Oncotarget Accelerates the Dissemination of Information on Oncology

Oncotarget’s editor-in-chief, Dr. Faris Farassati, announced that Oncotarget will henceforth publish the bio-medical journal twice a week. The increase in Oncotarget’s publication frequency arises from the ever-growing importance, interest, and impact the newsletter has among the researchers on all topics related to oncology. With the twice-weekly Oncotarget releases, Oncotarget will have several sub-sections on issues beyond cancerous tumors.

OncoTargets and Cancer Therapy

Oncotarget publishers also plan to provide crucial scientific information by accepting more research papers. By having two journals per week, Oncotarget will close the gap between the discovery of new research findings related to cancer and the dissemination of the news. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at facebook.com.

A press statement from Oncotarget on 22nd September 2017 reaffirmed that the journal will continue to publish pertinent primary science research papers. Further, Oncotarget reiterated the commitment to maintain high-quality editorial practices consistent with the management’s long-term ethical guidelines.

“We will consistently follow our ethical principles and safeguard Oncotarget’s reputation as an important research journal in the oncology community,” the statement from Oncotarget said.

Read: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2017-10/cg-e-s101817.php

International Peer-Review Cancer Journal

Oncotarget is a global peer-review publication that focuses on the pathology of all types of cancers. The journal is a crucial platform helping the medical fraternity and researchers to discuss potential cancer therapies, treatment protocols, and the methods to care for cancer patients. Typically, Oncotarget discusses the effects of cancer management programs as well as any newly discovered therapeutic agents that improve the quality of life among the people living with cancerous tumors.

New Cancer Therapies

Recently, Oncotarget reviewed the immune checkpoint inhibitors that oncologists use to treat stage four non-small-cell lung cancer. In the review, Oncotarget revealed that cancer patients whose host immune system recognize tumors have higher survival rates. The cure for cancer lies in stimulating the patient’s immune system to help detect and eliminate timorous cells.

Oncotarget editors encourage the contributing authors to interrogate the evidence of the emerging cancer treatment strategies. Healthcare professionals, patients, or researchers who want to find out any new oncology terminologies and the acceptability of newly developed cancer drugs will find Oncotarget quite helpful. Learn more at Research Gate.

Ted Bauman Of Banyan Hill Pulishing On Retirement And Value

Mr. Ted Bauman is the Editorial Director at the esteemed Banyan Hill Publishing as well as an author. Mr. Ted Bauman has written a vast number of original articles encompassing a variety of topics such as finance, media, business, travel, and many other topics.

One of his latest works has been dedicated to financing and, to be more precise, to retirement. In his article, Mr. Ted Bauman talks about a mistake he made in terms of his retirement plan which he explains and advises against. Mr. Ted Bauman has a quirky writing style he has been polishing over the years. His articles flow easy and intriguing.

In terms of his retirement mistake, Mr. Ted Bauman mentions three numbers that some financial experts would say are some of the most important ones. They are located on a person’s dashboard on their financial software. One of the numbers is the person’s credit score which according to many people is one of the ways to assess a person.

Many people fail to recognize the true significance of that number, however, which is personal financial stability during retirement on tedbaumanguru.com. Net worth is one of those figures that people often forget to remember about themselves. Having a wrong number for one’s net worth before retirement can prove problematic, especially since the net worth is the foundation of many people’s retirement plan.

One of the counterparts of a person’s net worth is their house. After retirement, most people sell off their house yo a younger family and move into a smaller dwelling that does not need as much maintenance. Some use the money to move into an assisted living apartment where they can be taken care of from then on.

This is where the next generation comes into play according to medium.com. The amount of money that one’s house would sell for today is vastly different than what it will be worth in the future, say ten years ahead. The next generation might not be able to afford the price of the said house, even.

Mr. Ted Bauman has come to the realization that when it comes to one’s retirement, including his own, it is better to look for value instead of price as monetary amounts vary but what is valuable to you will remain more or less constant, especially when it comes to your home.

Net worth will change because currencies change but if you plan your retirement more based on the value you should have an easier time.

Learn more about Ted Bauman: http://thesovereigninvestor.com/precisionprofits/ted-bauman/

Becoming an Agent of USHealth Advisors

For both everyday medical expense and emergency medical insurance, UShealth Advisors provides an extensive list of affordable and effective insurance plans from a database of motivated licensed agents to those consumers looking for the most affordable health insurance coverage. With the high cost of medical visits in the United States today, USHealth Advisors is an absolutely vital source, providing diverse health benefits, assurance stability within families. And, with the privilege to tailor specific health insurance needs to family’s unique cases, UShealth Advisors has conveniently granted families the advantage of having a better peace of mind when it comes to health insurance.

Applying for a career with USHealth Advisor is a lucrative approach, as most of the market that you’d be serving agrees that insurance is a high yield investment. If a concerning medical condition is prevalent in a consumer, this concern increases the investment worth, causing consumers a higher consideration rate of a sales agent’s proposal, especially if consumers are to pay less for a higher substantial amount of options. Many clients will always consider discounted insurance that provides the greater benefits, especially from a business that has a prestigious name and extensive experience, like UShealth Advisors who have been in business for over 10 years now.

US Health Advisors offers their agents a decent salary expectation. On average, agents can expect to earn $71,044 per year and up to $200,000 per year as a business owner. That’s a pleasant amount of money for an agent, and due to the market of health insurance being as large as it is, the harder you work and the amount of time put in, the more money that you will make. And with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau to back you up, your reputation and trust gained in your client is higher, increasing your closing percentages drastically.

In addition, unlike other health insurance businesses of this model, USHealth Advisors provides agents with quality pre-qualified leads of consumers who are currently and actively in the market for health insurance. This gives reps a greater chance at succeeding at the strategic plans of USHealth Advisors. With a database of over 4 million health insurance leads, reps are definitely adequate and granted a higher chance at a great future with USHealth Advisors.

Visit any one of our southern offices today: Orlando Florida; Delray, Florida; Grapevine Texas; Dallas, Texas; Mooresville, NC; Nashville, Tennesse and many other southern locations, or call our Ft Worth, Texas headquarters at: (817) 878-3303. We would love to have you onboard!

Check more:https://www.ushealthgroup.com/aboutushg.aspx

Sussex Healthcare the Elderly and Patients with Neurological Issues

Sussex Healthcare is a great organization for all of those that are in need of care for people that have neurological diseases. This is an independent group of care homes, and people that live in the United Kingdom are definitely choosing this because it has such a great reputation.

There are many group healthcare homes in the United Kingdom, but there are not as many that have the ability to provide care for senior citizens and people that have learning disabilities. This is a group health care home organization that also provides help for patients that have dementia and other neurological brain injuries.

Sussex Health Care has become one of the favorites in the United Kingdom because it aids those patients and provides some of the highest standards in healthcare. There are a ton of adults that are in need of healthcare services, and Sussex Healthcare is definitely making it easier for people to acquire these services.

There are lots of adults that would like to put their aging parents in a place where their parents will still be able to be stimulated by activities that will allow them to make the most of their stay in a group care home. More than 30,000 people have benefited from what the Sussex Healthcare .

There are nurses that work around the clock along with different therapists that are available to provide various types of therapy. There are flexology and physiotherapy therapists that can help with lots of different issues that patients may have.

These are highly qualified workers that are taking the time to provide the services that patients need with a smile. It is a friendly staff and an experienced group of healthcare professionals that make up the staff for Sussex Healthcare.

Adult children of aging parents will at some point and time have to make a decision for their parents. They will have to put their parents in a place where they believe that their safety will be ensured. These adults will want to put their parents in a place where they know that they are getting the best possible healthcare. That is why there is so much talk about Sussex Healthcare.

This has become one of the premier group care homes in the United Kingdom, and many people that look for these type of homes will be pleased. There are many great reviews for the Sussex Healthcare group home. Read more:https://gazetteday.com/2017/11/sussex-healthcare-helps-patients-feel-at-home/

Whitney Wolfe’s Journey to a Successful Technology Related Career

Whitney Wolfe happens to be a very amazing person. Very young but very optimistic. She is a very big name in the dating apps world and has been recognized for her tremendous efforts towards making the industry a better place than she found it. Whitney is also a proud co-founder of the top dating app, Tinder app. She happens to have made the company the way it is today before she left. She is the person behind that selling name and has also worked day and night towards making the company a giant in the market. She was also in the company’s marketing wing and was able to market it to all the campuses around the country alone. The app was able to grow tremendously well until it hit position one.

Whitney Wolfe encountered many challenges and decided to form another company known as Bumble in the year 2014. She applied all her experience and expertise that she learned from Tinder. This was using her shares that she received from Tinder. She also partnered with the famous Badoo CEO towards adding some verticals like BumbleBFF which enabled people to be able to search more friends. Bumble has over 19 million new users and the list keeps on expanding daily.

Whitney was raised by her loving parents who took care of her. Her mother decided to work from home so that she could be able to take great care of her. Whitney’s dad was a famous developer at Salt Lake City and has been working tirelessly towards providing for their only daughter. She was also a good student while in high school and later joined the famous University of Southern Methodist. She has been on the forefront working towards the company’s great success and have always been on the frontline pursuing dreams. While she was young, she had the passion for helping fellow human beings and had dedicated her life towards making the world a better place.

Whitney Wolfe at only 19 years had started her own business of selling bamboo tote bags. This was after the famous BP Oil Spill that affected so many people. She decided to open a non-profit making organization known as “Help Us Project” which they partnered with a famous celebrity. They were able to receive a lot of funds that enabled them to expand their businesses and have always worked for the business success. All these achievements were done while she was still at the University.

For more info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitney_Wolfe

USHEALTH Group: Personalized Health Insurance Solutions with Innovation

USHEALTH Group is a unique provider in the health insurance ecosystem, who cannot be compared with any other players in the industry. It is known for providing personalized health insurance solutions ever since it started its operations in 1982. USHEALTH thinks that the needs of each customer are different, and a customer-focused solution provider should look for individualized products that can satisfy everyone with the solutions. This strategy helped the premier health insurance provider to capture significant market share in the recent years. The firm is regarded as the leader in product offerings, market base, annualized growth, and more in the health insurance sector.

It has provided its unique product solutions to almost 15 million insurance customers as of today with some of the tailored plans even provide over 50 collective years – a true symbol of customization of its product solutions based on the needs of the customers. The products of USHEALTH Group are actually targeting families, individuals including self-employed, small businesses, and their employees. Product solutions targeting specific needs are another specialty of USHEALTH Group. It has solutions to address dental, vision, accident protector, income protector, various medical conditions, and more. To provide a hassle-free experience, USHEALTH Group maintains an excellent PPO network that helps the customers to access its services from even the remote areas of the country. The group has more than 7,500 hospitals in its network.

USHEALTH Group designs its products based on three critical parameters, and that are affordability, flexibility, and security. It offers online tools to manage the healthcare round the clock with options to check and review the benefits online. The insurance provider also goes an extra mile and helps the customers to save significantly using their network. It provides detailed information and cost of prescription drug treatment choices, generic drug cost choices, brand drug cost choices, and more. The firm wants its customers getting a great experience with its services. It offers various options such as first-dollar benefits on the covered services to people who have a limited budget for helping them to secure and avail great services from the firm.

The captive wing of the insurance provider, USHEALTH Advisors, is considered as one of the best sales wings in the insurance industry. The advisors interact with each customer and understand their priorities to match plans that can best fit their needs. Interestingly, the captive unit has won the Silver Stevie® Award – 2015 in the insurance sector for the sales achievement and excellent customer service. It also won multiple accolades from various industrial bodies during the recent years. Interestingly, USHEALTH Group won One Planet Business Awards for the year 2016 for its professional excellence. The firm continues its journey of innovation in product designing, sales, customer service, and more. Check for more:https://www.indeed.com/cmp/US-Health-Group



AmEx’s Next Move: Get Millennials, Keep the Rich.

Future American Express CEO Stephen Squeri is looking forward to retrieving AmEx’s glory among the new generation, millennial as we like to call them and it’s already existent clients who have experienced swaying by banks, offering better perks and services such as the PayPal Holdings Inc.

AmEx has lost essential and loyal clients such as Chris Burch, who is the founder of Burch Creative Capital which deals with branding and contains portfolios of ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon 9 and Nihiwatu; just to name a few. In addition to this, Chris Burch made the Forbes list of the Wealthiest American in 2014.

He confessed that he has been using AmEx since 1979. The loss of such clients by AmEx was just one of the blows as Costco Wholesale Corp and JetBlue Airways Corp also left the roster that provided perks to AmEx clients in 2015.

Among the reasons that Chris Burch left AmEx was that the company was unable to save him tables at several high-end New York City restaurants and hotel upgrades ceased to exist. Once his employees suggested that he move to Sapphire Reserve Card, he did so immediately, and since then he has never looked back.

Chris Burch is an investor in numerous industries such as hospitality, technology, and real estate. Hop over to burchcreativecapital.com to read more of the diversity of his business investments.  He is famous for renovating Nihiwatu, a luxury resort on the Indonesian Island of Sumba and in the development of luxury homes in Nantucket, Palm Beach, Florida, and South Hampton.  Check architecturaldigest.com for a related article.   Similarly, he is well-known for being the co-founder of Tory Burch, a luxury fashion brand.  More to read on bjtonline.com.

The current CEO of American Express, Mr. Kenneth Chennault, promises that AmEx is just going through a rough stretch and that someone is trying to plummet it down the drain. He encourages current and prospective clients that the company will rise again, bigger and better. Well, we cannot wait to see what AmEx has in store for us.  A note-worthy article here.

More of the billionaire’s view on business related matters here https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/222766