Christopher Burch: The Rise of Nihi Resort

Christopher Burch: The Rise of Nihi Resort

In 2012, Christopher Burch, a billionaire stakeholder bought a surf resort on an isolated Indonesian island of Sumba. He spent three years and $30 million in the renovation of the property. The five-star resort is known as Nihi Resort. Later on, it was reopened under the management of a renowned hotelier and creative marketer, James McBride. In one year, the establishment was listed among one of the best hotels worldwide in the Travel and Leisure’s prestigious list. In 2016 and 2017, Nihi Resort was voted number one by the publication’s readers.  To read more about the resort, check

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Chris Burch is the founder of C. Wonder, which sells home décor items and apparel directly to consumers on QVC. He has invested in Little Ducks Organics and other technology brands including Jawbone, NextJump, and Powermat.  Additional article on

Burch had financed the Faena Hotel and Universe in Buenos Aires ten years ago. Industrial designer Philippe Starck and Alan Faena directed the investment. The investors turned a grain miller into a five-star hotel.

Previously, the resort was an isolated paradise where surfers came to seek surfing waves in the Indian Ocean. Claude and Petra Graves who arrived on the island in 1988 owned the resort. Unfortunately, the business could not prosper due to the health, social welfare, and financial crisis among the islanders. To overcome these challenges, tribal elders worked together with the Graves and a technology entrepreneur. As a result, Sumba Foundation was initiated. The foundation depends on charity to fund humanitarians’ hard work. Later on, Burch bought the resort from the Graves. He collaborated with McBride, and they developed the resort and marketed it internationally.

Christopher Burch began his journey to success in 1979 while he was a student at Ithaca College. Together with his brother, Bob, they invested $2000 to start a company called Eagle’s Eye apparel. The business grew to $165 million, and later they sold it to Swire Group. Mr. Burch has financed several real estate ventures both locally and internationally. Some of these investments include luxury homes in Florida, Palm Beach. Related article on

Chris is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is also the co-founder of Tory Burch, a luxury fashion brand. Christopher Burch is always enthusiastic about the power of calling. He has the intelligence of sales and marketing to business welfares spanning apparel, technology, financial services, consumer products, and hospitality.  For an overview of his diverse investments, hop over to

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