Bernardo Chua Does Great Things With OrganoGold

Bernardo Chua is someone that I have started to idolize when it comes to entrepreneurship. He has managed to create a brand that people cannot seem to get enough of. There are tons of people that are talking about OrganoGold and just how good this brand is. This is also because of the power of the marketing plan that Bernardo Chua has put forth.

I think that quality speaks and Bernardo Chua chose to use the best quality from the start. That would be the thing that would make his brand stand out. Chua always knew that it would be important to reach a global audience. I can tell that he was thinking big when he decided to put this OrganoGold plan into motion. He could have used traditional forms of advertising and spent millions of dollars, but he didn’t have to. It would be rather easy for him to thrive through network marketing. There was a good chance that people would sing the praises of this coffee and spread the word. Chua believed in his brand that much.

I think that he was making a good decision to build his brand up. He would market to American audiences. He would also build his network in Canada. Chua would win awards for his efforts and continue to build the OrganoGold brand. It is more than coffee right now. It is true that coffee is still the core of the product line, but I have been able to buy OrganoGold tea and skin care products. I think that this was an interesting turn for the brand, but this proves that Bernardo Chua has the power to market well.

I am sure that there is not another brand around that has transitioned from coffee and tea to skin care products and toothpaste. In my opinion this shows some serious ambition from Bernardo Chua. He is the type of guy that has managed to build a brand that you can use for many different aspects of your life. The surprising thing is that he continues to research new ways to improve his products.  Be sure to follow Bernardo on Facebook, as well his Twitter where he goes by the name Bernie.