Imran Haque Changes Lives

There are people who practice medicine because they are inspired to help others and to change their lives, and Imran Haque is one of those people. He is someone who has spent a number of years in the medical world, and he has done much good in that time. He is someone who has a heart for those who are in need of his help, and he is always ready to step in and bring healing to patients. Imran Haque practices medicine at Horizon Internal Medicine in North Carolina, and he does a good job there as he helps those patients who come to him for care.

When he was given the chance to share how it is that he brings his ideas to life, Imran Haque said that he believes in being patient. He believes that there are times when a person has to wait for things to happen, and he thinks that a person should wait in a patient way. He also shared that he believes in hard work. He thinks that every idea should be well researched before a person attempts to bring it to life. He also believes that finances are important when it comes to making ideas into realities.

Imran Haque is someone who is working on changing lives and affecting others for the better. He is happy with the place that he is at, and yet, he had some advice to share with his younger self when he was asked about that. He shared that, if he could, he would let his younger self know that he should not be so trusting of other people. He believes that there are good and bad people out there and that a person should know that. He wishes that he had lived in a bit more cautious of a way when he was younger, not closing himself off from everyone but being careful who he was willing to trust.