Trabuco And The First Long Range War

Long range warfare is a fairly recent development in human history. Before things like the catapult or the Trabuco came into being, wars were fought with infantry (soldiers on foot), cavalry (soldiers on horseback), and chariots. Any long distance fighting which occurred still had to be done within the distance of a spear throw or an arched arrow path. As effective as these two methods were, it still did not allow for very long range warfare and both spears and arrows could be blocked with a thick enough blockade or with large enough shields.

What was needed was something larger, faster, and traveling further.

The Trabuco became the very essence of warfare before the medieval era, and inspired weaponry which lasted through the medieval age and long afterward. The Trabuco is a type of slingshot catapult, using a long leather sling and very long wooden pole on a completely circular axis, allowing the entire Trabuco to spin all of the way around at the end of the shot according to Fixed up with counterweights and wood balances, the Trabuco could be heavily armed with massively huge rocks, shot four times the distance of the longest arrow shots, and then reloaded very quickly.

The combination of the completely circular axle, the long swinging arm, and the ease of use for reloading made the Trabuco the mainstay for well armed defenses anywhere they were known about. Long range war could now be counted as feasible, but there was something more than this. Warfare success could now almost be calculated before fighting broke out. On, the leverage between one army have a Trabuco and the other army not having any was enough to foretell the winning of the war. This would still be true if there were two Trabucos versus one.

The Trabuco introduced long range warfare long before the first ballistic firearms were made, perfected, and used in personal hunting. This gave armies with the slingshot catapult such an advantage that it could be considered the guided drone missiles of the Middle Ages. This was truly the latest technology available at the time.

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