Details About SahmAdrangi

Early in March Seeking Alpha gave a detailed account of a former Wall Street trader now a manager of hedge fund credit portfolio, who had reached out after reading a previous piece dubbed An Ode To Those Who Wander. The hedge fund credit portfolio manager was interested in discussing GNC Holdings. He is an alumnus of Penn State University. Through his hardwork coupled with impressive networking abilities, he got an internship at one of the renowned institutions Merrill Lynch. During the three years he was at the company, he managed to move from the credit desk to the bond desk before joining Longacre, a $3 billion hedge fund. His time at the company overlapped with that of Kerrisdale Capital Management’s founder, SahmAdrangi. In regards to GNC , retired Wall Street trader cited that he shared Seeking Alpha’s core thesis 100%. According to him , he has also visited stores while carrying out his own channel checks. Aside from spotting decent traffic trends in his area, he acknowledges the existence of a significant detachment between his experience visiting stores and the bears’ thesis, which is a dead brand.

Adrangi in Brief

Sahm is not only the brains behind the establishment of Kerrisdale Capital Management but also the company’s chief investment officer. The New York-based firm functions as an investment management that makes value-oriented investments, particularly in public securities. Sahm rise to prominence in the financial world through exposing and shorting several Chinese companies such as Lihua International, China-Biotics and China Marine Food Group among many others between 2010 and 2011. In fact, several of his target companies like ChinaCast Education Corp were subjected to enforcement actions from the SEC.

Over the years Adrangi has created a name for himself not only in publishing research but also in short selling . He is best known for sharing Kerrisdale’s views on various matters such as stocks including overhyped shorts that are mostly misinterpreted by the market. The company shares its valuable research with the public through its website, on its Twitter account and third-party investing related websites. Additionally , Sahm has served as a speaker in various conferences including the Distressed Debt Investing Conference , the Value Investing Conference and the Sohn Conference.