ChainSmokers: An Innovative Band in Music Industry

ChainSmokers were in attendance of the 60th Annual Grammy Awards that was held at Madison Square Garden early this year in New York City. The last hit song called “Somebody” drew a lot of attention from the fans. According to the band, ChainSmokers, the song contains pitched up vocal and modular synth samples. They have taken their precious time to reveal to the audience everything about that hit song. They had released a video earlier on Facebook. Chain Smokers is a band comprised of a duo, Alex Pall, and Drew Taggart. They have promised the audience a more detailed tutorial but have taken time to give a taste of what went on during the composition.


The first fact revealed is that the vocal part was originally recorded for another song. That is why there is pitch change within the hit. They have released a video with an intensive tutorial incorporating the synths to Ableton and piano. In the same news, the able ASCAP named Drew Taggart as a Co-Winner of the Songwriter of the Year. They have produced several songs that have become hit songs and favorites of many fans. Some may not have had a deep thought and look at who the band is.


ChainSmokers is a duo of an American DJ and super producer. The duo has successfully gathered a lot of fame throughout their performances. They have produced a number of songs that have become favorite hits and won awards for the same. Going back to the drawing board, ChainSmokers originally consisted of Pall and Bixler. It was later reformed in 2012 through the direction of Alpert Adam in New York City. Alpert introduced Pall, a growing Dj then, to Taggart. Alex was a student at New York University studying music business and history. At that time, Taggart was attending Syracuse and later became an intern at Interscope Records shortly before they met. They formed the duo and began doing exploits in their musical journey. They have performed so many live shows and performances and had tremendous breakthroughs. They have a list of nominations and awards from their engagements in the dance music industry.

Big Success With Tour Manager Clayton Hutson

As the recording industry has changed, it’s become more important than ever for artists to tour. Fewer people are buying albums, so live performances and merchandise have become more important as sources of income. And since touring has become so crucial for artists, having the right tour manager has become ever more important. Clayton Hutson has really made his mark in this industry, and is one of the most sought-after managers in that role.


Clay Hutson started near the bottom of the entertainment industry and has worked his way to the top. He has over ten years of experience working on big tours with big artists. Back in 2005, he was the monitor engineer for alt-rock legend Garbage’s Bleed Like Me world tour. Even then, his quick mind and attention to detail set him apart. Since then, his skill set and responsibilities have only expanded. Clay Hutson has worked with hit-making bands like One Republic, where he worked with automated rigging to create a memorable spectacle.


Hutson is an amazing sound engineer, and can confidently manage any show, no matter how large or elaborate. He’s never intimidated by new responsibilities or new ways of doing things. On Staind’s tour, he worked as both Front of House manager and overall, day-to-day manager. They used the first DiGiCo SD11 sound board, and with such an experienced manager, the shows went off without a hitch. Clay Hutson’s boundless energy makes it easy for him to wear multiple hats and manage multiple aspects of any production. These days, Hutson is the go-to for artists in the know who are putting a big tour together.


Hutson has an extensive background in all areas of tour management. He also produces shows. Part of his quick rise to the top has been that he’s never shied away from evolving technology. In fact, being a fearless early adopter has helped take his career to new heights. He’s a trend-setter whose work is often covered in industry publications and blogs. Based in New York, Clay Hutson works with the best of the best in cities all over the world. Learn more: