The Doe Deere Marketing Magic Continues to Elevate Lime Crime

If there was ever a time when I can say that marketing a brand online was being done with a high level of efficiency, I would say that it would be right now. I know, without the shadow of a doubt, that Doe Deere is someone that is just waiting for the opportunity to blow her potential customers away with more clever marketing for the Lime Crime brand. She has done this with the Twitter account. She has done this with Instagram. She has a passion for staying connecting with fans of the brand through social media and it shows.

If my memory serves me correctly, the Internet is where I learned of Doe Deere and her over-the-top line of Lime Crime cosmetics. I was actually hanging out at a Halloween party, and I ran into some girls that I knew that were rocking a cool bright shade of lipstick. They said that it was called “squash” and that it was part of this Unicorn makeup collection. It was dazzling to me. It was so incredible that I had to ask where they acquired this brand. That is when they told me about Lime Crime. I Googled the brand right away on my smartphone. I discovered Doe Deere online, and I instantly wanted to know more about her.

I don’t know if everyone discovers Doe Deere in this type of fashion, but I was really thrilled to see what she was doing with the brand. It made me realize that she was a person that believed in connecting with the young generation. She seems to have this type of style that will be embraced by the youth just because she is heavily linked to an alternative style. Doe Deere has a bizarre clothing style, and she is a lightning rod for controversy online. These two elements make people swarm the Internet for photos and articles on the mystery of Doe Deere.

I believe it is cool to have someone like Doe Deere in place to market cosmetics. She makes her world of shopping for makeup fun again. At one point I was rarely wearing lipstick. I was occasionally borrowing lipstick from friends because I didn’t like anything out there enough to commit to buying lipstick. Doe Deere and her marketing magic has changed all of that. She made me see cosmetics as fun again, and I thank her for that.

Check out Doe Deere at or follow her on twitter for more information.


JustFab’s Amazing New Summer Look

As a fashion enthusiast I’m always looking for new styles and images to look my best. These styles can range from what to wear for winter or what I would love to see myself in for summer. As I am always searching, I stumbled upon JustFab. Being that summer is coming up, I started to look for their summer wear. So far I love what I see.

Upon entering into the site I instantly filled out a quick profile in which they got a feel for my style with 8 questions. After those questions they paired me up with the perfect styles.

I fell in love!

The first thing I noticed as a new buyer is that JustFab offer you a promotional discount, $9.99 for your first buy! They were all summer outfits and shoes! They found me a pair of darker colored flats that are perfect for a night out. It went perfectly with a lighter blue top and bottom piece. It was totally me!! I was actually so excited to see these outfits I started to tell all my friends.

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JustFab Summer Shop

JustFab also had the perfect day to night outfits. Perfect, light wearing outfits for the summer daytime, with a beautiful change to a perfect night out style! You don’t have to change if you don’t want to.

Warning! JustFab is addicting and with their stunning summertime deals, you will be buying articles of clothing before you know it. Everything is at such a great price but don’t just take my word for it. Log onto the site yourself and create your free profile and look at the perfect offers they have! Source:

If you are a true lover of fashion and love great deals there is no reason you won’t find yourself absolutely OBSESSED with JustFab. I mean they are just fabulous! Okay fellow fashion bloggers, until next time! I’ll be back with more of the best fashion cloths and styles!

To the Gym or the Theater? You’re Dressed for Both!

Athleisure clothing is on the rise, and big name news sources, like CBS News at, are beginning to take notice. Describing how casual Friday has actually become a daily thing, the news source described how Americans and their constant need to be comfortable have allowed the clothing type to skyrocket in popularity. Offering slight insight of Fabletics as to the greater good this clothing actually contributes to has truly sparked reader’s attention, and their desire to learn more.

In hindsight, this style of clothing from Fabletics is not an attempt to abolish dressy occasions, but to instead eliminate the disdain most Americans feel for needing to get dolled up, and partake in a night spent in discomfort. Athleisure wear of Fabletics offers the ability to look like you did not just roll out of bed, but actually invested some effort in your appearance. The bonus for you is that you do not have to constantly adjust your attire in the hopes that it will magically become more comfortable. It is comfortable, and you look wonderful in it!

Leading the industry for this groundbreaking clothing is Fabletics by Kate Hudson. Swimsuits, leggings, vibrant tank tops, and even athletic dresses compose the line, and women cannot get enough of the new releases. Ultimately inspiring a healthy, mobile lifestyle for women contributes to a healthy mentality that also leaves you feeling fierce. Step away from the mirror, beautiful, and head to the gym, or out on the town–whichever you prefer!


Athleisure Fashions Are Increasing In Popularity

If you’re a fan of casual style, but still want to look polished from time to time, athleisure is likely a fashion trend you’ll want to follow. A number of clothing companies are debuting pieces that are made of comfortable material, but are appropriate for a day at the office of a night out with friends.

Actress Kate Hudson has recently added the titles businesswoman and clothing designer to her name, and she’s on board with the athleisure trend as well. She’s the co-founder, spokesperson and model for Fabletics, which offers workout wear for women. Fabletics is also offering athleisure wear, so you’ll feel completely at ease when you’re out for a dressy event.

Hudson states that the dresses are ideal for active women who have busy schedules who often have to attend after-work events. She even shares that the dresses in the athleisure line are great for date night. After all, everyone likes to feel comfortable on a date without having to worry about their clothes not fitting properly.

While the dresses are exactly for working out, they are made from the same material as Fabletic’s workout gear. So, you’ll feel a little more at ease if you have a walk a few blocks to hail a cab. The best part about the athleisure dresses is that Spanx or form-fitting undergarments are not required.

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How to Nail The Girlie-Girl Style

For every self-proclaimed girlie-girl, PopSugar has you covered with the latest fashion news on what to wear. In their article “No Girlie Girl Will Be Able to Resist These Sweet Wardrobe Essentials,” Samantha Sutton lays out 15 must haves to keep on hand.

Not only is Sutton right, but her opinions on what to wear are spot on. Even though athleisure on Pinterest is all the rage right now, women who lean more toward lace, bows, and ruffles can’t go wrong either. Embracing the girlie-girl style is nothing to be ashamed about! Especially with some of the picks that Sutton listed.

For the fashionistas out there, here is a quick list of Sutton suggested:

1. The Party Dress
2. Diamond studs
3. A Necktie Top
4. Ruffled Skirt
5. Classic Watch
6. Canvas Sneakers
7. Cat-Eye Sunglasses
8. An Everyday Dress
9. Glamorous Pair of Heels
10. Pastel-Colored Pea Coat
11. Bow Flats
12. Midi Skirt
13. Structured Bag
14. A Strand of Pearls
15. A Satin Clutch

Like all fashion, those on a budget can adjust accordingly. All of the items that Sutton mentioned can be found just about anywhere and things like diamond studs can be substituted for realistic knock-offs. Even better, most of the items she listed are very in right now and are easier to find than ever.

Online shopping is also giving local stores some serious competition when it comes to killer deals. Sites like JustFab on instagram specialize on trendsetting styles in the fashion world. An online subscription fashion retailer, JustFab usually sports commercials about their shoes, but they offer so much more.

From Apparel, bags, and yes, shoes too, JustFab has it all when it comes to staying ahead of the fashion curve no matter what style. But for girlie-girls, they are perfect. Right now JustFab has an even more killer deal for new members, offering a buy one get one free for two new styles at only $39.95.

Being a girlie-girl can be embraced and celebrated with serious style, and with a few new updates to a wardrobe, any girl can look up to date and cute as can be with a few new additions from Sutton’s list.