Chris Burch’s Ideas for Success in Business:

For more than 40 years, Chris Burch has been an entrepreneur and investor, contributing to the rise of numerous brands and businesses. After a successful career in the apparel industry, Chris Burch took his experience, and his money, and founded Burch Creative Capital. This company uses sound financial practices to support and grow businesses.

One of Chris Burch’s philosophies for a successful business is to employ good, passionate people. He added that it is also essential to get to truly know people and learn what motivates them in order to form a good working relationship with them. Listening is another critical component for an entrepreneur, source (

Anyone who goes into business wants to succeed. In order to do so, Chris Burch said one must be willing to take risks. Sometimes those risks will pay off, other times they will not. But Burch said that everyone must be prepared to experience failure, according to “I’ve had thousands of failures,” he said. While Burch admitted he does go through a mourning period after each failure, he learns from them, and takes full ownership of them before moving on to the next endeavor.

Burch explained that a good entrepreneur is always looking for trends that can become popular. The most recent of these that has caught his interest is the tiny house industry. This is what led to the creation of Cocoon9, which produces these homes, visit

Burch Creative Capital has aided numerous brands and businesses. These include Jawbone, Next Jump, Powermat, and Poppin. Burch also bought the Nihiwatu resort in Indonesia and turned it into a world renown hotel. He has also worked with Ellen DeGeneres’s lifestyle brand, ED.