Adam Milstein Included In Prestigious Anthology

It is being called the most comprehensive Zionist collection ever published. The volume is titled, “The Zionist ideas: Visions for the Jewish Homeland.” It includes the names of more than 170 Jewish people who have shown extraordinary vision and leadership. Included among those elite 170 names is Adam Milstein.

Mr. Milstein is an Israeli-born American who immigrated to the U.S. in 1981. He launched a successful career in real estate development and investment based in California. He achieved enormous success and used the resulting personal financial resources he gained to give back to the people and nation he loves.

In the new publication, Adam Milstein offers an essay called, “Israeliness Is The Answer.” The piece was originally published in the Jerusalem Post. In it, he observes that too many young people have come disconnected from their Jewish faith. He said that the future of israel and all people of Jewish heritage is to get back to their roots.

As part of that effort, Adam Milstein supports a program called Birthright. This takes young American Jews on a 10-day trip to Israel so that they can absorb the culture of the Jewish Homeland in a personal way. It imparts what Adam Milstein calls “Israeliness” — a solid connection to their identity and a sense of importance in their place in the world.

Milstein was born in Haifa in 1952. Both his parents were early immigrants to the newly minted Jewish state in 1948. Adam Milstein grew to manhood and was conscripted into the Israeli Defence Forces at age 19. That was just in time for him to serve in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and experience which had a lasting effect on the young Milstein.

After coming to America with his wife, Gila, in the early 1980s, Adam Milstein never forgot about his land of origin. For Milstein, his identity as a Jew and Israeli have been the prime foundational elements of his entire life.

In addition to co-founding the Israeli-American Council, Milstein also established a private foundation, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, to provide aide and support to people of Israeli-Jewish heritage.

The Fight For Human Rights With Thor Halvorssen

Everyone in the world knows that human rights are a very big deal, but they might not know about all the people in the world that are fighting for human rights. They might not know that they he opened the Human Rights Foundation, and they probably do not know that he has offices around the world. He is a brilliant man who is willing to use the media to see his mission accomplished, and he is working with many volunteers to push the mission around the world.

The volunteers that he has working for him are on the ground every day helping people, and he wants to be sure that there are real services for the people who are most vulnerable. He also talks to the media to make sure that all the stories of oppressed people are told, and he wants to be sure that every single person who is fighting has a chance to get behind his charity. Thor Halvorssen wants to be sure that he is working with charities around the world that need help, and he also wants to meet with world leaders who need to hear about his mission. He will not allow himself to be silenced, and he makes many appearances on TV shows in the west where he can educate westerners who are not familiar with how bad human rights violations are around the world.

Everyone who wants to learn more about the human rights fight needs to have a look at Thor Halvorssen because he is a crusader with a real plan. He knows that he can help a lot of people when he is fighting against injustice, and he also wants to be sure that he has made a plan for the people of the world to fight against the injustice that they see every day. He knows that he can make a difference, and he wants to stand strong for the oppressed.

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Thor Halvorssen Efforts to Oppose Dictatorship in North Korea and other parts of the World

Matt Labash, a top writer for the Weekly Standard, wrote a profile on Thor Halvorssen detailing his efforts to fight against oppressors or tyrants. In the piece, Troublemaker for Tyrants, he reveals that Thor is not like other human rights activist.

The article also gives an insight into Thor’s past and private life by detailing his family background. Thor comes from a family that is associated or related to presidents. His mother traced her background from Cristobal Mendoza, who was Venezuela’s first president while his grandfather was part of the Norwegian King’s envoy. Most of his descendants had taken part in numerous efforts for liberation causes in the past such as the Latin America’s liberation from Spain.

With such a background, Thor represents the new generation activist for individual liberty. He has witnessed first-hand the dangers of human rights violation through his parents.

Fighting Tyranny in North Korea

Thor through his team of Human Rights Foundation has been making significant efforts to fight against oppression in North Korea. Over the years, they have been smuggling various items such as giant slingshots and stealth USBs. They also drop balloons filled with cash, entertainment, and anti-regime leaflets. In addition, HRF established a Hack Them Back Campaign geared towards raising money to support defector groups in North Korea.

Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen represents all the individuals in society who uphold the essence of safeguarding human rights. Other than silently keeping it to himself, Thor is a human activist who is hands on when it comes to promoting his cause or what he believes. He is the Chief Executive Officer and President of The renowned New York-based, Human Rights Foundation. His interest in championing for human rights started in 1989 while in London where he organized an anti- South African Apartheid campaign.

At the University, he was a judicial advisor for those students indicted for various offenses in the university judicial system. Thor was also awarded the Ivy Day Award due to his support for the student or individual rights. Apart from human rights advocacy, he has been part of various councils and boards such as the Charter School Advocacy Program as well as the Armando Valladares Foundation.

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