Hussain Sajwani- The Intellectual Investor

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most renown chief executive officers in the world of investments. This is indicated by the fact that he was able to secure the top place in the CEO Awards in 2017. Achieving the award shows that Hussain Sajwani outdoes the others in what he does. In addition to this award, he was also ranked number 11 out of a hundred CEOs in their regional.

Hussain Sajwani is the chief executive officer of DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties is well known in the region for developing luxurious real estate properties. Hussain Sajwani is a graduate of the University of Washington. The journey to his success began way back in the 1980s. He secured a position as a contracts manager in GASCO, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. After working in this firm for a short period, he decided to venture into his own business in 1982. This was a catering business.

This business has been able to grow into a big venture. Currently, the company is leading in the region in the section of catering. It has been expounded to more than two hundred projects across different localities. Also, the venture is serving more than fifteen thousand meals daily.

Hussain Sajwani is also a renown investor in the real estate market. During the 90’s he was able to develop hotels that would accommodate many business people that came to trade in the emirate. He later advanced this because he saw a gap that many people had not identified in the region. This led him to establish DAMAC properties in the year 2002. The DAMAC owner is the reason why the company has been able to reach the levels of success we see today.

The DAMAC owner has been able to engage in business with Donald Trump, current US president. In their business meetings, they have been able to discuss several ideas in line with investments. The two will have collaborations in doing projects.

The DAMAC owner is also a philanthropic person. This can be shown by the fact that he has been able to assist the disadvantaged children. He has also been involved in donations in many charitable organizations.

Hussain Sajwani and the Dubai of the Future

Today, Hussain Sajwani acts as the Founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties, which under his guidance, has blossomed into one of the foremost property development companies in the Middle East. A graduate of The University of Washington, where he majored in Economics and Industrial Engineering, Mr. Sajwani was able to transform his ideas into a flourishing real estate empire, as today, the company has been directly involved in the development of 17,000 properties in places such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Amman, Beirut, and London. His initial foray into the world of entrepreneurship began in 1982, with the creation of, what is today known as, Global Logistics Services – a catering company that serves meals to over 150,000 people each day. Today, he is listed as one of the most influential Arabs around the globe, and he recently sat down to discuss the processes that have kept him on such a successful run throughout his career.


The idea to create DAMAC Properties, which was launched in 2002, came from his time as a youth, in which he spent a number of his days helping his father at his family-run business. It was during this time, that Mr. Sajwani’s lifelong passion for real estate and entrepreneurship was created. During college, he was able to garner a significant amount of capital from selling time-share apartments – the proceeds of which he used to create Global Logistics Services. On the average, his day begins with meetings between him and his management team, during which time they discuss various aspects of the company’s operations. Throughout the day, he also meets with his business partners, using this time as an opportunity to network, but he also makes time for his family, which he insists, is the key to a balanced existence. He revealed that it is his ability to travel that keeps him abreast of the trends occurring around the world, which in turn, makes him more productive as an entrepreneur. In order to bring his ideas to life, he often focuses on the future, choosing to envision the infrastructure of Dubai, and how it will change over the course of the next twenty years.

Jed McCaleb – Making Life Better with Technology

Jed McCaleb is a prominent programmer in America and an expert in cryptocurrency. His leading part in the cryptocurrency industry is his establishment of Mt. Gox, the world’s pioneer in Bitcoin exchange. Jed is also a part of other start-up projects like eDonkey that features a network for decentralized peer-to-peer sharing of files along with a multisource download implementation. It was created by Sam Yagan and Jed himself.

Jed McCaleb started Stellar in 2014 after he saw some flaws in the globe’s financial system. He worked with Joyce Kim and co-founded Stellar Development Foundation where he is the CTO and Co-Founder. He heads the technical advancement of Stellar. Stellar is a universal financial system that is engaged in the increase of economic inclusion or participation. His responsibilities are two-fold – so when he is not engrossed in the technical building of Stellar or coding; he is busy answering emails and overseeing other things that are associated with managing a business.

The Stellar network obtains support from, which is a non-profit entity that links digital financial literacy and technology. Moreover, adds open source programs. Jed McCaleb spent much of his time in looking and thinking of new ways to use technology in solving the world’s problems.

In an interview, Jed said he got the Stellar idea when he saw and understood what Bitcoin was. He realized that there is further need to link the new digital currency to financial institutions. Thus, instead of generating a currency he opted to create an open source of the financial network that links financial institutions to each other – and that is where Stellar comes in.

If Jed is not busy supervising Stellar, he spends his time researching new happenings on Artificial Intelligence. He has faith that artificial intelligence (AI) will bring proper transformations that will make life simpler, which is why he is similarly participating in MIRI – a non-profit organization dedicated to crafting new implements that would ensure the safe utilization of AI.

Jed McCaleb concentrates on planning since he believes that failure will be imminent if you have the wrong objectives or goals in your preliminary moves.

History and Political Philanthropy of George Soros

George Soros is a self-made billionaire popular for being a strong supporter of the democrats in the political arena of the United States of America. The Hungarian native worked as a waiter and a railway porter while attending the London School of Economics. According to information found on Forbes, moved to New York and started his career in finance at the merchant banks. He is the founder of the Quantum Fund, which he established in 1969. He is a renowned heavy weight investor with his Fund Management Company valued at more than $30 billion.

Financial donations

George Soros’ generosity in political and liberal courses is well known and appreciated over the years. In the recent U.S general election he donated a staggering $25 million to boost the campaign of all democratic candidates, especially the then, nominated democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. According to reports on published on Politico, his support for Clinton made him more politically involved than any other election in the past years. According to his close associates and federal commission interviews with the democratic operatives, Soros had deep faith in Clinton’s ability to lead and plans to donate even more as the election nears. During his interviews in various media stations, Soros has never shied away from expressing constructional skepticism and criticism in Donald Trump’s capability to lead.

Fighting Negative Political Agendas

According to his political advisor, his donations has gone higher as compared to other years due to the hostility from the conservatives towards issues that settles dear to his heart such as reforms, religious tolerance, immigration laws, and criminal justices , and which he has worked so hard to ensure equality and fairness over the years. The conservatives’ agenda goes contrary to what Soros believes he has built and is fair, especially with the immigration laws. Consequently, he committed another $5 million, which went to a nonprofit organization that fights the conservative’s effort to restrict United States voters from voting their preferred candidates.

The group was run via a party by Clinton’s chief campaign lawyer and was under no obligation by the law to disclose its donors. The latter was important to George and every other democrat because their financial ability doesn’t get crippled by the laws that regulate financial campaign giving.George Soros willingness to donate selflessly to beat Trump was seen as a positive sign for Clinton. His massive giving catalyzed more giving from other wealthy democrat activists. He ensured other elite liberals stroke their big checks into the democratic finance circles. The effect of the cumulative mobilization worked well for Clinton’s political campaign pockets which gave her a great financial advantage over Trump’s financial committee. Consequent, it helped Clinton and her campaign team to create stronger humming campaign machine that dwarf that of Donald.


Erick Lefkofsky Technological Contribution in Battling Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a condition affecting many individuals worldwide. It cuts across regions, wealth status and medical advancement levels. Various treatments and interventions have been devised to fight the scourge. Unfortunately, no single method or entity has come up with specific treatment guideline. This gloomy scenario has resulted in more suffering and unnecessary fatalities. As of now, the medical fraternity cannot assure patients of complete breast cancer healing. But behind the scenes, Tempus, the cancer-fighting startup from Groupon founder Erick Lefkofsky is working hard to change this situation.

The drawbacks in treating breast cancer arise from the numerous presentations, mutations and personal backgrounds. To tackle the breast cancer menace, Tempus has come up with a strategy to capture data from patients in all health facilities dealing with cancer. In partnership with the University of Chicago, Tempus will analyze data from over 1,000 cancer patients. This statistics will assist doctors in creating personalized treatment for each patient.Diagnosis of Breast Cancer requires a paradigm that involves targeted therapeutics that exploits the immunological and molecular state of the tumor. Tempus primary focus is to collect and disseminate an acceptable model that doctors can use to match each patient’s molecular profile to their treatment.

To realize this noble idea, the Precision Promise trial, organized by the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) has tapped Tempus to use its disruptive technology in production and analysis of genomic and clinical data. By utilizing Tempus tools, thousands of breast cancer patients’ data will be collected and stored for clinical referencing. Physicians will use this technology in determining the molecular constitution of patient’s cells and focusing therapy on the genomic profile. This targeted treatment is expected to bring positive results to breast cancer patients.Erick Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus company. This technological company has created an operating system for collecting and preserving data from cancer patients. He graduated from the University of Michigan and received his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. Also, he is the co-founder and chairman of Groupon and Uptake technologies.Mr. Lefkofsky together with his wife Liz has established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The charitable organization is improving the welfare of people in targeted communities.

Why Lori Senecal is a Role Model for Women in Business

Lori Senecal’s appointment as CP+B’s global CEO in 2015 was seen as a major stride by the company towards ensuring that women hold senior corporate positions. At that time, it was a newly created position. Lori’s task was to oversee the company’s global business growth and expansion, overseeing operations at eight international offices. If recent developments at the firm are anything to go by, Lori has exceeded expectations by far.

Lori has distinguished herself not only for her business talent and transformational skills, but also her dedication towards streamlining business operations at CP+B. Her success at the firm is mainly attributed to the fact that she is a seasonal corporate executive and management specialist. Lori has particularly made a name for herself by being a pioneer in the incorporation of technology in business. She equally advocates for invention and innovation. Her appointment to the lucrative position not only highlights her prominence in the corporate world but also the company’s ambition.

Taking Stock of the Achievements

Looking back, Lori asserts that working at CP+B has been a fulfilling experience since it has given her the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals at the agency. This has helped her formulate growth strategies that have greatly benefitted the agency’s global growth plans. She looks forward to developing more strategic partnerships that will help CP+B become a more globally recognized brand.

Lori Senecal in Brief

Throughout her career, Senecal has played a prominent role in the creation of cutting-edge business strategies for blue chip brands such as BMW, Coca-Cola, and Nestle. At CP+B her corporate star has shone even brighter since she has helped strengthen the agency’s corporate culture. This has transformed CP+B into an agile, inventive, and collaborative agency which has the ability of meeting the mandates of its local and international clients. To achieve this, Lori alongside her team has mainly focused on identifying and nurturing talent.Lori’s success at CP+B saw her named among agency executives to watch in the advertising industry. Her stint at the agency has also coincided with its mention among creativity innovators of the year. Ms. Senecal has previously worked at McCann Erickson, a New York based agency, and Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal. Throughout her impressive career, she has received notable awards due to her immeasurable contribution towards the advertising industry. She has also served as the Isaac Awards’ jury chair. The awards honor invention within the advertising industry. Her success story makes her a role model for women in business.

Petrello Makes Life Better for Nabors Industries and Disabled Children

College brought out the best in Petrello, known as Tony to his friends and family, and he married his college sweetheart, Cynthia. Cynthia and Tony have a beautiful girl who has taught them a lot about not giving up. Born at twenty-four weeks, Carena only weighed twenty ounces. Having a lack of oxygen or blood flow to her brain, she developed periventricular leukemia which eventually turned into cerebral palsy. Pertrello and his wife enjoy seeing their daughter do things that we normally take for granted, like eat cereal for breakfast. Carena learned to do this at age seven. Seeing his daughter in the care of great doctors and nurses has allowed him to become a board member of Texas Children’s Hospital and donated five million dollars to the creation of Texas’ Children’s Neurological Research Foundation.

Once a scrawny public school graduate turned math protégé of Professor Serge Lang, Anthony Petrello graduated with a master’s degree in mathematics from Yale University. After graduation he decided to become a lawyer, moving his address to Harvard. In 1979 he became taxation, general corporate, and international arbitration lawyer for Baker and McKenzie Law Firm. Seven years later he became a managing partner for the firm before becoming the President and Chief Operations Officer to Nabors Industries in 1991.

Since obtaining the title of President in 1991, Petrello has changed job titles a few times. In 2011, he stepped down as COO but changed to their Chief Executive Officer. He already held the position of Nabors’ Deputy Chairman since 2003. In June 2012, he became Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee of the Board. No matter his title though, Anthony Petrello has been a vital part of Nabors Industries’ success as he provided strategic planning that has helped them become one of the most well-known in the business of oil drilling.

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Going From Lawyer to Businessman

Sam Tabar is an extremely intelligent and talented lawyer, but he is also an amazing financial worker. Breaking into both industries is extremely difficult, but Sam has managed to make a name for himself in just a few short years. While it may seem like his success happened overnight, Sam has put years of work into his brilliant career.

Sam’s career started when he attended Oxford University. He excelled throughout his time there and easily earned a place in Columbia Law School. Columbia is a very prestigious law school, and during his time there he was Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. He was heavily recruited after graduating from law school, and he ended up at Skadden, Arps, Flom LLO, an amazing law firm. He focused on hedge fund formation while at the firm, but he longed to join the business world. In 2004, Sam made the leap and joined the SPARX group.

Sam excelled at the SPARX group, eventually working his way up to Co-Head of Business Development. He worked on a wide variety of projects, and he had a positive impact on the firm as a whole. In 2011, Bank of America noticed his business acumen and hired him.

Sam was Head of Capital Strategy at Bank of America, and he was in charge of the Asia-Pacific region. He was very successful during his time there, building a rolodex of 1200 investment contacts. In 2013, he went back into law, when a prominent law firm in New York City hired him.

Tabar believed he would stay in the legal world forever after joining his most recent firm, but he received an offer he had to take. FullCycle Fund offered him a job, and he believed the company could take him to new heights. Sam quickly signed with the company.

Sam Tabar has had a brilliant career, and he is extremely happy to be with FullCycle Fund. He believes that his depth of knowledge in investments, law, and in Asia will help take the company to the next level. Sam believes that he will be with the company for years to come.

Diversant LLC Successfully Expands Firm by Acquiring Vircon

On August 1st, 2015, Diversant LLC closed an acquisition transaction for the purchase of Vircon, a technology solutions and staffing company in the San Francisco region. For nearly one year, Vircon has operated under Diversant, the largest African American owned IT Staffing Firm in the United States. According to Staffing Industry Analysts News (September 4, 2015), Vircon earns approximately $25 million in yearly revenue. Vircon has offices in California and North Carolina, which will definitely increase growth endeavors of John Goullet, Principle and Chairman of Diversant.

Mr. Goullet stated to Staffing Industry Analysts News that the Vircon acquisition empowers both companies to focus on expansion strategies in the IT staffing industry. The Diversant team welcomed senior associates with Vircon to join them in the mission of firm. Diversant was recently awarded the National Minority Supplier Development Council, and is now, certified as a minority business. The firm has demonstrated excellence of service and their ability to complete national contracts for top U.S. corporations.

In 1981, Goullet started a career in information technology staffing after graduating from Ursinus College. He worked in the technology staffing agency for 13 years before forming his own firm, Info Technologies, Inc. One of greatest union of entrepreneurs occurred when Information Tech merged with Diversant Inc. to establish Diversant LLC. Since the merger, the firm successful acquired Vircon and continues to pursue acquisition opportunities in the professional staffing industry.

Diversant LLC has definitely expanded nationally over the years after the Info Technologies merger. Offices has expanded to California, Georgia, Iowa, New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Texas. In February of this year, an office opened in Irving, TX to serve the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Goullet believes the Irving location will fill temporary, contract hire and direct hire information technology positions for companies in the metroplex.

Diversant LLC has received awards from organizations, including Black Enterprise, Diversity Business and Staffing Industry Analysts. The firm made no. 40 on the Black Enterprise Top 100 List and was presented with the Staffing Industry Analysts Largest African American Owned IT Staffing Firm in the U.S. Award, in 2014. Diversant also was named the Top 100 Diversity Owned Businesses in New Jersey and New York.

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How John Goullet Improves IT Services through DIVERSANT LLC

Highland Capital Management to Expand its Charitable Giving by Teaming Up with Linda Owen

Highland Capital Management co-founder James Dondero continues to expand his philanthropic pursuits by teaming up with Linda Owens, the president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. James Dondero wants to expand the base of his charitable giving program. The Dallas Foundation administers Highland’s charitable fund and Owen will serve as the manager.

Dondero and his Highland Capital Management firm support many causes throughout the Dallas area, including veteran’s causes and affordable health care. Some of the beneficiaries of the fund also include The Perot Museum of Nature, The George W. Bush Presidential Library, the American Heart Association and the Center for Brain Health. Dondero and his team also provide leadership roles and board service among the beneficiaries.

Mr. Dondero brings over 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets to the Dallas area. He helped found Highland Capital Management in 1993 and helped establish a collateralized loan obligation market and credit solutions for investors both large and small.

Mr. Dondero also serves as the chairman of Cornerstone Health Care, CCS Medical and Nexbank. He also serves on the board of MGM studios and American Banknote. Mr. Dondero and Highland Capital Management offer award-winning products and services including institutional investor accounts, mutual funds, private equity funds, real estate investment trusts and exchange-traded funds.

Mr. Dondero is a graduate of the University of Virginia and the Mcintire School of Commerce. Mr. Dondero has the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a Certified Management Accountant. He holds a dual major in accounting and finance from the Mcintire School of Commerce.

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