Fabletics Brings More Stores to Acquire New Customers

The Fabletics brand is powerful. A lot of people love this athleisure clothing because it gives them the ability to work out and do things outside of the gym. There are a lot of people that are interested in Fabletics because this has allowed them to get in shape and look good doing it.

That is the ultimate focus here. Fabletics is a brand of athleisure where the women are working out because this is stylish clothing. They have a lot of choices, and some people actually let Fabletics make the choices by choosing the subscription services. This is all part of the way that this brand has managed to build a greater presence in the workout gear industry. It also doesn’t hurt of have actress Kate Hudson on board to bring in a certain amount of star power. She is the final touch that makes the brand interesting. There are millions of people that know about Fabletics because of Kate Hudson. Still, there are millions of people that have never heard of Fabletics. Millions have never seen any television ad or print ad about this company. That is why the openings of 100 stores is so exciting.

Racked is the website that has put Fabletics on display. This has become the company that has been able to get enough revenue in place to start on a project that will result in 100 stores over the next 5 years. This is an amazing accomplishment for a business that did not even exist a decade ago. That is just how powerful Fabletics has become. This is the type of business that is going to grow because it is designed with many different aspects to cater to many different people.

The opening of the new stores marks another creative step in marketing that business leaders may have overlooked. It is important to have a company in place that will be able to market to new customers even if the customers do not shop online. That is what makes the Fabletics brand work. The business owners here know that the Internet could not hold the amount of growth that this company would have. There had to be an alternative plan. The opening of all these new stores was it. This would be the thing that would make consumers take interest in Fabletics. It would be the key to bringing in new customers offline.

Kate Hudson has been doing a great job as the face of the brand. She has managed to put lots of thought into developing this brand. There is an activewear line on fabletics.ca and a plethora of clothes for working out. Hudson has even work awards for her hard work with Fabletics.