Doe Deere’s Advice on Following Your Dreams

Lime Crime is one of the rebel brands of the beauty industry. It was founded by Doe Deere, who prides herself on being a bit of a rebel herself. The company is best known for its high quality lipsticks that literally come in every shade of the rainbow, and then some.


Doe Deere founded Lime Crime with very high standards. She wanted to put out only the best and brightest lipsticks made from the finest ingredients available. She diligently polished her recipe for her lipsticks for years until she felt it was absolutely perfect and ready to release. While she expected Lime Crime to be a small brand, it was immediately scooped up by fans of bright color across the world.


Lime Crime is known for finding innovation in small places. They were the first ever company to show their shades on a real lip, rather than a swatch, and gave women the ability to better judge how their lipstick would look before making a purchase. We’ve all had that horrific moment when we think a shade will be absolutely perfect in the store, only to apply some at home and see it absolutely clashes with your look. It is small innovations like this that have left long-established makeup brands struggling to keep up with the new standards Lime Crime has set.


Doe recently sat down with Guest of a Guest where she gave advice on how to achieve your dreams. Her advice was simple, yet astute. She encouraged people everywhere to listen to the voice inside of them that is screaming for them to follow their true passions. For many of us, myself included, this can be a difficult thing to do. It often means setting out on a less-beaten path and trusting in yourself to succeed.

Doe also spoke about how Lime Crime came into existence. She was a business woman at an early age. Her first company sold temporary tattoos to her classmates when she was growing up in Russia.


Doe credits her success with Lime Crime solely to her courage to follow her own voice that really wanted to put out amazing makeup. Even though it was the era of nude makeup styles, she boldly entered the market with her tool chest of bright blues and deep mauves. Lime Crime will never float the mainstream and continues to thrive and innovate under the leadership of Doe Deere.

Getting to Know the Queen of the Unicorns

Fashion trends seem to come and go faster than anyone can hope to keep up. To be able to create something that has the ability to stick around is nothing short of amazing. Internet personality, Doe Deere, has put her own unique stamp on the world of fashion and her fans could not be happier. With the original ideas behind Lime Crime cosmetics, Deere has found a way to let people be themselves regardless of the rules printed on the glossy pages in beauty magazines. In a recent interview with, Deere sat down to talk about her life, her company, and how she got to be the incredible woman that she is today.

Doe Deere get her start in Russia where she was born and grew up. Her first taste of running a business came in the form of selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. She was able to make them cool enough to make everyone want one. From her humble beginnings, Deere decided to chase her dreams and moved to New York City. Not quite at the point where she wanted to create her own company, she followed another passion, music. She became part of a band located in the big city and it was there she met her husband, and current business partner. The pair were ready to take on the world, even if they did not realize it yet.

Lime Crime cosmetics came about because of a severe lack of options in the makeup industry. Because natural tones were very in at the time, there was very little going on in terms of color. Deere decided to take matters into her own hands and make her own lipsticks in all the bright, crazy hues that she could dream up. To her surprise, many others flocked to her side to find out where she got the fun colors she was always showing off. Lime Crime was officially established back in 2008, and has been seeing immense success ever since. The inspiration behind the makeup is celebrating individuality. Deere has expressed how important it is for people to be themselves and she hopes that her makeup can help people with their own self expression. It is amazing how for both Lime Crime and Doe Deere herself has come.

Getting a peek into the life of a stunning personality like Doe Deere is a rare treat. Her followers, who she has named her unicorns, all truly believe in what she is trying to accomplish. From tattoos to cosmetics, Deere has always been a beacon for original thinking, and fans from all around have come to recognize it. The success of the company would not be possible if it were not for her creative mind and original thinking. As long as she remains true to herself and her message, Lime Crime cosmetics will be around for quite a while.

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The Doe Deere Marketing Magic Continues to Elevate Lime Crime

If there was ever a time when I can say that marketing a brand online was being done with a high level of efficiency, I would say that it would be right now. I know, without the shadow of a doubt, that Doe Deere is someone that is just waiting for the opportunity to blow her potential customers away with more clever marketing for the Lime Crime brand. She has done this with the Twitter account. She has done this with Instagram. She has a passion for staying connecting with fans of the brand through social media and it shows.

If my memory serves me correctly, the Internet is where I learned of Doe Deere and her over-the-top line of Lime Crime cosmetics. I was actually hanging out at a Halloween party, and I ran into some girls that I knew that were rocking a cool bright shade of lipstick. They said that it was called “squash” and that it was part of this Unicorn makeup collection. It was dazzling to me. It was so incredible that I had to ask where they acquired this brand. That is when they told me about Lime Crime. I Googled the brand right away on my smartphone. I discovered Doe Deere online, and I instantly wanted to know more about her.

I don’t know if everyone discovers Doe Deere in this type of fashion, but I was really thrilled to see what she was doing with the brand. It made me realize that she was a person that believed in connecting with the young generation. She seems to have this type of style that will be embraced by the youth just because she is heavily linked to an alternative style. Doe Deere has a bizarre clothing style, and she is a lightning rod for controversy online. These two elements make people swarm the Internet for photos and articles on the mystery of Doe Deere.

I believe it is cool to have someone like Doe Deere in place to market cosmetics. She makes her world of shopping for makeup fun again. At one point I was rarely wearing lipstick. I was occasionally borrowing lipstick from friends because I didn’t like anything out there enough to commit to buying lipstick. Doe Deere and her marketing magic has changed all of that. She made me see cosmetics as fun again, and I thank her for that.

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Colorful Makeup Abounds With Doe Deere


Lime Crime is a makeup line that is the brainchild of Doe Deere. She is from Russia and has an eye for colors, some that are a little bolder than what many would typically find on the face or the hands. Doe understands that women want to be different in the way that they look and that each woman is unique in her own right.

The makeup line that has been created is one that is often known as being for unicorns because of the bright colors. From fingernail polish to eye shadow, there is a little bit of everything to try. One of the popular items is the Unicorn Lipstick. It comes in bold shades, such as bright pink, red and even blue. This is a lipstick that has a lot of pigments, which is what makes it brighter on the lips. You will often see the products that Doe has designed on social media sites and Instagram. There are also many videos on how to apply the makeup and Doe’s thoughts on how that makeup should be worn with the wardrobe.

Another item that many people enjoy wearing is the Perlee. This has more of a metallic look, giving a shine to the lips, similar to what you would find with a gloss. Most of the colors that you will find are in shades of pink, but there are a few shades of purple and blue. For more of a satin feel on the lips, consider Velvetines. These come in more colors, such as blue, green and orange. This product makes it feel like you have rose petals on the lips because it has a satin touch.

Doe Deere is a woman who started with a small idea. She quickly rose to fame when women saw the unique colors that she offered with makeup. Her business began in 2004 when she started advertising on eBay.

One of the ways that Doe made sure everyone knew how the makeup looked was to wear it herself. All of the products that she has created are safe and not tested on animals. She desires to help women succeed in any business that they set their mind in doing.

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Doe Deere Reveals Why She Feels Fashion Should Not Be Governed By Strict Rules

The LimeCrime brand established by Doe Deere has always been one of those pushing the boundaries of the traditional rules of fashion, particularly under the leadership of founder Doe Deere. The founder of the LimeCrime brand has recently been explaining just why she believes the fashion industry needs to loosen its grip on the rules it has been standing behind for a number of years; Deere believes everybody should dress and use cosmetics in a way that makes them feel good about themselves, and are not used simply to fit in to how society believes we should all look.

Doe Deere herself has not taken the easy route to success after completing her own education in fashion in New York City. The fashion expert of Russian ancestry decided she wished to start her own line as soon as she had completed her education, which led to Doe Deere forming the LimeCrime to market her own range of high quality individual designs. LimeCrime shifted its focus after the self described Queen of the Unicorns looked to market her products using cosmetics highlighting her whimsical and thought provoking designs; unable to find bold colors Deere began making her own cosmetics and found their popularity an important factor in developing the cosmetics brand of cruelty free products.

Even as a cosmetics designer Doe Deere rarely sticks to the rules laid down by the fashion industry and instead looks to develop her own ways of marketing the products she assists in the creation of on a daily basis. After attending sessions in the LimeCrime lab each day the founder of the company keeps a tight grip on the marketing of her products; Deere is a well known social media user and blogger, both of which form the basis of her marketing campaigns.

Doe Deere explains her belief that personal happiness and comfort are just as important as the need for a continued use of the rules of the fashion industry.  Unlike many fashion experts Doe Deere believes we should all have the opportunity to team the patterns, textures, and colors we feel are perfect for us in our everyday fashion choices regardless of the rules we are taught throughout our lives.