needed was something larger, faster, and traveling further.

The Trabuco became the very essence of warfare before the medieval era, and inspired weaponry which lasted through the medieval age and long afterward. The Trabuco is a type of slingshot catapult, using a long leather sling and very long wooden pole on a completely circular axis, allowing the entire Trabuco to spin all of the way around at the end of the shot according to pt.wiktionary.org. Fixed up with counterweights and wood balances, the Trabuco could be heavily armed with massively huge rocks, shot four times the distance of the longest arrow shots, and then reloaded very quickly.

The combination of the completely circular axle, the long swinging arm, and the ease of use for reloading made the Trabuco the mainstay for well armed defenses anywhere they were known about. Long range war could now be counted as feasible, but there was something more than this. Warfare success could now almost be calculated before fighting broke out. On youtube.com, the leverage between one army have a Trabuco and the other army not having any was enough to foretell the winning of the war. This would still be true if there were two Trabucos versus one.

The Trabuco introduced long range warfare long before the first ballistic firearms were made, perfected, and used in personal hunting. This gave armies with the slingshot catapult such an advantage that it could be considered the guided drone missiles of the Middle Ages. This was truly the latest technology available at the time.

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An Unbiased Review of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an incredible woman. She is one of the highest reviewed plastic surgeons in Texas and constantly spins her wheels doing speaking engagements, publishing research papers and raising twin boys. She owns her own practice and there is typically a bit of a wait to get an appointment with her. However, she staffs her practice with the top medical professionals in Texas.

Her practice is located in Austin, Texas with a satellite office due to the high volume of patients. While she has garnered many awards throughout the years, the genuine patient reviews she receives on multiple online sites is an absolutely phenomenal thing to behold. Reviews speak to her bedside manner, her attention to patient care and, of course, her level of skill. If you haven’t read them yet, you can find them by simply googling “Dr. Jennifer Walden.” It’s always an amazing thing when people feel so highly about a medical practicioner that they take the time to seek out their online page and write an unbiased review. To know more about her click here.

In addition to glowing patient reviews, Dr. Walden was named by Harpar’s Bazaar as on of America’s top 24 beauty surgeons. Dr. Walden is impressively one of only a handful of female surgeons in Texas and is one of just 851 in the country.

She has published a book detailing her ground breaking research in developing instruments to aid in breast surgery procedures and is also known for her skill with technology. The reviews by patients and professionals is why Dr. Jennifer Walden continues to rise to greatness in the plastic surgery field.

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