Rocketship Education Values Parental Input for Designing Educational Programs

In most school systems, parents have no idea what their children will study or what instructors plan to teach. That changes within the Rocketship Education charter school system. Parents like the idea of being able to choose who the charter school will hire months ahead of when classes begin. As such, parents participating when individuals interview for a teaching position.

Rocketship now runs 13 schools. Rocketship started in 2007 in San Jose, California. As such, the charter school chain is getting a lot of national attention for its blended learning style of getting parents involved in their children’s education. Getting parents involved is at the core of Rocketship’s philosophy. Sometimes, families undergo training to teach them how to conduct panel interviews.

Parental involvement can sometimes be a bit intense for instructors who interview. Some, are not ready for the job and will readily admit it is difficult for them to interact with parents on such a close level. As far as parents, they enjoy getting to know the instructor candidates ahead of time. They feel it is a good thing to get to know the people who will teach their children.

At present, Rocketship Education only offers programs and services for elementary education. Rocketship Education hopes demand for the Rocketship system will increase so as to build out an entire K-12 educational system. Parents should also take on the task of advocating for better quality middle and high schools as well.

Rocketship Education also believes that personalized learning is most productive when the learning starts at home. Personalized learning works best when Rocketship remains committed to helping integrate technology that supports learning while addressing the needs of students and their families. Home visits help impact the student learning process. Parents can wield a lot of power over their children’s education. Rocketship Education believes that parents should have input in the accountability of how education is delivered.