Fabletics Becomes Relevant to Offline Shoppers

Fabletics is a company that is growing at a very rapid rate. Kate Hudson is the co-founder of this company, and she realizes that she has saturated the online market.


With an online presence of close to the decade Kate realized that it was time to put more focus into grabbing the attention of offline shoppers.


It is true that she has been able to build the website and expand to other areas like Canada and Australia. Her customer base has grown strong in these areas as well, but Kate still knows that there is a lot of great potential that is untapped with the offline crowd.


She realizes that with the dozen of stores that she has in the United States that there is a growing demand for more of these locations. Women that are working out or going to want to try clothes on and take a look in the mirror at themselves before they make purchases. This is what is driving the success of the brick-and-mortar stores. This is what Kate Hudson realizes as a golden opportunity so she actually puts more time into building the physical stores up. People are going to be highly impressed with the upcoming stores because it gives them a chance to see many of the garments that they may have been on the fence about buying through the website.


When women go into physical stores they have a chance to go into the fitting room and see how these garments are going to look and feel. This gives women a better chance to figure out how they may actually be able to work out in some of these clothes.


There are a large number of people that are interested in Fabletics because Kate Hudson presented this as a brand that is different from anything else that is out there. More people are able to see how this brand is different from other brands because they can look at the connection with Demi Lovato. They can look at the connection that Kate Hudson has in designing the activewear line. There are so many elements to Fabletics that makes it a unique company that does not follow what other companies are doing. This is what Kate Hudson wanted. She wanted her company to stand out as one that would not get boxed in as another athletic clothing company with nothing unique to offer.


Fabletics is the type of company that may be able to become a leader in athletic clothing because the person that is pushing this company forward is so passionate about what she is doing. That is the thing that sets Kate Hudson from the rest. She is someone that is incredibly passionate about what she is doing. She does not want to let her customers feel like they are simply looking at the same tired clothes from one website to the next. Kate Hudson wants Fabletics to be a breath of fresh air to consumer that need more athletic clothing.