From Drug Development To Pharmaceutical Market: Dr. Clay Siegall

There are truly some brilliant-minded individuals in society now days. These brilliant-minded individuals span across multiple industries and genres. Cancer research is no exception to the rule, and it hosts one of the very best professionals in this field of work. Clay Siegall, Ph.D., is the driving-force behind Seattle Genetics. This scientist/doctor has taken a tiny startup business and has turned it into a giant for drug development. Seattle Genetics is one of the leaders when it comes to cancer research. The company is very large thanks to its estimated 900 employees. By having so much success in the topic at hand, Seattle Genetics will be looking to add an additional 200 employees in the near future.

Seattle Genetics’ market value has risen to a whopping $10 billion. Its stock has more than doubled in only a matter of a few years, and it has huge ambitions to transform from biotech to pharma. This means that the company is ready to play in the big leagues. Thanks to Dr. Siegall, Seattle Genetics has the foundation, the infrastructure and the willpower to meet its end-goal. The company now has a office in Switzerland, and this office will be used for international marketing. No longer will Dr. Siegall continue to sell the rights for many of his company’s premier drugs. He also helps Seattle Genetics by raising hundreds of millions of dollars via public and private fundraising.

This magnificent company earns income from many other services such as from production partnerships, from the selling of its proprietary drugs and from the licensing of its technologies. Bigger and better things are on the way for this 20-yar-old company and Dr. Clay Siegall will be controlling it all.