Chris Burch Built Paradise And Named It Nihiwatu

Chris Burch took a cult surf destination and transformed it into a five star resort in 2015. The resort is located on Sumba and he named it Nihiwatu. This is one of the most uninhabited and remote islands in Indonesia. The resort has been extremely beneficial to the people of the island and it is thriving. Nihiwatu was voted as the #1 hotel in 2016 and 2017 by the people who read Travel + Leisure magazine. Sumba is double the size of Bali at just over 4,000 square miles with a population of roughly 600,000.

Once Chris Burch discovered the island and saw the incredible beauty he knew he had to expand the resort. Chris contacted his friend James McBride the hotelier who had an immediate affinity with the island. He though the island had the same feel as Africa due to the simple villages and tribal cultures. The pristine beach runs for a mile and a half, the vegetation is lush and privacy is assured. The two men decided they would purchase the resort (

This purchase was the start of an investment for $30 million and major upgrades. The resort was designed to attract upscale travelers from across the globe. Nihiwatu currently encompasses 700 acres although Chris Burch is always acquiring more. Every time he visits this paradise he has the desire to build something new. The resort has thirty luxurious villas. Each one has woven reed floors, thatched roofs and basins carved from stone. The additional accommodations include the five villa estate called Raja Mandaka located at the center of the resort. The accommodations offer majestic coastline views, breathtaking cultural and architectural details and maximum seclusion.

Chris Burch also considered the adventure lovers. He constructed the Mamole Tree House with three conjoining but separate villas. This surrounds the trunk of a tree and provides an amazing nature immersion. The Haweri estate was originally built in 1989 as the private residence of the founders. Chris Burch rebuilt and redesigned the estate for friends and families wanting absolute privacy. The villa has three bedrooms and an incredible view of a secret bay. The entire focus of the design is organic, natural and local. It is all about fresh air, food from the earth and sea and natural cottons. The visitors respond to the escape from life, the lack of tourism, the preserved and untouched nature and the luxury. Nihiwatu is an exquisite success.

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