Why Andrew Rolfe Matters

For those unaware, South Africa remains a beautiful nation filled with beautiful people. To expound further, South Africa remains a top tourist destination due to its exotic and tropical landscape. In spite of being naturally endowed with natural resources, South Africa still faces several issues. In particular, South Africa still remains in recovery from its apartheid era. For those unaware, the nation’s apartheid era sought to deprive non-white South Africans of their basic human rights. Moreover, black South Africans remained extremely disadvantaged due to these circumstances. As a result, black South Africans remained disadvantaged from attending school, getting jobs, and enjoying all of the resources that South Africa has to offer.

In recent times, Soth Africa has remained in turmoil due to its high HIV/AIDS rate, teenage pregnancy rates, poverty rates, and so forth. Moreover, the challenges threaten to eclipse the advancements made in the country. Fortunately, organizations such as the Ubuntu Education Foundation exist. For those unaware, the Ubuntu Education Foundation remains a prominent organization in the country. To expound further, the Ubuntu Education Foundation supplies less fortunate South Africans with resources such as educational opportunities, skills/trades, meals, and health care resources. Moreover, the foundation caters to residents of the township in Port Elizabeth. Furthermore, the Ubuntu Centre remains a state-of-the-art building. In a nutshell, the Ubuntu Education Foundation continues to elevate the people of South Africa.

However, none of this would have remained possible without the help of Andrew Rolfe. For those unaware, Andrew Rolfe remains the chairman of the organization. Since his ascendance within the company, Rolfe has remained instrumental in providing underserved black South Africans with opportunities that once remained impossible. Under the guidance of Andrew Rolde, the Ubuntu Fund gives money to initiatives around South Africa that help children. Thanks to his efforts, the Ubuntu Fund managed to raise over r10 million dollars for the organization. Therefore, his contributions to the company remain uncontested. In addition, Andrew Rolfe previously held high-profile roles in other organizations. With that being said, he served as the Vice-President of Operations Europe for PepsiCo Restaurants and so forth.