Success Academy Becomes the School that Parents Seek for Their Children

Parents throughout the boroughs of New York are singing the praises of Eva Moksowitz and her Success Academy Charter Schools. These parents have a very good reason to rejoice. The ones that are fortunate enough to have their children in these charter schools are witnessing a transformation of the neighborhoods and the students that are attending these schools. For a large majority of students the Success Academy is the only path that leads from to a road of potential higher education.


This reason that this works has a lot to do with the course of curriculum and the involvement of the parents. When children enter the doors of the Success Academy Charter Schools they are aware that the expectations are greater. There are greater expectations from their parents. There are greater expectations from the administrative staff. All of this forces children to see the bigger picture. Students are forced to realized that they are the ones that are in control of their own destiny. They have a greater desire to do more and make better grades because they have a much better support system.


The Success Academy schools are spread out in New York. There are more than 40 of these schools that have been placed by the hard word of Eva Moksowitz. She has 4 assistants that help with this charter school organization, but it has been Eva that has put in the hard work to build up the name of the Success Academy. This has become the school that has grown in a way that few people would have ever envision from the initial start.


When Eva started the Success Academy she chose to make Harlem the first location for her charter school. This school would do well and students would get higher grades. This would increase demand for more of the Success Academy schools. This growth can be seen in the 14,000 students that are attending these schools in the New York area. More than 90% of the students that attend are African American, and these students are admitted by a random lottery that is held annually.