Colorful Makeup Abounds With Doe Deere


Lime Crime is a makeup line that is the brainchild of Doe Deere. She is from Russia and has an eye for colors, some that are a little bolder than what many would typically find on the face or the hands. Doe understands that women want to be different in the way that they look and that each woman is unique in her own right.

The makeup line that has been created is one that is often known as being for unicorns because of the bright colors. From fingernail polish to eye shadow, there is a little bit of everything to try. One of the popular items is the Unicorn Lipstick. It comes in bold shades, such as bright pink, red and even blue. This is a lipstick that has a lot of pigments, which is what makes it brighter on the lips. You will often see the products that Doe has designed on social media sites and Instagram. There are also many videos on how to apply the makeup and Doe’s thoughts on how that makeup should be worn with the wardrobe.

Another item that many people enjoy wearing is the Perlee. This has more of a metallic look, giving a shine to the lips, similar to what you would find with a gloss. Most of the colors that you will find are in shades of pink, but there are a few shades of purple and blue. For more of a satin feel on the lips, consider Velvetines. These come in more colors, such as blue, green and orange. This product makes it feel like you have rose petals on the lips because it has a satin touch.

Doe Deere is a woman who started with a small idea. She quickly rose to fame when women saw the unique colors that she offered with makeup. Her business began in 2004 when she started advertising on eBay.

One of the ways that Doe made sure everyone knew how the makeup looked was to wear it herself. All of the products that she has created are safe and not tested on animals. She desires to help women succeed in any business that they set their mind in doing.

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