US Money Reserves’ New Redesigned, Remodeled And Resourceful Online Site


Our everyday lives are revolving around new technological advancements, and the digital world, serves as a platform to reach out to more people. U.S Money Reserves boasts of its new and improved online face. Its new look is a reflection of their position in the rare metals industry, and its enhanced features give an insight on the company’s core values that include trust, commitment, and important customer service experience. Ryan Buchanan, the Vice President of Brand and Creative, inspected the whole redesigning.


Some of the new features included are;


  • Interactive platform with clients.
  • Offering products on a secure online storefront.
  • Educative tools for consumers on benefits of purchasing bullion.
  • Responsive tool to generate quality content across all platform.


Owing to the growing online shop, live pricing on gold, and silver bullion is made possible. Insightful metal purchases are offered, PCGS certified coins, courtesy of U.S Money Reserves. Customers are given platforms on which they can find more information concerning the precious metals on matters dealing with grading, minting, and purchasing. They can sign up for a free gold information kit, or visit the Knowledge Centre as well.


The interactive platform provides real time one on one consultation with clients, as well as the advantage of purchasing offline, and offering secure transactions. Another feature of the U.S Money Reserves that makes it retain its top position in the rare metals industry is that, it offers refund to certified coins within a period of thirty days whenever the customer is not satisfied with their purchase. It also has new programs such as Gold Standard IRA and this makes it irresistible to the customers.


About U.S Money Reserves


Founded in 2001 by gold market veterans, it’s a vendor of endorsed U.S Government gold, silver, and platinum coins. It has been in the industry for more than ten years and its one of the leading distributors of precious metals. Its mission is to offer reputable customer service and flawless gold coins. Currently, its President is Philip Diehl, who is the former Director of U.S Mint. With his expertise in precious metals, Philip serves as a great asset to the company.


U.S Money Reserves has served more than 300,000 customers to date. It has earned itself an AAA rating by the Prestigious Business Consumer Alliance, due to its high end reputation in the ethical business. It believes in long lasting relationships with all its clients, guiding them in making the right decisions for them and their families. The foundation of U.S Money Reserve is built on transparency, personalized services, quality assurance, safeguard promise, and U.S Money Reserve seal of trust.

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