Understanding The Existing Relationship Between Technology And Fashion

Christopher Burch is an American investor, with a keen interest in fashion and technology. In college, he would buy sweaters and resell them at a profit to his fellow college mates. From this small door to door business he was conducting together with his brother, he created the Eagle’s Eye Company. Later on the company got a manufacturer and expanded to other campuses and in one decade the company had made sales worth $140 million. His passion for fashion and investing pushed him to launch The Tory Burch which was a fashion label created by his wife with his aid.



In an article published in Engadget Chris takes us through the journey the fashion industry and the technology industry have gone through and how the two are related. Fashion goes hand in hand with technology. Technology in fact brings new information and ideas that are used by the people in the fashion industry to come up with more creative and more beautiful things to the world. Technology also gives designers and businesses new ways of doing things and of getting things done. For instance now people can easily reuse or recycle other products to come up with creative designs and products that are received well in the market.



The articles adds that technology also benefits so much from fashion. Sometimes technology is invented and introduced in the market but people may not feel it or get to know it. Fashion being more popular with all generations it easy for the technology to get attention if it is introduced in the fashion industry. These two therefore do complement one another and therefore should continue being used together for the benefit of the both industries. Entrepreneurs in the fashion and technology industry have a leaf to borrow from the article.



Christopher Burch is currently the founder and the chief executive officer at Burch Creative Capital whose purpose is to create value in strategic and unique ways. With more than 30 years of experience in investments and entrepreneurship he has gained so much skills that have enabled him steer the company into the right direction. He has a keen interest in marketing and branding and uses his intuition to make the right decisions for the companies he has spearheaded. Additionally, he has aided in the rise of fifty companies and more using his skills and expertise to make it happen. Chris shares his knowledge and skills with other entrepreneurs by writing his expertise views on different sites.

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