Shervin Pishevar’s 2-Hour Financial Tweet Prediction Seems To Be Taking Shape

When the stock market took a nosedive in early October, Shervin Pishevar 21-hour tweetstorm didn’t seem as strange as it was a few months ago. Investors who follow Pishevar realized that the former CEO of Sherpa Capital wasn’t losing his mind. A sudden stock market drop of 800 points can rattle the nerves of any investor. Some investors thought Shervin Pishevar was angry when he tweeted the stock market would drop by 6,000 points in the coming months. He angrily left the investment company he founded at the end of 2017, and he fell off the radar until he surfaced via his now-famous tweet rant.

Shervin Pishevar is a force to reckon with in the investment industry. His track record for picking startups that turn into cash cows is impressive. Shervin didn’t hesitate when he found Uber. He quickly put $26 million into the new care service, and as everyone knows that venture capital deal paid off. When Airbnb came on the scene, Shervin Pishevar was at the front of the investment line with millions to invest. Pishevar’s list of profitable investments made him a superstar in Silicon Valley. But during that famous tweetstorm, Shervin Pishevar threw Silicon Valley a curveball. Pishevar told investors that his pals in Silicon Valley weren’t as sharp as they were ten years. Shervin thinks the Valley is on the way down in terms of being the startup capital of the world.

Mr. Pishevar also gave the bond market bad reviews during his tweeting extravaganza. The bond market won’t save investors when the big stock market crash materializes, according to Shervin Pishevar. That recent blink-of-an-eye 800-point drop was enough to make any investor reread Pishevar’s tweets. Now that the Feds are raising interest rates, and the stock market is acting like a giant roller-coaster, bond investors are looking for alternative investments. Gold seems to be the best choice. Pishevar tweet about the stability of gold prices gave investors a viable alternative.

The stock market came back from that 800-point drop, but investors now know Pishevar’s tweetstorm is no joke. More investors think the market will adjust itself in 2019 thanks to Pishevar’s tweetstorm.

Dallas’s Doctor of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is responsible for the safety of the company. Dr. Jejurikar is a partner at the Dallas plastic surgical institution and specializes in beauty treatments on the bodies, breasts and faces. In addition to the provision of cosmetic treatments on his patients, Dr. Jejurikar enjoys working to return to the less fortunate.

Dr. Jejurikar is a member of the film institution in the field of plastics operated by the company, which consists of 12 surgical surgeons. He is a certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast, body, and face surgery.

Dr. Jejurikar then trained in pre-operation and plastics operation at the University of Michigan for around 8 years, before he moved to New York for an Aesthetic operation of the fellowship, he received double certificates from both Manhattan’s Eye, Ear and Throat, the hospital of the city; NYU. After three years, he recognized his willingness to conduct his own training and, as such, he joined the Dallas Plastic surgical institution.

Sameer Jejurikar, MD, is a great name in the plastic surgery of Dallas – and for a good reason. In cosmetic surgery, it is particularly noticeable in the number of non-invasive procedures that we can provide to the patient, he says.

Dr. Jejurikar is working to address the risks of multi-functional Gluteal Fat transplant, a group of certified plastic surgeons working together with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to ensure that the Brazilian buttock lifting operation is safer.

In cosmetic surgery, a series of other specialties began to infringe upon procedures traditionally performed only by plastic surgeons. When he does not attend a workshop on security in cosmetic surgical procedures, Dr. Jejurikar finds time for medical travel abroad. That’s why when he doesn’t work, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is enjoying the most important moments with his household. He has been recognized for his work in the field of plastics, even the patient’s choice of a Compassionate Doctor’s Certificate.

Upwork Has Stepped Into The Light

Upwork is an online organization that allows companies and individuals to find freelancers for a variety of jobs. One of the most fluent jobs on Upwork is writing jobs, but there are also jobs for music, digital design, arts and crafts, and so much more. This organization began in 2014 with just a couple hundred jobs available. Today, there are a couple hundred jobs available every single hour.

Out of all the money that is disbursed to writers, which is approximately one-billion a year, Upwork receives approximately 10-15% of it. Upwork does not wish to take any more money than that because they want this online platform to be all about people and their families. Instead of writers and creative designers using Upwork to make an extra $300 a month, Upwork hopes these creative individuals will one day be able to make Upwork a full-time job. This is why Upwork wants employers on using their services to pay more to creative individuals, pay more frequently, and make it easier in general to receive payment.

Upwork has recently gone from being a private company to a public company because they have just released an IPO. This IPO offers stock in Upwork for approximately $11 a share. Upwork is offering about fifteen million dollars of their business as a stock that can be purchased, but this number is expected to reach sixty million or higher in the next 24 months. There are companies that have already paid over thirty million dollars to Upwork in anticipation of their IPO growing in the very near future.

Whether you are an employer or a creative professional, you can become a member of Upwork today by going to the main website and filling out an application. It is possible that you will be up and running in as little as a few hours, at the most 24 hours.

Waiakea Water Is From A Volcano

There is a myth that the Western countries have great water, and that people don’t get sick from drinking the water. Countries like Mexico have a reputation for having “bad water” that makes people diarrhea themselves. This isn’t going to happen to you in America, but in some locales the water will give you cancer over the course of many years. If people get cancer from water, one must beg the question of whether the water is really that great. The low quality doesn’t immediately show up in the form of a sickness that eventually passes; it shows up in the long term as terminal illness.

The tainting of water is the result of many different phenomena. For example, pollution from dumping is a frequent reason for why water becomes dirty. Dumping is sometimes done legally, though it is also done illegally and under the radar. Sometimes, there are accidental leaks of chemicals and poisonous substances from factories and laboratories. Water can also be toxic from chemicals that leach out of water pipes into water. This is common with lead pipes

For how much the water is hyped in the Western world, people should not be getting cancer. There is a question of where the water is clean and where it isn’t clean. It is quite unfortunate that not every water source is pure, anymore. Before you live anywhere, you have to do your research about the land and whether or not the place is polluted.

If there is a pure water source, it is the water source that Waiakea water gets its water from. The water it taken from property in Hawaii. The water is made special by the fact that it is run through the soils and rocks of Mona Lua, a volcano. The water goes through a natural process of alkalinization as it is exposed to the rocks. It is unbelievable how nature can be so great as to provide water like this.

Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Record High Performance As InnovaCare Health Grows Its Client Base To 200,000

When Rick Shinto joined InnovaCare Health in 2012, Penelope Kokkinides had worked for the company but was engaged with other businesses. She however joined Rick three years later, when she renewed here contract to work for the company for the second time. The duo has proved to be what the company needed to achieve its goals. Although they serve in different capacities, Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are the company’s backbone.




Rick Shinto




As a young and vibrant medical practitioner, Rick Shinto started his career as an internist and pulmonologist. This entry job was an opener for Rick in Southern California. Later on, Rick Shinto worked in various healthcare and medical facilities where he held different positions of oversight. Check out





Rick brought changes in several of the facilities he worked for. Some of the healthcare service providers he worked for prior to his joining InnovaCare Health include Cal Optical Health Plan, which gave Mr. Shinto a chance to serve as the company’s Senior Medical Officer, MedPartners, where Rick served as the company’s Vice President responsible for medical management, and Pathways Management Company where Rick was CMO and Operations Manager. He later worked at NAMM, California in the same capacity. He also worked with NAMM, California for some time. Rick Shinto joined Aveta Inc. four years before joining InnovaCare Health. He joined Aveta Inc. as a management staff. However, after staying for close to 24 months, Rick Shinto was named Aveta Inc’s Chief Executive Officer, the position he held for another two years before the company was sold in 2012.




After the company was sold, Rick Shinto to joined InnovaCare Health. A few months after joining InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto was named the 2012 Entrepreneur of The Year. The award was to appreciate his effort to come up with practical innovations in the healthcare sector. Hithertoo, Rick Shinto is the President of the Health Management sector at InnovaCare Health.




The other person is Penelope Kokkinides. This is her second time to work with the healthcare company. Ms. Kokkinides has a 20-year experience in the health industry focusing on the coming up of working clinical programs. When she first joined InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides served as the Chief Operating Officer. For now, she holds a different position. Penelope Kokkinides is now InnovaCare Health’s Chief Administrative Officer. Before joining InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides worked at UnitedHealth, Centerlight HealthCare, Touchstone Health, and AmeriChoice among other companies where she held different positions. With their help, InnovaCare Health continues to serve its growing number of subscribers who have now hit 200,000. You can visit their Facebook page.


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Shervin Pishevar says competition for Amazon HQ illustrates toxic levels of power for tech giants

Shervin Pishevar is one of the most respected figures in the world of tech finance. He has also emerged over the last few years as one of the most outspoken critics of tech monopolies in the United States. Shervin Pishevar has repeatedly warned that the U.S. tech monopolies are rapidly approaching the point where they are eclipsing the power of any monopolies that have come before them. Pishevar says that when companies such as Standard Oil, U.S. Steel and Ma Bell threatened the stability of the nation’s economy through their iron grip over critical infrastructure, they were broken up by the government. Now, Shervin Pishevar warns that the government itself may be so thoroughly captured by the monopolies that it may be losing its power to act. This, he says, could ultimately lead to economic disaster.

Amazon: private profits and public costs

Shervin Pishevar points out that anyone who still harbors doubts as to the extreme power that some of the tech monopolies currently wield over the nation should turn to the example of Amazon. As its recent competition to see where it would locate its second headquarters has roundly illustrated, local and state governments from coast to coast are willing to write into law deep and special exemptions just for the opportunity to have the tech giant grace their landscapes.

But it isn’t just the company’s ability to effectively dodge taxes by simply telling states that they have to pay to play with the firm. Amazon’s entire business model, says Shervin Pishevar, has been built around its ability to use the highly subsidized U.S postal system. Pishevar says that the U.S. Post Office, from a business perspective, is an intractable disaster. The Post Office loses billions upon billions of dollars each year. That is how it’s able to deliver packages and letters so cheaply. But without that ability to have taxpayer-subsidized cheap and effective delivery methods, Amazon probably wouldn’t even exist.

Shervin Pishevar says that Amazon not only doesn’t have to reimburse the post office, it is now dodging the majority of its taxes through antics like its corporate HQ bidding competition.