Ted Bauman: Businessman, Innovator, and Family Man

Ted Bauman, a man of penetrating intuition, discovered his entrepreneurial prowess early on. Before embarking on his business pursuits, Ted Bauman had aspirations of cultivating a worldly essence. In the hopes of bringing his goals to fruition, Bauman uprooted his life in America and relocated to South Africa. Bauman fell so in love with the culture that he attended college there, eventually graduating from the University of Cape Town. With his expertise in history and economics, Bauman was ready to dive head first into his desired line of work, finance.

From devising low-risk investment strategies to providing asset protection, Ted Bauman was getting involved in the many dynamics of his field. As a result, he quickly ascended through the ranks. Bauman was soon proving his leadership skills in executive roles and was well on his way to becoming the renowned businessman he is today. After bidding a fond farewell to his life in South Africa, Ted Bauman returned to America. Bauman currently resides in Georgia where he writes from home for various newsletters. The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club are among a few.

In essence, Bauman counsel readers on the intricacies of finance. He’s amassed a sizable audience and continues to expand his knowledge in the hopes of remaining relevant. Bauman reveals that his key to enduring success is “paying attention to the welfare of the people at the bottom as well as the top.” Bauman formed this notion while his career was in its infancy. These days, Bauman seeks to strike a happy balance between his work and personal life. As a doting father, Bauman relishes time with his daughter. In an effort to start every morning on the right foot, Ted Bauman takes his daughter to school, subsequently returning home to spend quality time with his loving wife.



Peter Briger, also known as Peter Lionel Briger Jr. Or Peter Lionel Briger is the current president of Fortress Investment Group. He is also a board member of caliber school, an organization that encourages upcoming young business entrepreneurs. Peter Briger and two other University alumni contributed key funding ‘The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund’ (AEF) that will help the graduates of the University of Princeton. The three came up with the idea after realizing the current revolution in the world and wanted to help their fellow Princeton comrades to be ready for it by funding their ideas. The Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee sees the AEF as one of the ways that their business grandaunts’ will use to attain maximum heights in the business field hence joining the fellow Princeton alumni’s. They call it “Entrepreneurship the Princeton Way.”

The other strategies that the University has put in place involve numerous introductory steps to empower them to realize their visions. The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund will help the alumni’s and current business students to bring their ideas to life as they look up to Peter Briger, who has been a role model for them. The fund offers up to a hundred thousand dollars. The first teams have already been enrolled in this project and have been able to come up with various apps for different purposes. Peter Bridger saw this fund as a way to prepare the students for the ‘new world’ in business.

According to Bridger the industry is changing, and only radical and innovative businesspeople will live past the era. He also looks forward to the time when this first batch of the program will influence others behind them. Peter Bridger is also a board advisory member of the Centre for a New American Security (CNAS), which is a non-profitable organization that innovates policies that have to do with defense and also the CNBC, which is a trending global leader in business news. That aside Peter Briger is a selfless leader who also takes his time to invest in other people. He is a board member of Tipping Point, which is a non-profitable organization that aims to promote the well being of the families of the lower class who present potential. Briger has also sponsored Bran Grenfell a student studying Ecology and Evolution Biology at Princeton University.

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Market America Celebrates its First Regional Convention in the UK

Market America has always taken an active role in the success it shares with its affiliate members. This is evident in the number of events the company holds every year to showcase new product lines, celebrate successes and discuss future growth. Most recently, this company celebrated its first ever regional convention in the United Kingdom. Referred to as the company’s Market UK, the response the leadership team received at this first convention showed how on fire this country’s affiliate members are about their Shopping Annuity.

As with the other regional and annual conventions held by Market America, this one also featured several prominent members of the company’s leadership team, including the company’s V.P. of Sales Jim Winkler. Along with Market America’s V.P. Andrew Weissman, the two presented audience members with information about the advancements and new technologies being incorporated into the company. The event took place over the course of two days, where guests were honored with a variety of informational presentations inside the prestigious Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

This inaugural event was held as a way of connecting the UK’s Market America Unfranchise owners with the people who head the company. It also provided a platform through which these company heads could personally address their UK branch with information pertaining to moving forward in a manner that would allow for increased growth potential in all areas of their product sales. Prior to the event, UK affiliate members were encouraged to get their business partners and potential prospects to attend the convention as well. The first Market UK regional convention was such a hit that the company began posting blog comments and photos they received from those individuals who attended.

The comments from the people who attended this event centered around the teamwork and positive energy provided by the leaders at Market America. This company’s leadership team let their affiliate members know it was a privilege to be part of this inaugural event. They also went the extra mile by giving recognition once again to all of the Unfranchise owners who attained new levels of success with their businesses.

Wes Edens, the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and Bucks owner.

Wes Edens is widely known for his ownership of the Bucks basketball team. He is also an accomplished businessman and a private investor. In the year 2014, he partnered with Lasry to purchase the Bucks from Herb Kohl at $550 million. Today, the team has appreciated to $1 billion. In 1984, he attained his Bachelors in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University. After graduation, he kicked off his career at a California bank before moving to Lehman Brothers as a partner and a managing director.In the year 1993, he joined BlackRock’s private equity division and served as an associate and an MD till 1997. In 1998, he realized his major breakthrough when he partnered with Michael Edward, Randal Nardone, Peter Briger and Robert Kauffman to launch Fortress Investment Group.

In 2009, he became the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the firm.He was also tasked to run Fortress’s private equity business by virtue of his extensive knowledge and expertise. Wes Edens was the reason behind Fortress’s purchase of subprime lender Springleaf Financial Services.This made Fortress the Springleaf’s majority stakeholder and by 2015, the value of Springleaf had exponentially risen to over $3.5 billion. In the year 2006, Fortress Investment Group purchased Nationstar Mortgage formerly called Centex Home Equity Company at $575 million.It is a subprime home equity mortgage lender. Wes Edens was appointed the chairman of the group to oversee its operations. His annual earnings according to Bizjournals stands at a skyrocketing $54.4 million.

This includes his annual compensation from Fortress Investment group of about $13.4 million and $41 million in dividends he receives as a shareholder.He earns almost $1.1 million in stock awards, an $11.6 million in bonuses, $478400 in other compensations and a salary of $200,000. In January 2018, he confirmed that he would sell his main business Fortress Investment Group to the Japanese side Softbank Group Corporation at a cost of $3.3 billion in cash.The company would, however, retain its headquarters in New York. Wes Edens would also secure his position together with Randal Nardone in a five-year contract. He is married to Lynn Edens and together they have 4 children. He is also renowned for his philanthropic work, he majorly donates to education, health, and art organizations. Apart from business, he is also interested in horse riding and mountain climbing. He has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Score Additional Funding, Unicorn Status.

Things are going well for one of Chicago’s hottest tech-based start-up companies, Tempus. Tempus recently achieved Unicorn status after it received an additional $80 million in funding through a string of private investments. These investments pushed Tempus’ total fundraising efforts to north of $210 million over the past three years. Tempus was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, a Chicago-based tech entrepreneur, with the intention of helping to change the way that cancer care is approached in the medical field. Tempus is attempting to do several important things in the coming years, so let’s take a moment to see where the company is heading and how they plan to get there.

What Tempus is, essentially, could be described as a data-driven database that seeks to streamline and improve the approach to cancer care in medical facilities throughout the country. Tempus seeks to digitize data pertaining to patients currently undergoing cancer care while also cataloging older information. The goal here is to have as much information as possible available at any given time for medical professionals, patients and family members to access. With a more efficient way to access data, medical professionals will stand a better chance to identify key trends in the treatment process. By identifying these trends, medical professionals might be more effective in developing a plan of care for their patients.

Right now, Tempus is valued at more than $1.1 billion and their growth is something that is projected to continue going forward. This valuation put Tempus into the Unicorn status that we listed above and it is a prestigious spot that many Chicago-based startups can only dream to get to. While the funding has been there, Tempus has been focusing on improving their growing roster. Tempus is projecting to add nearly 30 employees to their roster every month from here on out as the company focuses on expanding into their new and important role.

The newest round of investor success showed that Eric Lefkofsky was right to attempt to make Tempus a reality. After seeing the cancer-care process up close, through a personal relationship, Lefkofsky realized that there was real room for improvement within the system.

How Todd Lubar Uses His Business Skills To Teach Other Entrepreneurs

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur who has started ventures in a few industries. Some of these industries are the scrap metal business and real estate. His specialties are mortgages and financing although he did once start a real estate development firm. He has a very strong work ethic and says that hard work got him to where he is today.

He now runs a company he started called TDL Global Ventures LLC. He teaches others how to successfully launch a new company or manage their current one more effectively. He offers his many business skills to his clients so that their business processes are streamlined in nature. Todd Lubar has been the president of this company for the past few years. You can visit angel.co

Todd Lubar says that his management style incorporates positive motivation. He says that this is the best way to find success and have a team where everyone really wants the company to succeed. He says that he wants everyone to feel like they’re on an even playing field, including with him. He says he has always maintained an open-door policy with his employees and he has served as a mentor for a number of them. He says he also strives to offer a great work/life balance for this team as well as for himself. Check out medium.com to know more.

As a child, he was a student at Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. for ten years. He moved on to high school in 1987 and is a graduate of Hightstown, New Jersey’s Peddie School. He then went to Syracuse University where he earned his undergraduate degree in speech communications.

Todd Lubar’s first job in the real estate industry was right after he had graduated from Syracuse. This job was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He mastered doing mortgage applications at this company over the next four years. Todd then found a job at Legacy Financial Group’s Maryland offices. He helped to skyrocket the number of approved mortgage applications while working for this company. It was after the recession that he started opening companies in other industries than real estate since that industry suffered so much from that event.

Quick Facts about AXA US’s Talented Financial Expert, Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola has been a renowned financial specialist and the leading senior executive VP at AXA Advisors US since 2014 to-date. Vincent is accredited for the company’s overall growth in sales through improvement in productivity of the current producers as well as maintaining relevant profit gains. He is also in-charge of recruiting and training new advisors. Additionally, he participated in the growth and development of more than 225 financial experts in the Central New Jersey.

The Other Career Experiences

Previously, Vincent had worked in AXA Equitable in the continental division as the talented president and the Chief Sales Officer. While there, he engaged in recruiting sales, profitability, and productivity of 46 prestigious AXA Advisors subsidiary offices in the US. Before that, Vincent was AXA Equitable’s president where he was in-charge of AXA Advisors’ branch offices in the Northeast area of the United States and the other branches in Hawaii. Additionally, he was responsible for compliance, sales, recruiting, human resource, expense management, management development, and operations.

Vincent Parascandola has also served as the president of both the Northern Division and the Advantage group in AXA Equitable. Before joining AXA Equitable, he worked at the MONY Group and held various managerial positions including being a field vice president, managing director, and sales manager. Further, he worked as an agent at the prestigious Prudential Insurance before joining the MONY Group. Vincent went to study at the renowned Pace University where he obtained a degree in computer science. In 2014, he was a major speaker at the institution’s commencement event.

An Overview of AXA Advisors

AXA Advisors is a leading US-based company that is committed to helping its clients with financial security through wise advice, a retirement plan, and life insurance services. The company has a team of professionals who help clients to make informed decisions concerning their financial goals. AXA offers life insurance plans, which are designed to protect the client’s family members when he/she dies. Similarly, it offers retirement programs that involve saving and investing money earlier before the retirement period. Additionally, AXA Advisors offers clients a menu of products for profitable investment options to select.