Tony Petrello early life

Tony Petrello is recognized as a brilliant business executive who has conquered the oil and gas industry after he joined the industry without education or experience in any of the operations that go on in the mining industry. He joined Nabors Industries from a legal profession. He was working as a lawyer with a law firm known as Baker &McKenzie. Before he became a lawyer, he was working as a mathematician at the Yale University. He holds a master’s degree in Mathematics from the Yale University and a law degree from the Harvard School of Law. Tony Petrello: One of the Highest Paid CEO in the Nation.

Tony Petrello was born from a humble family in Newark, NJ. Being born from a low-income earning family helped him become the person he is today. He is a person of integrity and has earned everything he has through hard work. Growing up, he knew that no one would offer him an opportunity on a silver platter. He had to work hard so that he could achieve his dreams.

Tony Petrello went to a public school, unlike other brilliant children who would be sent to private schools where the quality of education was better. Despite attending public school, this is not something that worried Petrello. Tony Petrello focused attention on passing exams by reading very hard. Petrello displayed unique ability to solve mathematics problems, and as it would later emerge, he was a mathematics genius. His abilities in math would see him get a scholarship to study at the Yale University.

Today, Tony Petrello holds a master’s degree in mathematics. Although e is no longer a mathematician, his abilities to solve problem shave been replicated at Nabors Industries. The oil and gas drilling firm has gained tremendously for the past two decades that he has been in the industry so much that he is considered the best executive the company has ever had. In his years of experience in the industry, he has shown commitment and love for what he does. The success of the company he works for is considered to be the greatest ever in the history of the drilling industry.

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