Chris Burch Leads Nihiwatu Through Excellent Customer Service

It appears like the fashion mogul is at it again. Chris Burch, the man who understands how important technology is to fashion, is presently receiving a lot of positive feedback from the public. His hotel Nihiwatu ,is making progress in terms of client service and product delivery. That is why since he launched the resort , he has been spending much of his time on Sumba Island.

Background Look

After being the co-founder of multiple retail brands locally and internationally, Chris Burch is now focusing on hospitality. He joined his business partner in what is now a major success story to him and his workers. Nihiwatu was not an easy project to complete, let alone start on. It took Burch a lot of effort for it to be where it is. With the assistance of his partner, Mr. James McBride, it was renovated and put to test. Presently ,many people enjoy the welcoming ambiance of Nihiwatu. To prove its success story, Travel + Leisure named it the leading hotel in 2016. Refer to for an additional article

Nihiwatu Is The Best Hotel

Burch was later interviewed by Business Jet Traveler. Asked why he bought Nihiwatu , he stated that it was a present for his children as he wants them to grow knowing that there is goodness in giving back to the community. He was also positive about how Nihiwatu has been a good leisure project for not only him but his clients as well. To him, it has offered more than expected in many ways.   A note-worthy article here.

Nihiwatu Has Spacious Villas

In a report by the Wall Street Journal, Chris Burch is known to spend his time in the Hamptons , Miami and now Nihiwatu. The resort has about 27 villas that include Raja Mendaka, his private home. Another section of the same villa has a main house as well as four, additional villas. Every villas has a private lounge and a plunge pool.  Read more of his awesome feature on

The Personal Profile

Burch was born in 1953. He is presently the head cheerleader of Burch Creative Capital. The firm is geographically located in New York City and it focuses in venture investments as well as brand development. With his input, his businesses have prospered in multiple ways. What better describes him is his effort to multitask.  For his timeline activity update, visit his

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