Aloha Construction Appriciated for Displaying Ehtical Practices

The Better Business Bureau(BBB) strives to encourage businesses to uphold ethics and increase their participation in the community. It does this by honoring businesses that demonstrate honesty and offer quality services with the Torch Award. A team of judges vet nominated companies and decide on a winner. In 2017, Aloha Construction was honored with the BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

The roofing company based in Lake Zurich Illinois was founded in 2008 by Dave Farbaky who is the CEO to provide high standard roofing, siding, and gutter repair services at affordable prices. The firm’s mission is to aim for accountability and responsibility in each job, and since its establishment, Aloha Construction has completed 20,000 roofing jobs for the residents of Illinois. The company is passionate about the community, and this is among the reasons why the BBB awarded it.

Aloha Construction satisfied the six criteria used for evaluation by the BBB to win the Torch Award. The firm values their customers and holds them in high esteem. The BBB awarded them for demonstrating high practices such as providing free roof checks for clients each year. Apart from this, the roofing company also offers a 10-year warranty for their clients which shows how much they care about their customers.

Another reason BBB recognized Aloha Construction is their commitment to upholding ethical human resource practices like supporting and valuing their employees. The company awards the top performing employees and their families with an all-expense holiday to Hawaii. They also strive to offer stability to their employees through long-term employment. The CEO, Farbaky considers his employees to be his family.

Aloha Construction’s dedication to giving back to the community also earned them the BBB award. The company has been involved in several charity projects through its charitable division. For Instance, the firm gifted a local kid suffering from congenital heart condition with a VIP ticket to watch the Bulls play against the Houston Rockets with his 11 friends. Additionally, they gifted a needy family with a free toy shopping spree. There are many more incidents which the company has demonstrated its generosity and love for the community.

Aloha Construction Creating More Jobs And Shining In The Construction IndustryIn many sectors, job growth has decreased. The only sector that seems to be surviving this strong tide is construction. According to US bureau, construction has reported new job

In many sectors, job growth has decreased. The only sector that seems to be surviving this strong tide is construction. According to US bureau, construction has reported new jobs. The construction sector is growing courtesy of the residential sector. The construction industry is usually busy throughout the year. Due to its increased demand, more labor force is been recruited. Aloha construction is one of those excelling construction companies.

The Aloha construction company, based in Lake Zurich is a family business. The company is made up of dedicated contractors who are always committed to delivering the best. Up to date, Aloha Construction has delivered over 18000 projects in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. If you intend to work with Aloha contractors, they will first do a free inspection of your home to know exactly the finer details of your work.

Aloha Construction Company has different specialist ranging from engineers, supervisor, managers, and installers to office staff. Some of the construction work that they undertake is roofing. They have trusted roofers who do local roofing and siding. They also undertake flashing and attic ventilation and repairing damaged shingles. They all render their services to meet client expectations. They also install gutter for tapping water. Some of the projects that they work with is fascia and soffit.

Once Aloha construction contractors start your work, they will finish it on time. They have matched the highest bar of delivering quality work. They engage the client in every step to ensure that they are delivering what he/she wanted. They are also very fast at responding to client’s reactions. The company has grown the job market by offering employment to many Americans. According to Hi Tech Chronicle, the construction industry generated more jobs than any other sector in July 2017. More home owners are increasing hence the increased demand for housing.

Aloha Construction Shines a Light to the Construction Industry

Vast predicaments have been facing the construction industry. One of the main challenges that have been facing the construction industry of the US in 2017 was the government transition period. This transition led to a drop in the number of jobs. The jobs cratered in 2017 were only a third of what was created in the previous year. This mainly occurs as a result of the uncertainty that comes with political change. Many companies, including Aloha Construction, faced a slow period in terms of work during this recess period.

There is unskilled labor, which continues to be a major problem for quite a number of construction companies. The jobs in construction, apart from the engineering bit of it, are considered not worthy; hence, the personnel involved do not really yearn to acquire the relevant skills. This is not the case at Aloha Construction where every employee is certified and their expertise level is at optimum.

Aloha Construction Company, based in Zurich, Illinois, has taken up roofing as their specialization. Specialization helps a company in mastering its craft and developing itself. They have contractors who are well versed with different types of roofing. Aloha Construction also offers siding works, gutter works and downspout system solutions where experts are involved. They capitalize on what other construction companies tend to sideline.

Many turn to the Aloha Construction Company for assistance, which is proved by their numbers. Their lake Zurich site has completed more than 17000 projects. Other than the precision in their work, Aloha Construction has its services also extend to its clients in various ways. They give tips on how to keep pets safe when renovating a home. Proficiency is what the company stands for. For a company that has more than 10 years of experience, where else to turn to other than Aloha Construction.