Slyce Grows Even BIGGER By Partnering With Shoe Carnival

How Do You Do Your Shopping?

If you are tired of standing in long lines at shopping malls, then you should really try online shopping. It has actually evolved quite significantly over the past few decades since it first started out. The online market place is thriving with new businesses that include both online retailers and physical retailers that sell their products online. There are even more convenient methods of conducting your online shopping that have recently been made available to consumers around the world. The newest and most convenient way to get your online shopping done quickly and easily is by using a visual search application.

Welcome To Visual Search

Visual search can be quite fun. In fact, it feels like you are getting things done in a more productive, innovative, creative way because you are taking photos of what you want to find in the online market. Slyce is the company that has developed one of the most useful visual search applications on the market. Their app is run by artificial intelligence, and they have a customer care team that carefully monitors user searches. Slyce is leading the way in the visual search market.

Slyce Makes New Developments In Their Network

The newest developments in Slyce’s platform are its partnerships and new advances in their application. They officially signed an agreement recently, in October of last year, to work with Shoe Carnival. This contract is with a major footwear retailer that sells shoes of various types. Shoe Carnival’s dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic footwear and other offerings are now available via Slyce’s application. The release of Shoe Carnival’s product line on Slyce’s application was just announced in an article that was written by Market Wired and published on NASDAQ’s website.

Slyce has created several partnerships with major retailers, and they continue to grow in their new relationships. This growth gives investors something to look forward to, and it also gives consumers more options when they use Slyce’s application to conduct their convenient searches. Slyce provides a direct connection to a large market place that includes product offerings from various retailers that specialize in various product offerings. They offer retailers that sell everything from tools to dresses. Users find Slyce fun and easy to use. The application is also free to download, so give it a try.