Todd Lubar- The President at TDL Global Ventures

Todd Lubar is a renowned business person in the real estate sector. He first set foot in the property market in the year 1995. With time, it came to Todd Lubar that the real estate business was somewhat a passion for him. He decided to explore the limits of his passion and made the real estate business his long life career. Before venturing into the real estate business, he had a working history.

As always, everyone starts from somewhere, and afterward, one can climb the ladder of success having gained some experience. As a freshman in the business field and employment, Todd Lubar first worked with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. During his working period with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Todd Lubar was able to gain knowledge about traditional Mortgage banking. The knowledge he gained at the Mortgage Corporation would come a long way in being of great assistance in future. During his working period at the Mortgage Corporation, Todd Lubar was able to interact with various individuals.

By gaining practical knowledge from his days as an employee, Todd Lubar was able to learn great skills in the area of investing. After establishing TDL Global Ventures in the year 1995, he went ahead and acquired equity in the Legacy Financial group. After buying the equity, Todd Lubar was able to increase his lending capabilities. Over the years, his business ventures grew more and more. Todd Lubar’s achievements were such as; launching Legendary Properties, LLC as well as Charter Funding in 2003. As an investor, Todd Lubar has been able to amass a vast sum of wealth over the years. See,

Furthermore, Todd is a family man. His home residence is in Bethesda Maryland. Todd has been blessed with two beautiful kids, and they live together in Bethesda. Also, as a family man, he finds pleasure in having some fun time with his children. He also enjoys traveling as one of his hobbies. His major goal in life is always to make a better person of himself as each day passes. As a result, he will be a source of value addition to everyone that he comes across.

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Jeffery Schneider is an ingenious Investment Guru and Philanthropist

Jeffery Schneider is a financial manager from Austin, Texas. He is knowledgeable in the fields of hedge funds, alternative investments, financial services, capital markets, and venture capital. Schneider’s interest lies in private equity, leadership, and finance.

Jeffery Schneider’s educational background

Schneider is a graduate of the prestigious University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he studied a Bachelor of Science degree. At the college, he majored in finance. His mastery of financial principles made him an expert in the field of economics.

Schneider’s work experience

Schneider began his career after graduating from college. As a newbie in the area of finance, he worked for various companies and gained experience. Additionally, Schneider offered financial assistance and built relationships with his clients. Schneider has worked for several financial institutions, including Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch. In 2002, Schneider got a job as a senior manager at Axiom Capital Management, a financial service company. He managed this company for two years and established a pool of loyal clients.

In 2004, he secured a job at Paradigm Global Advisors. While running activities at this firm, Schneider gained in-depth experience in alternative investment markets. His position as a financial manager provided him with an avenue to explore and understand financial management. Schneider was able to develop strong interpersonal relationships with his clients. In 2006, he established Alternative Investments. This move stirred up admiration from experts such as Marie Case, who considered Schneider as an investment genius. Three years later, he formed Ascendant Capital, LLC.

Schneider role at Ascendant Capital, LLC

Ascendant Capital became one of the most prominent investment firms in Texas. Schneider tailored this company to provide services such as hedge funds, real estate, and private equity. Schneider has hired over 30 employees since he established this company. His staff is comprised of fund managers, marketing specialist, sales executives, and a wide range of consultants. Ascendant Capital has managed to stand out and raise millions of dollars on behalf of its clients. This company works in collaboration with international markets, private banks, investment advisors, and various brokerage firms. Under Schneider leadership, this company has increased both its offline and online presence.

Schneider philanthropic acts

Jeffry Schneider is a common name in the circles of charitable giving. He volunteers at the Gazelle Foundation, a non- profit organization that run projects aimed at providing clean water to African countries such as Burundi. He also supports the Wonders and Worries, a program that helps children whose parents are terminally ill. This organization ensures that children excel in academics as well as enjoy school activities. Additionally, Schneider also assists Cherokee Home for Children, an organization that raises children by educating them about principles of Christianity and way of life.