Business Opportunity with Jeunesse Global

Starting a small business is a dream for many people. However, few people have the time or capital to get a company started. Jeunesse Global is a health and beauty company that is changing the industry. Although this is a small company, it has numerous products that customers love.

One of the best aspects of this company is the option to sell products directly to customers. Jeunesse Global allows people to invest a small amount of money to become distributors of the products. Over time, this allows people to build a small business with inventory that customers love. Over the past few years, many sellers have become successful business owners. Read more about Jeunesse Global at

Getting Started

Before investing in a business, it is critical conduct research on the industry. Some people wrongly assume that a business plan is not needed for a small business like this. Instead, business owners should have an idea of how they are going to make money.

When buying from Jeunesse Global, business owners will be able to purchase the products at a wholesale price. Once they receive the products, business owners have flexibility in the retail prices that they choose. Some sellers choose to compete on price, while other sellers choose to compete on things like customer service or product quality.

One of the things that really stands out about Jeunesse Global is the product quality. This is not a company that produces cheap products in order to increase profits. Instead, the company focuses on various areas of the production process to improve.


Growth of Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global is a company that is growing rapidly. With higher demand for health and beauty products than ever before, this is a great opportunity to own a small business. Although it will take hard work and dedication, it is possible to operate a successful small business.

Jeunesse Global is expected to grow rapidly in the years ahead. This is why so many people are excited about investing in this company. Read the article at

The U.S. Money Reserve Explains The Reason For Increased Gold Values Within The Market

The U.S. Money Reserve was discussed on CBS19 recently under its host, Eric Dye. The President of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl, went into discussion about the company’s history as well as their principles, which contribute to their success as the largest distributor of gold, silver and platinum government issued coins.

During questions about his background in the markets for precious metals, Diehl stated that he used to be the Directer at the U.S. Mint. He held this position for many years and still considers it to be the most rewarding part of his career by providing him with the needed experience and background that allows him to lead at the U.S. Money Reserve.

The company easily stands above the competition because of the excellent staff and their deep training in the field. They receive a broad amount of knowledge on all golds around the world, the grades of gold and silver, and the history of precious metals in general. Read more: In Recognition Of The 75th Anniversary, The U.S. Money Reserve And The U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Combine Efforts To Raise A Bronze Lone Sailor Statue At Pearl Harbor

The U.S. Money Reserve provides great customer service and their goal is not to just gain clients, but to offer the highest quality services and support to maintain and grow their current client base for many years to come.

With several hundred thousands people as part of their client base, they’ve still managed to obtain the necessary staff and education to maintain and increase this number. One of the most popular achievements of the U.S. Money Reserve is their 50 States Quarter Board, where they launched their first platinum coin of Government issue. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Diehl expressed what he felt was the biggest impact on the precious metals market over the past 20 years during Enterprise Radio. He explains different factors that play a role, which can be seen in a report located on PR Newswire. The first factor is the financial crisis of 2008, which created fear in the markets. Read more:

This fear causes many to take flight in hopes of saving the value they have, a sort of insurance. For centuries, gold has played a role on valuation of assets, and it will continue to be that way for many centuries more. There is also a growing demand from Electronically Traded Funds for gold, or Gold ETF.

The next factor is the uncertainty of monetary policies and the directions they will take among the Federal Reserves. The liquidity of Electronically Traded funds created a downturn in the market. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The final factor is the increasing value of the current dollar. However, what many people don’t know is that a majority of the gold demand is out of India and China.

How QNET is Helping Children with Disabilities

In the current corporate world, many firms dedicate a portion of their profits towards charitable causes. QNET, a major direct sales company is taking part in a exceptional cause. In partnership with the RHYTHM Foundation, it is urging the general public to be part of an exciting initiative. All one needs to do is leave an encouraging comment on a Facebook post. If the post garners 500 comments in a fortnight, QNET will give away a HomePure RED to Taarana, which is a special needs school for children run by the foundation.

A further 500 comments on the post will trigger the marketing firm to donate another HomePure RED to Rashid Center, which takes care of the disabled. Facebook commentators should note that only encouraging comments will be considered. In addition, there is a limit of 3 comments for each individual user. This noble initiative is aimed at providing safe drinking water to the disabled kids in these institutions. Those who comment are also asked to share the message so that it reaches as many people as possible. With more comments, more lives will be touched.

Believe & act on it. #QNET #SuccessTips

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A Brief Synopsis of QNET

This is a direct sales firm, which is headquartered in Hong Kong. It is a subsidiary of the QI Group of Companies. It deals in a diverse range of products, which encompass energy, nutrition, personal care, home care and luxury goods. It was started by entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran in 1988. 

QNET has implemented a distinctive advertising approach, which adheres to the direct selling and multi-level prototype. The system is dependent on independent agents spread out globally. Their role is mentioning the products on sale to customers. When the items are purchased, these agents are compensated based on the number of successful referrals made. The company initially dealt in gold coins. However QNET expanded and introduced travel and leisure products in 2002. Four years down the line, energy and nutrition products were introduced to its portfolio. 

The company has had many notable achievements during its existence. During the 2000 Sydney Olympics, it was the certified celebratory coins distributors. It played the same role in similar subsequent events in Athens and Beijing in 2004 and 2008 respectively. It was also the authorized coin supplier during the 2002 FIFA World Cup hosted by Japan. The firm is also involved in charitable initiatives through it partnerships with like-minded organizations such as the RHYTHM Foundation and the Lions Club. This helps it implement its corporate social responsibility objectives. To read more about QNET, click on this link:

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