OSI Industries; Becoming a Top Food Company

OSI Group is a meat processing firm that is found in Aurora, Illinois. The firm was founded by a German Immigrant, Otto Kolschowski, in the year 1909. At the time, it was just a neighborhood meet market that had a reputation for offering high-quality meat. The company grew fast when it began to supply McDonald’s franchise with meat patties. The firm now has more than 20,000 employees and has branches in various countries. They provide meat patties, fish, poultry, hot dogs, pizza, and vegetable products to the firms that are involved in the food service. It has been listed as number 58 in America’s most significant private firms by Forbes.

Being among the top 100 food companies in America was not just by chance. The firm has a reputation for providing high-quality meat products. This firm is grounded on the principle of putting their consumers first. They also use teamwork and innovative ideas to deal with the challenges that they face every day. They have a quality team, and all the workers understand that they are part of a more prominent group. Each of these employees is encouraged to use their skills and is offered equal opportunities. Every member of the employment of OSI Industries is treated as a member of the family.

OSI Industries continues to grow and expand. The firm announced in 2016, on their acquisition of Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is an established food service supplier in the UK. They did not disclose the amount of this transaction. This acquisition has enabled OSI Industries to increase the presence they have in Europe. The products and brands that Flagship Europe has also complement the processing strengths that OSI Group currently has. The company will even manage to serve the evolving needs best that their clients have.

In addition to this, OSI Industries has acquired BAHO Foods and Tyson Food Plant. Doing this has helped the firm to expand to new domestic and foreign markets. They are also able to offer additional and better employment opportunities in various areas. OSI Group now has more than 65 facilities that are found in 17 countries across the globe. Apart from the facilities that are around the world, the company also has several plants in the United States. Some of these plants are located in Oakland, California, Fort Atkinson, Chicago, West Jordan, Geneva, and Utah. The firm produces co-pack brands and private label foods at these facilities.

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Herman Law, Advocacy, and a new era for abuse survivors

Actor Corey Feldman, and volleyball star Sarah Powers-Barnhard, have now joined the push on Republicans to support a Democrat sponsored bill in the senate to pass the Child Victims Act. This act, will look to give more support and legal action to those affected by child abuse or rape. It was created by Manhattan Democrat Brad Hoylman, will look to allow a one year window for time barred civil action lawsuits for up to fifty years. The current law has some flaws, as if someone accuses someone of sexual abuse, they only have fire years to bring the case to court. The plaintiff also must be over 18, so they only have a window from 18-23 to bring the case. This current law allows for predators to at times get away if the victim doesn’t report the crime within the window. A coalition called “The New Yorkers Against hidden predators” is gaining speed, but needs full republican support. However, there is hope this will be possible, as a current Quinnipiac polls shows that over 90% of New Yorkers support it.
One of the key figures in the push for new legislation, and support for victims, is Jeff Herman, founder and partner of Herman Law. Jeff is a nationally recognized attorney that has built a career of twenty five years representing over one thousand people in cases of rape and sexual abuse. In 2011, he began to appear on CNN and FOX after a landmark one hundred million dollar case in which he prosecuted a Catholic priest who was accused of abusing his son. Other than just his case, he has represented clients of all ages, and is described as being aggressive and tireless. Having a good understanding of rape cases, he has been trained in forensic interviewing that has helped to minimize trauma and anxiety in victims. Feeling that advocacy is a key to solving the problem, his firm supports bills such as the one that has been pushed in New York as it adds accountability and a voice to those that do not have one.
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