Who is this Man, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo?

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is an economic analyst currently working for Group Televisa. He is an epitome of what young people can accomplish if they remain focused and determined. Born in Mexico City, Galindo has a quite diverse educational background. He pursued a Degree in Applied Mathematics before attending the Stanford Graduate School of Business for a course in Executive Education. Also, he attended Carnegie Mellon University, an Institute for Software Research.

As we say, Education is the key, and certainly, this may be the case for Galindo. His intellectual acumen was sharpened by attending renowned educational institutions which enabled him to excel in the ever-evolving media and business worlds. In fact, his progress in education paralleled his career advancement.

He started off his career just like other graduates, taking up lower cadre positions. However, his story might be different from other graduates. His career story does not only exhibit confidence but also incredible aggressiveness that has propelled him through the ranks to top management in various organizations. Someone accredited with impressive levels of success in the organizations would only be said to have consistency in all endeavors.

Such is Galindo’s strong personality and work ethic that he has also been able to work in both public and private sectors. In both, he has held lucrative positions charged with the responsibility of ensuring the entities get respect and economic success in their respective markets. It is exhibited by the fact that he worked as a Chief of Staff in the Mexican Finance Ministry. It is a position he held for about six years.

His current role at Group Televisa is to enhance its competitiveness as well as improve its efficiency to respond to the current market needs and preferences. He was appointed to the position by Group Televis’s Vice President owing to his enthusiasm and hard work throughout his period with the company.

Galindo is also involved in pro bono activities aimed at improving the lives of the vulnerable. He has been a member of the Doctors Without Borders, which has earned global recognition for offering emergency medical aid in areas with conflicts, calamities or generally in remote areas lacking basic health care.