Dick DeVos’ Wife Succeeds In American Politics And Philanthropic Activities

Dick DeVos’ wife, Betsy DeVos continues to make a name for herself both in the American political landscape and philanthropic activities. The current Education Secretary has a long career in politics that stretches back to her days at Calvin College. She was actively involved in campus politics. I am amazed that since her graduation some thirty years ago, Mrs. DeVos has not slowed down. She has served the Republican Party in various positions, including being the chair of the party’s Michigan branch. She served in the position for over six years. In business, Mrs. DeVos remains one of leading businesswomen in America. She is the chair of the Windquest Group. Through the privately held multi-company operating group, she strategically invests in various sectors, including clean energy, manufacturing, and technology. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos founded the group in 1989. Betsy is also known for her philanthropic works. The chair of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family foundation has been involved in various philanthropic initiatives. She has been funding the education of thousands of students across the United States, providing medical services to the sick and donating food to individuals from disadvantages families. Mrs. DeVos sits of the boards of Mars Hill Bible Church, DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, and Kids Hope USA. This information was originally reported on Philanthropy Roundtable as explained in this link http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/excellence_in_philanthropy/interview_with_betsy_devos

About ‘Dick’ Devos Jr.

Dick Devos is Richard DeVos Sr.’s eldest son. DeVos Sr. is the co-founder of Amway Corporation. He co-founded the network sales company with Jay Van Andel. Dick DeVos began his career at the Amway in 1974. In the next two years, he had worked in various positions at the company. In 1984, his father appointed him to serve as the company’s vice president. The visionary leader was responsible for the company’s international operations. Notably, he managed Amway’s operations in 18 countries. He used this position to make a name for himself by increasing the company’s revenues from the international market. Five years later, he left the company to found Windquest Group.

In 1991, his father appointed him to manage Orlando Magic Basketball, a National Basket Association franchise. This new position earned him a seat at the NBA board of governors. However, in 1993, he returned to Amway to render his services as the president. This followed his father’s retirement from the business. Dick DeVos is also an active philanthropist. Over the years, he has supported many initiatives. Mr. Devos founded Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation with his wife Betsy. This information was originally published on New Netherland Institute as outlined in the following link https://www.newnetherlandinstitute.org/history-and-heritage/dutch_americans/richard-dick-devos-jr/