Clayton Hutson – article recap

As an event organizer for the music industry, Clay Hutson takes pride in being able to put on shows that are memorable for all of the right reasons. That may be why his own company rose to the top, while the recession was putting other similar companies out of business. In fact, it was the recession that prompted Clay to try his own business and he has never looked back.

Mr. Hutson says he gained his education through practical experience, working for other event production companies for several years. Each one of those previous positions taught him something valuable and he took those tools and skills with him, when he launched his own business. Those past experiences have even helped Clay hone his visualization skills, so he can imagine what he wants to get out of each event ahead of time.

Once he has a clear idea about the look, sounds, and feel for the event he’s planning, Hutson uses his CAD skills to bring the experience to life in a more visual way. This helps his team to see what he has in mind and it aids him in seeing what needs adjusting or correcting. In the end, it’s Clay’s business, so he wants to ensure every event is something that can fill him with pride and satisfaction.

Looking at his industry as a whole, Mr. Hutson says he’s excited about tech advances in general, but is happy that lighting has changed. He says it’s nice to be able to supply the same type of lighting with less equipment and with equipment that’s less bulky. Additionally, he says he hopes to see artists stop relying on video. Clay would rather see more artists like Lady Gaga, who do more on stage, as far as actual performing. He’ll be happier to see video projections on stage become a passing trend.

Even before he started working in the field, Clay Hutson knew he wanted to be involved with live performances of some kind. He earned his BFA in theater design and technical production from Central Michigan University, before attending University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business. While there, he earned his MBA, which has helped him in his entrepreneurial endeavor. Learn more:

Clay has been the production manager for Getagrip Touring for the past 19 years and, since 2001, he has also been the vice president in charge of production for Ronin Event Creative. Mr. Hutson has also served as the production manager on tours for Prince and Jennifer Nettles. Today, he also organizes events for some of rock music’s biggest artists, including Kid Rock and Garbage.