George Secker: A Master Trader

George Secker is a real billionaire. He was born in the year 1975 and grew up with the passion of helping other people. He is a philanthropic, a trader and a great speaker. In fact, he is a famous international speaker who has changed the lives of more than 250,000 thousand through his skills and the powerful voice. He is the man to watch in few years to come. He is a master trader and a person well conversant with all forex strategies. He is a graduate of the University of Nottingham and possesses great interpersonal skills that made him a multi-millionaire at twenties.


George Secker is the director of one of the most successful trading platforms in Europe. His company is the Europe’s top trading coaching company and George is always there to help people pursue their trading dreams. He owns Smart Charts Software, Capital Index and also learns to Trade. These companies are under one Group called Knowledge to Action Group. The above companies work hand in hand to help people trade together. George Seckers comes from a humble background. He also started way far from being a mere employee to the great man he is today. He was first employed at Thomas Cook Financial services. He later created a new foreign exchange business by the name The Virtual Trading Desk. It was the only first program that offered online forex platform that acted in real hours. Soon before he has stayed for long, he became the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation. It was a Fortune 500 investment finance institution that was located in the US. He then established his own company by name Learn to Trade. The company opened its three offices in South Africa, London and another one in Australia within a short period of 13 years. The company has met over 200,000 followers in workshops and others in seminars. He is also doing webinars and live videos to his clients.


George Secker says that before he started training people, he found out that majority were clueless on how they can earn through forex. His objective was to transform the lives of his people through enabling them to reach their dream of financial freedom. He worked at home and traded successfully since he was 27 years. He also started by training his friends and family members on how to trade forex. Those, according to him were his first clients in the business.