An Abridged Version on the Company History of Neurocore

This piece will attempt to condense fourteen years into a few short paragraphs explaining the highlights that have occurred fleshing out the rich history that is the Neurocore company. The story begins when the Miami company opened its doors during the year 2004. Their idea? Biofeedback, particularly Neurofeedback using EEG’s and other tools, is not pseudoscience from the early 20th century. The mind really can be taught new tricks, and it really has things to tell us that we might not be consciously aware of! Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

To date, Neurocore has a total of eight clinics in both Florida and Michigan. These clinics are referred to as, “Brain Performance Training Centers,” and people from all over the entire globe (including famous ones) come to these centers to receive neurofeedback programs that can assist a wide spectrum of potential struggles. Allow us to briefly explain the process.

EEG’s are electrical activity graphs of the human brain in action. The feedback clinics study such materials to know what is happening within the brain of their clients at any given moment. The information is then used to develop a program for these clients. Say you had trouble quitting smoking, Neurocore will study what parts of your brain react to cigarettes and how to interact with these parts. The company gives it’s clients the tools to reprogram their own brains. Sometimes breathing exercises or mental images are used. The idea is to help a patient understand the thought process that steals control away from their conscious mind and to resecure it. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

This technology being proven to work around the world might puzzle some, but it makes sense. It’s almost like medical science married the world’s greatest self-help book! This is how, in under two decades, Neurocore was able to grow from it’s initial Florida location into the eight clinics that exist around Florida and the state of Michigan today.

Those that are curious about neurofeedback, or biofeedback in general, should look further into the subject. A lot of athletes and other celebrities flock to these eight clinics in an attempt to correct thought pattern issues that are negatively effecting their lives.