Athleisure Fashions Are Increasing In Popularity

If you’re a fan of casual style, but still want to look polished from time to time, athleisure is likely a fashion trend you’ll want to follow. A number of clothing companies are debuting pieces that are made of comfortable material, but are appropriate for a day at the office of a night out with friends.

Actress Kate Hudson has recently added the titles businesswoman and clothing designer to her name, and she’s on board with the athleisure trend as well. She’s the co-founder, spokesperson and model for Fabletics, which offers workout wear for women. Fabletics is also offering athleisure wear, so you’ll feel completely at ease when you’re out for a dressy event.

Hudson states that the dresses are ideal for active women who have busy schedules who often have to attend after-work events. She even shares that the dresses in the athleisure line are great for date night. After all, everyone likes to feel comfortable on a date without having to worry about their clothes not fitting properly.

While the dresses are exactly for working out, they are made from the same material as Fabletic’s workout gear. So, you’ll feel a little more at ease if you have a walk a few blocks to hail a cab. The best part about the athleisure dresses is that Spanx or form-fitting undergarments are not required.

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