FreedomPop Announces The Next Step In Their Grand Plan

In an article that appeared in VentureBeat, FreedomPop’s next step was revealed. They announced that their customers will be able to access WhatsApp for no charge. The roll out of this plan will begin in Spain and users will be able to use the app regardless of their current plan.

This popular messaging app is used by over a billion users worldwide. FreedomPop is not the first company to offer the popular app for free. Other companies have done the same in other markets, but have not always been well received. Due to certain laws in a variety of markets, it is illegal to offer the services. However the EU has decided to let nations decide for themselves what services they will allow. This ruling allows FreedomPop to launch their new plan in Spain.

FreedomPop was to make it clear that they are not in a partnership with WhatsApp or Facebook. They are offering the app completely on their own. FreedomPop has been able to create a platform in which they can offer the messaging app without Facebook being behind the push. So what is in it for FreedomPop? They are hoping that by offering the most used app in Spain for free, it will result in more paying customers. FreedomPop is considering doing something similar in some of their other markets.

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