Qnet & Sharp


I ran across this very curious article the other day. It spoke of yet another deal between two giant corporations. Though this deal looks to be like something that can actually benefit people, not just the back pockets of the shareholders.

If any of you are familiar with India, than you already about SHARP. SHARP is one of the top technologies in India. Well, they just got a brand new partner. This week SHARP just partnered up with QNET for what is being labeled as “one of the biggest deals of the century”.

I am not kidding here guys. So why are they partnering up? It’s because of this brand new air purifier that SHARP is trying to promote. The company feels that by joining forces with QNET, the e-commerce options will be out of this world.


I personally don;t know anything about QNET. I have never found a reason to use them while doing my online shopping. There are others who have used this E-Commerce site before. It’s mainly focused on health and beauty products, products which can help people become a lot healthier inside and out. So it kind of makes sense if you think about it.

If I was in the shoes of SHARP, I’d want someone from QNET’s background to help me out too. Plus, QNET can help deliver customer loyalty and service that SHARP has been lacking for many years.

This air purifier is perfect for the audience that SHARP is trying to reach. When questioned about the alliance in Mumbai, one of the head CEO’s had nothing but good things to say about this alliance.

“I’m quite pleased with what we are looking to achieve here. This is only beginning. If you combine our strengths and QNET’s, you have got quite an unbeatable team. It’s not just about the money, though this alliance is going to increase sales in a big way. It’s about reaching out to customers who need what we have to offer. We have the chance to reach out to people we have reached out to before. We never would have had this chance had it not be for QNET”.

So is this going to be a good thing or bad thing? Only time will tell, at least from my own experience. It sounds good. It sounds as though they really do have the customer’s interests at heart.

Want to read the full article for all the details? Click on the link down below. I hope you guys find it as interesting as I did.

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