David Osio and Davos Real Estate Group Launch New App

Davos Real Estate Group has launched a mobile application entitled “Davos CAP Calculator.” This application helps users estimate the potential return on real estate investments. Armed with this information, people can make strategic decisions about which properties to purchase.

The application was developed in partnership with Tecknolution. Users can enter details related to a property and see the potential growth in investment that can result. It takes into account variables such as monthly expenses associated with the upkeep and ownership of a particular place. Many people have to commit significant resources in order to finalize a sales contract, and this data can hopefully make it easier to make important decisions with long-term impacts.

Other applications that are currently in the building stage aim to take the technology even further. They’re intended to locate investments that align with a user’s preferences, and after doing so, provide that user with information about price trends and historical real estate reports.

This application helps the Davos Real Estate Group fulfill its goal to help clients put themselves in better financial positions. The group is part of the Davos Financial Group, a leader in the Latin American financial industry and one which focuses on providing clients with personalized support. They are aiming to strengthen partnerships with real estate agents in various countries in the Americas and Europe. They are currently working with real estate professionals in Spain and hope to expand in the near future. Its platform of agents has grown by 60%, and its sales in the first half of 2016 have grown by 75%.

The Davos Financial Group (DFG) was founded by David Osio, who has now been leading the way at the DFG for nearly 20 years. Under his direction as CEO, it has grown into a company with offices across the globe in New York, Miami, Panama, Lisbon, and Geneva.

Osio graduated from Catholic University Andres Bello, which is in Caracas, in 1998. As a young lawyer, he worked in the banking industry, providing guidance to multinational clients. He rose to become vice president of commercial banking at the Banco Latino International. At DFG, he is in charge of operations and supervises the management practices in addition to helping the firm further develop its portfolio. Dedicating to growing his knowledge of the industry, he has studied at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies in Caracas and the New York Institute of Finance.



Real Estate Industry Expert

An exciting new app has entered the Latin American real estate market – the Davos CAP Calculator. This application will be an asset to users who want to have a smart and efficient way to calculate the return on their real estate investments. For more than twenty years the Davos Real Estate Group has offered sound advice for investors, with a focus on individual and custom expectations developed for each client. The combination of innovative tools within the real estate industry framework helps the Davos Real Estate team of David Osio, Gerard Gonzalez and Pablo Bausili offer an unmatched level of service to each of their clients. The professional experience of this team can be reviewed here: http://www.slideshare.net/davidosio.

The app has been a great success so far and the partnership with Tecknolution on the production has received rave industry reviews. Use of the this app allows clients to have help with estimating the returns on a real estate investment once the expenses of the property have been taken into account, as well as having a gauge of the rent associated with the improved property.

Osio matriculated from the Catholic University Andres Bello, in Venezuela, with a degree in International Banking Law and began his professional career in 1981 as the President and CEO of OPED Enterprise. He was in charge of managing the success of the coffee export programs. Later he was an executive with Letco Commercial Companies and was responsible for the marketing of different industrial products in the USA. a few years later, Osio joined the law firm MGO in Caracas where he had responsibility for clients at Ferro Corporation and Consolidated Bank. In less than twenty-four months he was made the VP of Banking Commercial.

For the next twenty years, Osio’s successes have included a huge volume of work with high-level professional clienteles. He started the Davos Financial Group and has grown the company to include locations in Miami, Geneva, New York and Panama. Not only is Osio a corporate leader on a global level but he has deep and generous philanthropic relationships and has contributed so much, on both a professional and personal level. Osio will continue to be a real estate industry expert with a strong sense of industry expertise, integrity and personal responsibility towards his varied clients around the world.

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