Adam Milstein Included In Prestigious Anthology

It is being called the most comprehensive Zionist collection ever published. The volume is titled, “The Zionist ideas: Visions for the Jewish Homeland.” It includes the names of more than 170 Jewish people who have shown extraordinary vision and leadership. Included among those elite 170 names is Adam Milstein.

Mr. Milstein is an Israeli-born American who immigrated to the U.S. in 1981. He launched a successful career in real estate development and investment based in California. He achieved enormous success and used the resulting personal financial resources he gained to give back to the people and nation he loves.

In the new publication, Adam Milstein offers an essay called, “Israeliness Is The Answer.” The piece was originally published in the Jerusalem Post. In it, he observes that too many young people have come disconnected from their Jewish faith. He said that the future of israel and all people of Jewish heritage is to get back to their roots.

As part of that effort, Adam Milstein supports a program called Birthright. This takes young American Jews on a 10-day trip to Israel so that they can absorb the culture of the Jewish Homeland in a personal way. It imparts what Adam Milstein calls “Israeliness” — a solid connection to their identity and a sense of importance in their place in the world.

Milstein was born in Haifa in 1952. Both his parents were early immigrants to the newly minted Jewish state in 1948. Adam Milstein grew to manhood and was conscripted into the Israeli Defence Forces at age 19. That was just in time for him to serve in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and experience which had a lasting effect on the young Milstein.

After coming to America with his wife, Gila, in the early 1980s, Adam Milstein never forgot about his land of origin. For Milstein, his identity as a Jew and Israeli have been the prime foundational elements of his entire life.

In addition to co-founding the Israeli-American Council, Milstein also established a private foundation, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, to provide aide and support to people of Israeli-Jewish heritage.

The Incredible Madison Street Capital Deal

Madison Street Capital (MSC) is a banking firm that deals with international investments. Recently, the company acted as Sachs Capital Group’s advisor on its RMG networks take-private transaction. MSC was responsible for identifying capital sources- Virgo Capital and Merion Investment Partners. It also guided Sachs Capital Group (SCG) throughout the buy.


Talking about SCG’s take over, Madison Street Capital’s CEO, Charles Botchway stated that Barry Petersen was the team leader. Barry is Madison’s Senior Managing Director. On his part, Gregory H. Sachs (Sachs Capital CEO), expressed joy after the transaction closed. He credited MSC for its relationships, efforts, and guidance, which made the deal a success.


Barry Petersen is happy to have completed a deal he termed as interesting. It was because SCG was purchasing a well-positioned firm. RMG networks provide over 50% of Fortune 100 with digital signage media software, hardware, and services. The company is capitalizing its owner’s growth opportunity. It recently launched a cloud-based corporate communication platform and digital signage.


The Fate of RMG


As a result of the transaction, RMG was de-registered from the NASDAQ Stock Exchange on 28th September 2018. Consequently, stockholders received cash at $1.29 per share. RMG will now privately continue to help businesses increase efficiency, productivity, and engagement. The company provides a single point of accountability for real-time performance management and integrated data visualization. It does this by combining best-in-class hardware, software, services, and business applications.


Sachs Capital Group


Sachs Capital provides flexible, non-controlling, controlling capital to successful entrepreneurs. Its investment philosophy focuses on long-term capital appreciation with controlled financial/ operating risk. Sachs Capital Group offers proper corporate governance, superior management, and business fundamentals.


About Madison Street Capital


It is evident that Sachs Group was right to bank on the Madison Street Capital reputation. MSC has experience in corporate financial advisory services, acquisition/ merger expertise, valuation services, and economic opinions. It offers such services to private and privately held businesses. The firm commits to excellence, integrity, service, and leadership in every transaction. MSC positions clients to succeed at the global market level.



When undertaking new projects, Madison Street takes over its client’s objectives and goals. It is vital for achieving prosperous capital raises, transfers of ownership, or M&A transactions. The company views emerging markets core to their client’s global growth. It thus focuses significant assets on such markets.



Madison Street Capital has its base in Chicago, IL. The firm has offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. The company has assisted clients from various industries. It has seasoned professionals who provide precise recommendations and careful analysis. Madison Street and its professionals have earned many accolades. The latest is the M&A Advisor Award and Deal of the Year in 2018 Professional Service.


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Cloudwick now manages more than 50,000 Big Data clusters on AWS

The concept of data lakes still generates many looks of puzzlement and even some of skepticism among IT specialists within the corporate world. But make no mistake: Data lakes are the future of data storage and analytics.

While it is true that data lakes have had some hiccups in their development, the technology is rapidly maturing. Many of the initial claims that data lakes could not actually solve the full class of problems that was claimed for them as being theoretically possible are now being fully addressed by the extensions of software systems like Hadoop. And there are now a number of individual firms throughout the country that have amassed an impressive track record of using data lakes to dramatically lower costs while increasing, a thousand-fold, the knowledge discovery capabilities of a wide cross section of businesses.

Cloudwick is leading the way in the implementation of data lakes

And one name stands above all others in the implementation of data lakes for the corporate intelligence mission. Cloudwick is one of the only firms that possesses both an Advanced Consulting Partner and a Big Data Competency certification with Amazon’s AWS for data lake services. This once-speculative area of computer science and Big Data management is rapidly becoming the go-to means for corporations across many industries to optimize their business intelligence programs. And Cloudwick is leading the way.

Cloudwick currently manages more than 50,000 Big Data clusters on Amazon’s AWS service. And this extremely high volume of work has allowed Cloudwick to develop a rock-solid 3-step protocol for the migration of corporate data from legacy systems to a cloud-based data lake apparatus.

Cloudwick has largely eliminated the kinks and shortcomings that were once associated with going to data lake storage. Now, all of the benefits of this novel data structure, including the ability to rapidly store data, the ability to expand the domain of business intelligence by many orders of magnitude and the ability to run sophisticated machine learning systems over the top of these data sets with performance that is increased by a factor of thousands of times, are available to businesses across the nation.

An Abridged Version on the Company History of Neurocore

This piece will attempt to condense fourteen years into a few short paragraphs explaining the highlights that have occurred fleshing out the rich history that is the Neurocore company. The story begins when the Miami company opened its doors during the year 2004. Their idea? Biofeedback, particularly Neurofeedback using EEG’s and other tools, is not pseudoscience from the early 20th century. The mind really can be taught new tricks, and it really has things to tell us that we might not be consciously aware of! Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

To date, Neurocore has a total of eight clinics in both Florida and Michigan. These clinics are referred to as, “Brain Performance Training Centers,” and people from all over the entire globe (including famous ones) come to these centers to receive neurofeedback programs that can assist a wide spectrum of potential struggles. Allow us to briefly explain the process.

EEG’s are electrical activity graphs of the human brain in action. The feedback clinics study such materials to know what is happening within the brain of their clients at any given moment. The information is then used to develop a program for these clients. Say you had trouble quitting smoking, Neurocore will study what parts of your brain react to cigarettes and how to interact with these parts. The company gives it’s clients the tools to reprogram their own brains. Sometimes breathing exercises or mental images are used. The idea is to help a patient understand the thought process that steals control away from their conscious mind and to resecure it. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

This technology being proven to work around the world might puzzle some, but it makes sense. It’s almost like medical science married the world’s greatest self-help book! This is how, in under two decades, Neurocore was able to grow from it’s initial Florida location into the eight clinics that exist around Florida and the state of Michigan today.

Those that are curious about neurofeedback, or biofeedback in general, should look further into the subject. A lot of athletes and other celebrities flock to these eight clinics in an attempt to correct thought pattern issues that are negatively effecting their lives.


Stream Cares Foundation: Stream Energy Gives Back to Communities

Stream Energy has launched the Stream Cares Foundation, the official corporate philanthropy arm of the company. Through this new foundation, they will continue their partnership with local charities to give back to the communities in which they work.

The philanthropic actions of Stream Energy did not begin with the Stream Cares Foundation. The company has had long-term relationships with charities such as the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity already in place for over 12 years. The energy company is part of a model of giving by corporate America which has given over $18 billion in 2016. That doesn’t include sponsorships or efforts by individual employees, either.

The causes they support are many in number, including tackling homelessness in the Dallas area. This effort was in response to the unfortunate 24% increase in the numbers of homeless in the area. Hope Supply Co. is a partner with Stream Energy to give back and try to help the children of the area which are homeless. The two organizations put on an annual Splash for Hope at a local water park.

Stream Energy also wants to give back to those who have served their country with Operation Once in a Lifetime. The effort lends not just a financial support to area veterans and their families, but a moral one as well, donating transportation to take families out to a local favorite restaurant.

The Amerian Girl Doll Experience is for daughters of members of the military. Stream Energy pays for all the expenses as 10 girls are provided lunch at the American Girl Cafe.

The care that Stream Energy provides is not limited to the Dallas area. Hurricane Harvey brought disaster to Houston, dumping over 56 inches of rain. The Stream Cares Foundation provided funding, along with other area companies, to help ease the suffering after the disaster.