George Soros Back into the Political Scene with Vigor

George Soros is a famous billionaire who has been recognized among the most successful investors in the world. The business magnate is also reputed for his remarkable contribution towards charitable causes as well as his selfless political funding. The popular Democrat who had cut down on his political giving since he lost the bid to oust President George Bush, is now back in the political scenes. George Soros gave around 27 million dollars to try defeat President Bush. In the recent election, George is said to have given out more than 25 million us dollars in a bid to boost Clinton and other Democratic candidates as well as causes.

Soros felt that the Republicans had fueled an intense anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric that was deeply offensive. However, just like everyone else, Soros was surprised by Trump’s shocking victory over Clinton. This led to George Soros and other wealthy liberals on Snopes to gather for a three-day summit which was a closed-doors meeting to retool the money left to fight back against Donald Trump.

Looking at the agenda of the summit, the Liberals plan a full-on trench war against Trump. Some of the sessions in the meeting focused on frustrating Trump’s 100-day plan on According to the agenda, the plan was termed as an assault on President Obama’s achievements and the progressive vision for a just and an equitable nation.

The president of the Democracy Alliance, Gara LaMarche sent donors emails informing them that the D.C meeting will look at the steps that ought to be taken together to resist the attacks that they were receiving and to get back power. According to a strategist on, the Democracy Alliance should, however, be called into question. It looks to the strategist like the alliance had been reduced to a mere social club for a bunch of wealthy white donors and labor union heads to read memos and drink wine as the Democratic Party crumbles around them. The Democratic Alliance is an organization that was founded by George Soros and other wealthy liberals in 2004 after they lost their bid to oust George Bush.

This alliance has a network of progressive donors responsible for coordinating the political donations to groups endorsed by the Alliance. Last year Soros came out strongly in the campaigns against Trump. George Soros allegedly donated seven million dollars to Priorities USA Action. He also gave Hillary Clinton the maximum 2,700 dollars donation and a five million to a PAC aimed at mobilizing Latinos and other immigrants in a bid to stop the Trump campaigns.

Soros has had a stellar track recording when it comes to the funding of liberal political causes. The individual who is ranked 23rd on Forbes richest men list is also known for his philanthropy. As a member of the Giving Pledge, he has pledged more than half of his worth to go to charity. Soros had gone silent in the political scene for over ten years. He, however, seems to be back with even more vigor. He has hit the headlines severally since the last elections between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

How Education is Transforming in the United States with Help from Dick DeVos

The United States of America is filled with knowledge, including the transformation of education from the 1600s up to the 2000s. Christianity has an important role in transforming this country to accept diversity and resolve some of the problems existing with equality and education. Time is at hand; American children are perishing because of the lack of knowledge. Ethnics have nothing to do with the problems of the educational system in the U.S. Children are born into a world like little doves, innocent and have the desire to discover and explore the planet they dwell in. Philanthropists, like Dick DeVos has made efforts to contribute monetarily to various organizations, including religious schools, charity, and other humanitarian causes.

Truth always prevail; I have seen the problems in educational school systems, including urban, suburban and rural areas of the south, north, east, and west. The problems lie within the hands of politicians, local governments, federal governments, parents, and students. When education fails in a country considered as one of the top economic countries in the world, it raises questions in the minds of citizens of the United States, whether African American, Caucasian, Latino, European, Asian, Greek, or German. Communities, neighborhoods, philanthropists, and religious leaders are making an effort to do something to resolve the problem.

Over the world, people have heard about the DeVos family and the company, Amway, which was co-founded by Richard DeVos Sr. in 1959. The direct marketing company has a net worth of approximately $5 billion, according to Inside Philanthropy. Dick left Amway to start his own company which has also been successful. Without the transformation of the DeVos family and effortless contributions to education to those less fortune in grade school and college, hundreds of children and adolescence would not have the opportunity to receive a quality education. Dick sees the problems with education in Michigan and is willing to take a stand and stop the oppression in public schools and colleges. Cruelty in society, homes, families, schools, and governments about education creates calamities. Dick DeVos’ political involvement is well known and his support of Marco Rubio was no surprise to anyone who knows his stance on education.

Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation is located in Michigan and donates to Christian and faith oriented schools. One of the strongest beliefs of the organization is that American children desperately need spiritual guidance to transform the way of thinking. What education is lacking is ethics, which consist of moral values, integrity, conscience, and principles. All U.S. citizens have the right to receive a quality education in public, private, and college institutions. Change will never come until the hearts and thoughts of men, women, and children is corrected and reproved with love and compassion.

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