Ann Scango on Motherhood and Art

Ann Scango is a visual artist and sculptor based out of Austin, TX. She uses polyurethane foam and found objects in molding and collage techniques to create 3D pieces. Her aim is to capture the link between human and nature. These pieces are reflected in her business venture the Scango Collection. Scango is the founder and curator of the Scango Collection which focuses on empowering female artists by supporting their work. She buys from both established female artists as well as relatively unknown artists. In this collection Scango is able to combine her many passions and help support the people and causes that matter to her.

In her article Motherhood and Art Scango explores one of the things that drives her creativity, motherhood. Scango points out that motherhood has been an important motif in art throughout history. From classical depictions of the Virgin Mary with her baby Jesus to modern new born photography, motherhood has been depicted in art through time. In her article Scango explores the different facets of motherhood through art.

Ann Scango begins by looking at the pain that motherhood can bring in her exploration of the similarities between Käthe Kollwitz’s sketch, Frau mit Totem Kind and Michelangelo Buonarroti’s Pieta. She then looks at the excitement and vigor that motherhood can bring to a woman in her breakdown of Alice Neel’s Nancy and Olivia. Finally, she explores the physical changes that motherhood brings with her critique of Senga Nengudi’s R.S.V.P. Her article brings to light the different ways that motherhood is portrayed in art throughout time. She sums it all up in the conclusion of her article, “the female portrayal of motherhood in art is something so vivid, emotional and at times surreal that the only way to appreciate such pieces are by understanding what it takes to be a mother in the first place.”

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