Chaz By Wen as Told By a Hairstylist

As a hair stylist I am often asked about my opinion of Wen. I am often asked by my clients if they should give it a try but I find it hard to give a true review of a product I have never used on my own hair.
I must admit I have tried the product several times on my clients hair and it has worked great but I can’t give my opinion on it because unfortunately I’ve always been afraid to step outside the box on haircare products especially on my own hair.

Recently a beauty blogger posted an article about her experience with WEN and it was music to my clients ears. In the article she gave a step by step tutorial of how to use the product and also how she used the product each day on her own hair.

At the end of her 7 day experience she did not not have anything negative to say; however, she did feel as if maybe her experience would have been better had she followed the instructions step by step.

For those who are unfamiliar with Wen, it is an all and one hair care solution that boasts it can work properly on all types of hair. Wen By Chaz does not discriminate and is designed to meet all our haircare needs in one simple solution.
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