With Handy, Every Small Business Can be Clean

Many small business owners make the mistake of using their regular hourly staff for their cleaning needs. This is typically true in small offices, convenience type stores and small neighborhood shops, carry-outs and restaurants. However, though mom and pop shops really do have to budget effectively to stay afloat; not using a professional cleaning service to maintain their establishment is likely costing them more money in the long run.

Anyone who’s ever lived in or visited a major city has experienced this.

You walk into a local carry-out or pizza restaurant to grab a quick bite. You step in and the floor is disgusting, which you could possibly dismiss since the restaurant could have been very busy all day with foot traffic. However, all the counters are sticky, the floor is disgusting and they could have swept or mopped a little. The walls are thick with grease, dirt and grime. You can only imagine how many health violations the kitchen has.

You walk into a neighborhood corner store. You just need to grab an umbrella, a notepad or some cold medicine, something like that. The door handle is disgusting. Your shoes stick to the floor. There’s dust everywhere. Every surface is questionable and so is some of the stock you see for sale. You wonder if this is really a store or a cover for some sort of illegal business. The owners have paid so little attention to the care of their store.

In both situations, we’ve all made the same decision.

Instead of buying some food or that little incidental item we needed. We sprint for the door. If we’ve accidentally made eye contact with a worker there, we find ourselves communicating without words that we must have forgot something or be late for something. The place is so gross, the memory of the smell stays with us long after we’ve left and we wonder if it’s permeated our clothes.

It’s a horrible experience, yet your potential customers experience this all too often. Merchants that want to cut corners when it comes to cleaning should really consider how many $5 to $15 sales run out of their place of business every year because it simply isn’t clean.

With Handy, Small Business Owners Can Rejoice.

According to realestatetechnews, there’s a mobile app called Handy that you can use to find local cleaning help. You’re not locked into a contract and you pay your cleaner by the hour through the app. Nothing could be simpler.